Beast Boy laughed manically as he squeezed his most rancid sock into the bucket, causing the vile concoction to bubble menacingly, giving off horrible fumes of a most evil stench. He cackled to himself as he plotted his revenge against a certain metal Titan.

"So Cyborg thinks it's funny to give me a wedgie, huh? I'll show him! One blast from my Stink'O Bomb 9000 and we'll see who has the last laugh...just a couple of more sock squeezings and we'll be set to go...PERFECT!"

The green skinned changeling would have more than likely doubled over from the intense aroma, however the clothespin on his nose was doing a perfect job of filtering out any offensive fragrances.

" find a water balloon..." he said to himself, as he frantically begin to sort his way through the random clutter of his bedroom.

He was interrupted, however, by the flashing red alert letting him and the rest of the Titans know that there was trouble in the city. Dropping his search for now, and foolishly leaving the bucket uncovered in his room, he ran his way to OPs...

Robin stood in front of the view screen, his face a sullen expression of seriousness.

"Titans, we have trouble..." and with a push of a button, revealed the source of the alert.

"Dr. alerted us because Dr. Light is robbing a bank." Raven said flatly, failing to share Robin's gravity of the situation.

"I realize he may not be the most dangerous villain we've ever faced, but he's still a criminal and we still need to bring him to justice!" he said defiantly, slamming his fist into his open palm for dramatic effect. Raven wasn't impressed nor convinced.

"Why don't I just go and take care of him myself? It's not like he isn't already afraid of me."Robin scratched his chin, considering this.

"Okay, I'll agree. But under one condition...somebody has to go with you to provide backup, in case things take a turn for the worse." Before Raven could object, insisting she wouldn't need any help with Dr. Light, Beast Boy eagerly raised his hand.

"Oohhh! Ohh! Dudeee, pick me!" he said, without stopping to think of the course of his actions. Robin wasn't surprised by Beast Boy's motives, but was surprised he actually had enough courage to volunteer. Raven turned to face Beast Boy, an eyebrow cocked out of curiosity

"Beast Boy? Why would you want to be my backup?"

"Yeah" said Cyborg said in a sing-song manner, his face a large grin "why do you want to help?" Beast Boy scratched the back of his neck, laughing nervously, his gaze unable to meet Raven or Cyborg's face, instead focusing on his boots.

"Well...I...uhh...figured she could use the help?" he said, trying to convince himself as well as them.

In all honesty, it hadn't been till the final goodbye he said to Terra that Garfield Logan had time to reflect upon things. For a week or so, he rarely left his room, refusing to eat and it wasn't until some soul searching that something suddenly dawned on him. Raven. Even before Terra had come into the picture, he had feelings for her, but was too scared to act on them. But he knew for sure. He wanted Raven.

"Fine." the empathic girl said "You can come...just don't get in my way." and with that she was off to the First National Bank of Jump City to stop Dr. Light.

"Almost there..." Dr. Light muttered under his breath, breathing hard as he lugged the large sack of money over his shoulder. "Just another block or so to my teleportation pod and not a single Titan in sight!" he said, chuckling to himself over his apparent victory. He suddenly froze in his tracks when he heard a familiar voice, the very sound of it sending shivers down his spine.

"Dr. Light. It's been awhile" she said, her voice cold enough to freeze Hell itself. He swallowed his spit and turned around to see Raven. The Azarathian was now a staggering 15 feet or so tall. Her cloak was bundled close to her, showing none of her body, but with dark, forbidding tendrils lashing out from underneath, her eyes glowing a blood red. In truth, Raven was merely using her powers to mimic what happened last time, but Dr. Light was none the wiser.

"I...I...I..." was all Dr. Light could stammer. Next to the now "Demonic Raven" was a large green beast, it's razor sharp fangs glistening in the light, as it snarled and howled, hungry for a meal.

"Now, now my pet," Raven said, her voice starting to sound deeper, "you shall have your snack soon enough...just as soon as I finish with him first!"

Dr. Light dropped the bag of money and just stared in complete shock, still stammering. "I...I...I think I just wet myself..." he finally admitted, a dark wet spot forming on the front of his outfit. Even in this form, Beast Boy had to use all of his strength to not break down laughing at the villain's sudden loss of bladder control.

"That is so disgusting." Raven thought. She spoke again, her voice this time so deep it didn't resemble hers in the slightest.

"Turn yourself into the police and I MIGHT spare you." Dr. Light nodded frantically and ran to the nearest squad car and practically flung himself in the back seat.

When the car was out of sight, Raven morphed back to her normal form, a slight grin on her ashen face. Beast Boy switched back to his human form, laughing hysterically at the events that had just transpired.

"Hahahah! Dudddeee! Did you just see that? He totally wet himself!" Raven just shook her head at the sad case of Dr. Light.

"He just never learns..." she said to herself. Not wanting to miss such a golden opportunity, Beast Boy just had to make a joke about the situation.

"Hey Raven," he said eagerly. She groaned softly, knowing exactly what was coming. "what would Dr. Light be if he were a fairy? Give up? TINKLE-bell!" and fell on his back, overcome with the hysterics of laughter. Raven chuckled very softly to herself, causing Beast Boy to shoot straight up to his feet.

"Did you just LAUGH at one of my jokes?" he pondered in utter amazement. Raven quickly turned her back to him, her cheeks burning with a pink hue.

"No. It was indigestion."

Wasn't a good excuse, but best she could think on such short notice. Beast Boy scratched his head in confusion.

"Indigestion? From herbal tea? I could have sworn I heard you laugh..."

"Well you didn't." she said cooly "now let's get back to the Tower." and took off flying, not so much as looking back at Beast Boy.

Gar stood there on the street admiring Raven as she fly away to the tower, sighing to himself, lost in her bliss.

"She really is pretty..." he said to no one in particular "...but she'll probably never go for a guy like me..." and morphed into a falcon to keep up with the Azarathian.