So I can't sleep from coughing too hard. ECK. So here is the last chapter of this story. It doesn't really further the story any, just a short little 'fluff' piece used to act as an end. FEAR NOT MY LOYAL PUBLIC! Look out for my next story called 'It's Only Rock and Roll' which chronologically takes place a week or so after this story.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Raven's alarm cut through the silent morning air like a souped up buzz saw. Slowly opening her amethyst hued eyes, she groaned slightly and rolled over hitting the snooze button for an extra 5 minutes of sleep. She smiled softly to herself as she re-wrapped her arms around Beast Boy.

...and it felt good!

She stared him at him for a bit, watching him, observing him. His eyes were closed tightly, his bottom lip twitching occasionally as he if were in the middle of a dream. "I wonder what he's dreaming about..." she said to herself, before yawning to roll out of bed and prepare for the day.

She had forsaken her normal sweat pants to wear to bed that night, choosing instead to wear just her tank top and her underwear, much to Beast Boy's delight. It was the first time anyone on the team had seen her lower back birthmark. It encompassed the entire small of her back and was the silhouette of a raven bird, it's wings outspread in righteous fury. Beast Boy thought it looked "cool."

She pulled a leotard and cloak from her closet and just as she buttoned up the leotard, Beast Boy woke up. "Hey baby." he said grinning. Raven smirked slightly, before replying "Let's get one thing out in the pet names. They're ridiculous."

Beast Boy frowned at this news. "Aw c'mon dude, don't be like that!" She just shook her head as she fastened the button on her cloak. "No." she replied firmly, but still friendly. "I'll accept Raven, Rae or very rarely Ravie. But that's it." Beast Boy expressed his obvious disapproval at this by chucking one of his pillows at Raven, who merely suspended it in the air with her powers.

"Nice try, Gar." she said, her face still a smirk "But you're gonna have to do better than that."

In response, Beast Boy morphed into a bee and zoomed straight at the empath at a speed so fast she lost track of him. "Gar? Where'd you go?" she asked apprehensively, not sure of what the changeling had in mind.

"Right behind you, Rae!" came his voice and before Raven could react, his hand shot to her sides immediately tickling her. Raven roared with laughter as she desperately tried to fend off Beast Boy, but he was not to be denied, intensifying the attack, occasionally making way to her underarms. "B-B-Beast Boy! I'll...k-k-kill you!" she laughed, her eyes starting to well up with tears.

"The mighty Raven, the pride of Azarath, Slayer of Trigon, defeated by the legendary GAR LOGAN AKA BEAST BOY!" he hollered triumphantly, now pinning her to the floor yet still tickling. She squirmed underneath him to free herself, but he used his body weight to his advantage. She kicked her slender legs in a vain attempt to buck him off, but he just buckled down harder.

Eventually, he stopped and let her catch her breath, her legs around his waist as she lay on the floor, wiping a tear from her eye from laughing so hard. "You are so going to pay for that." she said, her voice completely ice cold, having regained her composure. Beast Boy wasn't intimidated at all, just grinning sheepishly and leaned down to kiss her again when there was a knock at their door.

"Yo! Wake up sleepy heads, it's time for breakfast and I'm making waffles! I know you like waffles!" It was Cyborg and his not-so-subtle hint it was time to eat.

Beast Boy sighed, wanting to spend all day with Raven, but realized his duties as a Teen Titan came first. "So are we gonna tell the guys at breakfast about us?" he asked, still on top of her as she lay on the floor.

"Let's wait till they're done eating, as I'm sure Starfire will have a million may I please get up?" she said cooly. Beast Boy stole a quick kiss from her, before helping Raven to her feet. After a brief hug she made her way to the kitchen, while Beast Boy went to go retrieve a clean uniform from Starfire's room.

Raven had barely set foot in the kitchen when she was practically ambushed by an over eager Starfire. "Friend Raven! Please tell me how the date last night with Beast Boy was!"

Raven casually pushed Starfire away, before making her way to the cupboards to prepare a pot of herbal tea. "It went good." she finally said, and with the hint of a smile showing on the corners of her mouth, she added "Really good."

Starfire eagerly nodded, wanting to pry for more, but knowing full well to respect Raven's privacy. Add to the fact she wasn't quite sure how Raven would feel knowing she spied on the kiss from the previous night.

Breakfast went by fast for Raven. She actually had some of Cyborg's waffles and they were rather tasty, sipping on her herbal tea with honey to wash it down. Breakfast was finished and the Titans resumed their normal morning activities. Raven and Beast Boy exchanged glances before Raven nodded slightly, giving BB the ok to break the news.

"Uhhh...guys...I got something I want to tell you all." he said loudly, but slowly. "Raven and I are an item." he finally spit out, bracing himself for whatever reply might come. Cyborg merely yawned, as he casually replied "Took ya long enough." Robin offered his congrats, while Starfire began to beg Raven for "the dating of doubles."

"That was easier than I thought it would be..." Raven thought to herself.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch and besides the big announcement, it seemed like any other day at the Tower. Robin trained in the gym, while Starfire played with Silkie watching him train, Cyborg worked on the T-Car and Raven and Beast Boy spent their time in the OPs room.

Raven had taken this opportunity to read a book of Azarathian love poems, while Beast Boy attempted yet again to beat Cyborg's high score in PIRATE HAMSTER SHOWDOWN and again failed miserably. After failing for the 5th time in a row, he sighed to himself and looked over at Raven who was engrossed in her poems. He admired the way the sunlight made her skin glow, as if it the delicate features of her face were carved from pure marble.

Garfield Mark Logan had been through a lot in his short life...from the fateful day he contracted the Sakuita virus that led to his green skin and animal morphing powers, to the death of his parents, to his time in the Doom Patrol...even Terra, but all of that seemed so far away now.

He didn't know what the future held, there was no way anyone could know. But the way he saw it, any future with Raven is a future worth living for.