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Chapter One.

Bellatrix swallowed nervously as she heard the door slam downstairs.

"It's your own fault Bella." Narcissa pointed out, tossing a handful of silky white-blonde hair over her shoulder. The sisters were currently sat in Cissa's bedroom in their London home. "You shouldn't have done it."

"Shutup Narcissa, you aren't helping." Bellatrix snapped. "All I did was lock her in a room with a muggle-"

"And race home to tell father she was seeing him." Narcissa finished, getting to her feet and resting her hands on her slender hips. Like all of her family she spent the summer in muggle clothing with a wizarding edge and was at the time in tight jeans and a pink shirt, her waist-length hair in a loose scrunchie. Bellatrix, in contrast, was sat in jeans that trailed on the floor and a backless, hooded t-shirt.

"Where are you going?" She asked abruptly.

"Out. I'm meeting Lucious." Narcissa shrugged mildly.

"You can't just leave me here! You have to agree with me or he'll use the fucking Cruciatus curse on me again!" Bellatrix exclaimed, leaping to her feet and blocking the door.

"Well maybe you should learn your lesson and stop trying to get Andromeda killed! I'm not saying a word in this argument, now move Bella." Narcissa said stubbornly, crossing her arms.

"BELLATRIX!" A voice roared up the stairs. Bellatrix closed her eyes and felt her stomach drop. Her sister gave a sharp intake of breath.

"I won't watch it again Bella... move." She hissed desperately.

"So tell him I didn't lie! Help me, Cissa!" Bellatrix pleaded. "Just tell him I-"


"I can't." Narcissa looked close to tears but she still refused to be budged in her decision. Her sister slowly stepped aside and let her pass, following with as little speed as she could manage and trying to assume an innocent - and not terrified - expression on her face. Shargon Black was stood in the hallway; along with the sobbing figure of Andromeda. He was stretched up to his full height and eyes were flashing with rage.

"Get over here, right now!" He spat furiously. Narcissa swallowed and scurried down the hall and to the front door.

"And where are you going!" Castra Black snarled, leaping out of the shadows and gripping her daughter's arm. "I'm pretty sure you had some part in this."

"She didn't mum. Let her go see Lucious." Bellatrix called calmly, knowing that if she let any trail of guilt or fear into her voice she was screwed. Castra hesitated, but eventually released Narcissa. "Now then, is there some sort of a problem father?"

"Problem! You lying little bitch, you locked your sister in that room with a muggle!" Shargon darted forward and snatched a handful of her hair, yanking her forward. "Didn't you! Didn't you!"

"No!" Bellatrix screamed, ignoring the slightly fearful sneer on her sister's face.

"LIAR! Lying is going to make it worse for you!" Shargon snarled lividly. Trying not to convey on her face how much pain she was in, Bellatrix pulled herself away. "You locked Andromeda in that room because you knew what would happen if I found her with a muggle!"

"No I didn't!" His daughter shrieked. "I found her with him and came to tell you-"

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" Shargon roared. Bellatrix heard the door open behind her but ignored it. "Aah... and it just so happens that the very person able to tell me otherwise is here..."

Turning around, Bellatrix audibly gasped. Stood in the hallway behind her were her father and mother's best friends and their two sons- one of which was her worst enemy.

"Yes... Severus here told me he saw you lock Andromeda in." Shargon smirked.

"Hmm... trying to split a family up... I suppose she'll need confining to the house for a long while, eh Shargon?" Locke Snape grinned, inhaling on his ever-present cigarette. His wife tutted and shook her head, blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders.

"Locke! Stop trying to get involved with other people's business." She hissed.

"Andromeda, Castra, would you show Locke, Miranda, Harley and Severus into the sitting room while I take Bellatrix upstairs and have one last word with her?" Shargon drawled in his usual impress-the-Snapes voice. Taking the cue, his wife nodded and did as she was bid until the door was shut and only Shargon and Bellatrix were left stood in the hall; the latter of which who was now petrified.

"Now then. Upstairs." Her father said in a deadly voice. Knowing that by now it was too late to do anything, Bellatrix resigned herself to what was coming and slowly ascended the stairs. When they both reached the first floor landing Shargon kicked open her bedroom door and pushed her in, already drawing his wand.

"Scream loud enough for the Snapes to hear and you will deeply regret it." He warned, shutting the door and taking aim. "Crucio."

After the first few times, Bellatrix's mind became slightly... numb. She was extremely aware of the excruciating pain, and the fact that she was writhing about on the floor. She was also aware that he occasionally switched curses, that she was now bleeding; and that a scream occasionally escaped her mouth. But from her quiet little place it was like she was watching it as an outsider. It often got like this when he went on for longer than ten minutes. Eventually he tired; and with a swift warning that if she left the room she would wish she'd never been born he apparated downstairs, leaving Bellatrix lying on her bedroom floor.

"Bell?" A voice asked sadly. Narcissa entered the room and shut the door quietly. Her sister was now fully out of the quiet place and every bone, muscle and nerve in her body was stinging or aching. "Oh god... I'm so sorry; I should have stepped in for you..." She knelt down and sniffed. "It's funny how it's always me that cries when this happens, when it's you that's hurt."

"Aren't you supposed to be with Malfoy?" Bellatrix asked hoarsely, wincing as she sat up.

"Yeah... I cancelled because I was so guilt ridden." Narcissa chuckled. "Want me to get you anything?"

"A healing potion would be great... but you'd have to go into the kitchen and I doubt he'd be happy about you helping me." Bellatrix sighed and pulled herself onto the bed. "Ow."

"God Bella... you're bleeding." The blonde sobbed. "This is my entire fault..."

"No it's not... It's mine." But even as she said it something was clicking in her brain. Through the terror of what was going to happen to her, she hadn't fully registered what her father had said in the hall.

"Yes... Severus here told me he saw you lock Andromeda in."

"No... It was Snape's fault! Oh I swear if I ever get my hands on him I'll rip his throat out with my bare naked hands." She snarled. "Just you wait until we go back to school... I'll kill him!"

"Fine, whatever... but what do we do for your cuts now?" Narcissa asked, biting her lip.

"Bugger them." Bellatrix sighed, lying back and closing her eyes. "Wake me up when we go back to Hogwarts."

"But-" Narcissa didn't even bother trying to finish her sentence. She knew how her sister got and wasn't planning on wasting her breath trying to convince her otherwise. "Okay, if you need me I'm in my room."