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It was meant to be a vacation.

I never intended this to become a job. When CeeCee first invited Adam and me on vacation (a treat for her birthday, lucky girl), we both agreed with minimum persuasion. We werethinking of lounging around in the sun, relaxing.

Well, we knew that was a little far fetched. Apparently England was kind of a dreary country weather wise, but still, I think we were perfectly within our rights to assume that a vacation meant that we could lounge around, go shopping or something. It was meant to bejust hanging out, really. Not doing anything of substance.

I suppose it's my fault for agreeing with helping out in the first place. I didn't want to seem ungrateful, though. I mean, they did save my life. Not helping somebody after that would make me… well, like Paul. And I'm not exactly aspiring to be like him.

I shouldn't have dragged CeeCee and Adam into this with me. But then, I was here on CeeCee's invitation and it was her parents who were funding this trip (as I was far too aware). I couldn't exactly walk away without a proper explanation, could I? And with CeeCee and Adam's reluctance to even believe in CeeCee's Aunt Pru, I wasn't going to tell them the truth.

So I lied. They came with me and we had a good time – for a while.

Then this.

'Reckless' may as well be my middle name. 'Unthoughtful' and perhaps 'bad friend' could probably fit somewhere in there, too.

Everything seems to have come full circle. Everything seems to start and end in the group that seems… well, cult-like, for lack of a better word. When I first saw them, I half expected to see them dancing around doing ancient rituals of some kind. They were like wacky Satanists or something.

I'm not sure if I should reassess them yet. I'm sure that I'll have to, far sooner than I would like.

We'd been out shopping at a huge mall in London. CeeCee and I were laughing at Adam's over-acting and complete woe at the idea of a complete day of shopping ("the horror!"), and then we heard a voice.

There were loads of people around us, of course, but this voice shouted and seemed deadly. It was like it cut through the air and a lot of the babble had died down.

"DECIST," the voice had said.

We spun around and what we saw made us stare uncomprehendingly. Their attire did not seem to suit their hostile attitude, but unfortunately attitude was the thing that was likely to get us killed.

The lead figure watched the crowd of us and turned his head to another man, long silky blond hair trailing down his soldiers. The other man was gaping – whether at the audacity of the blond guy or our reaction or something else entirely, I couldn't tell. The leader smirked then glanced over his shoulder at the other similarly dressed troops.

"Now," he hissed, and within what seemed like seconds, the place was pandemonium.

Adam summed up all of our thoughts in just two words. "Oh, shit."

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