Forever Entwined

Disclaimer: I don't one the Power Rangers. Disney does. Angel and Mike are my own characters. The plot is based on a real life situation.

Ships: Jason/Trini; minor Tommy/Kim

Author's note: Hey guys! This story came to me when one of my friends had a similar day. The only thing that's not real is the mall scene.

A/N 2: Angel and Mike are also rangers. Here is their status:

Angel- Purple ranger with the Gazelle Zord.

Mike- gold ranger with the Lion Zord.

Bad Day

Angel Grove 1995

It was just another day in the life of the Power Rangers. Walking through the halls, Trini sighed. Nothing today was going right. Bulk and Skull had been making fun of her because she was smart. Being a very cool and calm person, she did nothing about it. Suddenly the bell rang and she snapped out of her reverie.

The day dragged on for Trini. Finally the end of the day came and she was never happier!

"Hey guys what's new?" Trini asked coming upon the rangers' table.

"Well, Kim and I were talking of heading to the mall after school," Angel announced.

"Plus, Tommy and Mike volunteered to come with us!" Kim said looking at the two boyfriends in question.

"We'll have a good time, hopefully," Mike whispered to Tommy. Tommy nodded in agreement.

"Great, I'll come along! What about Jason, Zack and Billy?" Trini asked.

"Sure, if Mike and Tommy go, I'll come along, too," Jase replied. Secretly he only wanted to go if Trini went.

"Billy and I have got to study for our history test tomorrow, guys. Sorry…" Zack mentioned.

"Catch ya'll later!" Zack said leaving with Billy.

At the Mall

"Wow! I've never been so exhausted!" Mike said.

"Aww, don't worry, Baby. Here, I'll help," Angel said leaning in to kiss him.

"Never mind! My day just turned around!" Mike said happily.

"Well, we have to get going!" Angel and Mike said.

"Talk to you guys later!" They said waving.

That just left Tommy, Kim, Jason, and Trini. Both Tommy and Kim knew that their red and yellow want some time alone. So Kim came up with an idea.

"Tommy, I'm hungry. Let's go to the Food Court and we'll catch you guys later!" Kim said with a wink at Trini.

They walked off for the food court.

"So" Trini said uncomfortably.

"So..." Jase said.

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