Forever Entwined

Disclaimer: I don't one the Power Rangers. Disney does. Angel and Mike and Christina and Jessie are my own characters.

Ships: Jason/Trini; minor Tommy/Kim

Author's note: Hey! I'm back! Thanks for all the great reviews so far. Special shout out to Ghostwriter, who really motivates me to write more! Part three is the last part of Forever Entwined. Hope you all like it!

Ask the Girl


Angel Grove 1995

'Wow! I had so much fun on the carousel! Wish it didn't have to end' Trini thought unhappily.

Jason is blissfully happy on the inside, just enjoying what he has with Trini.

'Now! What if she says no? Ask her or else…' Jase thought as the internal war raged on.

Just then, Jason's cell goes off. Ring! Ring! Riiing!


"Hey Bro! So how are you and Trini?" Tommy asked with humor.

"Shut up," Jase said growling, as his cheeks turned red.

"I didn't say anything!" Tommy said in mock hurt.

"But you're thinking it!" Jase exclaimed.

"Just ask her out Bro! It's not that hard! Dammit, all you have to do is say something, just not anything stupid," Tommy advised.

"Easy for you," Jase muttered.

"Well, later Jase. Good luck!" Tommy said as he hung up. 'You'll need it' he thought.

After walking for awhile, they stopped to get a drink. They saw their good friends Christina and Jessie.

"Hey girl!" Trini said going to hug Christina.

"Trini! Oh my god! How are you? I haven't seen you in forever!" Christina said.

"Who's this nice guy?" Trini asked smiling at 'stina's friend.

"Oh, I'm sorry. This is Jessie, my boyfriend," Christina introduced Jessie.

"Nice to meet you all," Jessie said.

"We gotta go, X-Tina. We're meeting Tommy and Kim in a bit!" Trini said to Christina.

"Well, have fun. See you guys around!" Christina said as she went off with Jessie.

They walked on in silence for awhile. Finally, Jason had gather his nerves.

"Umm, Trini…" Jase started.

"Yeah?" she asked slowly.

"Would you –um, wouldyouliketogooutwithme?" he said in a rush.

"Slow down and repeat that," Trini said.

"Would you like to go out with me?" Jason fidgeted nervously.

"Yes, oh, yes! I never though you felt the same!" Trini said as she ran into his open arms.


"Hey guys!" Trini said walking hand-in-hand with Jason.

Kim, the first one to notice their hands, squealed in excite meant.

"Whoa, where's the fire, Kim?" Tommy asked confused.

"Well, duh, Handsome. Jase asked Trini out!" she said to her oblivious boyfriend.

"About time, Bro!" Tommy said with a knowing smile.

Within a minute or less, Kim was on the phone with Angel and Mike.

"Hey guys! Guess what? Jason finally asked Trini out!" Kim said excitedly.

"Omg! I'm so happy! That's great news!" Angel said.

"Tell Jason congrats and about time!" Mike announced.

"Baby, don't harass him. Tommy's probably done enough!" Angel scolded him.

"Angel's right, Tommy did say that," Kim chirped in.

"But it is!" Michael said in protest.

"How about we make up for it?" Angel said and kissed Mike.

"Never mind. I'll leave the poor guy alone," Mike said happily.

"Bye, guys!" Kim said.

"Bye!" they chorused.

Finally, all was right in the world of ranger love. The pairs would be forever entwined, just like their destiny.

Here's the end. Please tell me what you think!

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