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Chapter 1: The Game

In one of the deepest corners of space, a ship loomed against the darkness. Not far from that spacecraft was another also drifting in the aimless dark."Not far," meaning space-wise; in reality, both ships were about twenty miles away.

Both ship's hatch doors at the back, containing space crafts within, opened, slowly moving wide enough for small ships to fly out. They were barely visible, and being from different mother ships, could easily be said as very different looking. Just by seeing such a sight, it'd be pretty obvious that there were to be a battle within the minutes.

"Alright," called the commander of the mission, "everyone remember your place. We didn't come out here to lose a battle to these hated 'Hensular Team'. Remember that everyone's counting on all of you!"

A skilled Arwing Pilot flew up and became level with the Commander. "Sir, your orders were clear that we attacked straight forward. However, the opposite team seems to be dispersing. Should we stick to the plan, or use 'instinct'?" This pilot was known as General FoxFan3821; a shorter name being Fox, or FF. A different name that we'll go with was simply Jerry.

Jerry had passed through all Elite Training in order to gain every ounce of respect he has gotten as a Cornerian General. Now he was about to do what almost all people did to lose it: fight a larger than normal Army, and most likely, die doing so.

"We got only one plan," stated the feline (anthro-wise) Cornerian Commander; "if it should fail, then we'll act on 'instinct,' got it?

"I understand."

The Arwings began to line up, forming a 'V' shape while flying swiftly towards the enemy.

Jerry, a Fox (anthro-wise) Cornerian General, lowered his flight altitude to get under the Commander. Many followed his lead and formed another 'V' behind him.

"You better know what you're doing," said Andy, Jerry's friend. Andy was the form of a dog; a white German Shepard (anthro-wise). He was obviously an Arwing Pilot. He was also Jerry's real world friend. But not there, not at that moment; at that moment, Andy was EvilDude21.

"I'm a General, E-D," Jerry assured with a firm voice. "I know what I'm doing."

There wasn't enough time for more of a talk; the enemies were just seconds away, and coming fast.

"5…," Jerry began, counting and estimating the time until they would clash. "4…3…2…1!"

Blasters were shot and missiles were let loose. Those small spacecrafts eventually got to a certain point where they were nose to nose, and inevitably, crashed into each other while others flew higher or lower to dodge the piling ships. The battle had begun.

Jerry made it through easily; Andy had a bit more trouble, being near the back. He had to dodge many of the floating debris left behind by the colliding spacecrafts.

Jerry made sharp turns as he maneuvered the Arwing around fired away at the nearest possible enemy. From a distance, you could only see small dots crossing the empty space and blowing up in fire particles.

"Andy, are you still alive?" called Jerry, hoping to contact his friend.

"Yeah I'm here," he replied, "but my Arwing is banged up." An explosion was heard to Jerry's left and stronger in the receiver, and Andy replied with a shout of nasty words, then added, "Banged A LOT!"

Jerry smiled and shook his head. He felt vibrations go through the ship as he still searched for the enemy and past floating metals. "As long as you can still fight, stay in the batt—," Jerry couldn't finish his sentence. And enemy spacecraft broke in half right in front of hi, a large section left behind to be hit by Jerry's craft.

Quickly, Jerry dodged with a Barrel Roll and gained back control.

"Are you alright?" asked Andy. Jerry disappeared behind a cloud of smoke, blocking him from Andy's view of sight. He began searching the endless battle flight, flying into the cloud too.

Suddenly, Jerry flew straight up, right in front of Andy. Andy almost hit him, but the rear end of the Arwing was lucky enough to be just seconds away from a major Arwing crash sight.

"Jesus!" Andy yelled.

"I'm okay," Jerry answered, gaining level again and flying out of the cloud, "keep fighting!" He began shooting at spacecrafts just ahead of him, forcing them to blow up in the strength of his blasters.

Red blaster shots soared through the empty void of a battle field. The battle was getting steep, and soon, there was no chance for the Cornerians to win. This was a sure Hensulars win.

"Commander, I think we should try something else," Jerry said, contacting the Commander's ship. He waited patiently for a reply while dodging blasters that were aimed towards him. He couldn't shake the pilot off. Just that second, another Arwing crossed right in front of the enemy, and behind that Arwing, another enemy craft flew. Both enemy crafts crashed into each other, creating another explosion in space. Jerry winced at the rumble, but felt no pain from it. There was still no response from the Commander.

"Commander?" Jerry asked, trying to get his attention.

An arwing soared just seconds away from hitting Jerry. Jerry pulled back with a 180 back flip and passed the many floating metals of destroyed ships and fire.

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jerry," said Andy, "but the Commander fell in battle." It was obvious the ship that had crossed Jerry's sight had been Andy. Just a little scare for Jerry giving Andy the same small scare.

"What?" Jerry questioned. An enemy ship passed right by his side, but didn't notice him. Jerry made a chase, following the craft and began shooting at it. He saw it flying towards his ship. It was most likely going to destroy his ship.

"Jerry, we have only two choices," Andy said over the radio. "Either we fight an impossible battle and die, or retreat, and live."

Jerry quickly answered with stubbornness hanging in his breath, "We can't just let the win that easily; we've got to fight! We can beat them!"

"No need, boys," said a female voice, intercepting their transmission. "I already boarded their ship."

"You did?" Jerry and Andy said in unison.

"That's right, and I'm gonna blow this ship to the ground! That'll show them, ha."

"But there isn't a ground," Andy pointed out the obvious. That was the way Andy was, sometimes he tried to hard to be funny it would fall all over, and sometimes he was a riot. This moment, he tried too hard.

"Shut up Andy," Jerry said over the radio.

"I need all of you to fight and distract them while I plant a bomb," said the female, ignoring what Andy had just stated.

Jerry was finally able to shoot down the flying craft and slowed down a bit, still very aware of his surroundings. He looked left and right, hoping not to find an enemy and at the same time hoping to find one.

"What about you?" Jerry asked, "Will you be able to get out alright?"

"Pshh, I've done more dangerous missions than this dump," she stated over the radio. Then, she added to reassure Jerry, "Don't worry; I'll be fine."

"You won't be able to do anything by destroying the ship," Andy said.

Actually, destroying the ship would very much cause a major damage to their enemy. Why would Andy deny that? That was the question running through the female's mind, and she just had to ask. "Why not?"

There was silence for a moment, then, "Because I'm chasing their leader right now."

It was at that moment that blasters passed right in front of Jerry's windshield. In a flash, he saw two ships soar by over him in a chase. The ship being chased had the enemy sign, the General's signature, and the ship chasing it had Andy's symbol.

"I think I found you Andy," said Jery.

"Take whoever that is down guys; I'll take care of their ship," the girl responded.

"Did you not just hear what I said?" Andy started again, "Nothing will happen if you destroy the ship!"

"Nothing to their ranks, but it'll be awhile before they can attack again. Don't you want the fame from Corneria? To be a part of the team that finally destroyed Hensular? Having this notion hang by your side, no matter where you went?"

Andy took a moment before answering with a short and stuttering, "Well, uh—you see—uh, I think—,"

"Of course we do," Jerry cut in, answering for Andy. "Continue with your mission; Andy and I will chase the General."

Jerry pulled the booster throttle back hard and was blown by the force of the speed given. There were so many things passing by his line of vision; so many destroyed things. Eventually, he caught up to Andy and the General.

Through the glass shield keeping the air within his craft, Jerry motioned with his hands at Andy how they were going to attack: the Double Alpha.

They flew to the sides of the ship and got ready to attack. They kept a steady pace and watched out for anything wrong; one mistake and their attack would have been futile. After final inspections in the air, they were ready to bring down the craft.

"GO!" Yelled Jerry. They closed in on the General's craft real fast. The craft maneuvered out of the way, leaving the boys to nearly collide with each other. Before either Jerry or Andy could react, the General had already gone with a burst of speed.

"It's no use; he's just gonna keep going," Andy said as he regained his altitude. "He's not going to stop. What now?"

Jerry took a short pause, then answered, "We keep chasing him for as long as possible."

"You're so stupid," Andy stated, but followed orders. The chase continued.

They got farther away from the real battlefield by just having the chase, but they knew they had to take this General out. They weren't going to let him get away.

Jerry and Andy began shooting an array of shots towards the General, each missing. It was very frustrating. The pilot was very good at maneuvering and slipping by close range blaster shots. Jerry made a mental note to find out how to do that later. They were led near a planet that seemed to be half water, while the other half divided by volcanic lava and land.

Jerry got a lock on the General. Not wasting the chance, he shot. It wasn't one of his blaster shots, this one was his big one; the missile. The missile brok away from the Arwing and set an awray of lights as it shot out and went for the General's craft. The General was able to turn his craft sharply enough to where the missile just barely scratched against his craft.

Now I got you! Thought Jerry.

Just as it was passing right in front of the General's craft, Jerry detonated the missile. It exploded right as it was about to go farther than an inch from the General's craft.

Feeling he was losing control, the General sharply stopped his craft, leaving Jerry and Andy to pass by. He shot a missile at Jerry, but it was horrible aiming. There was nothing to guide the missile because of the fact that Jerry destroyed whatever would guide it. Instead, the missile turned somewhere else. To someone else.

"Whoa!" Andy exclaimed as the missile hit the back of his Arwing. His Arwing was made of special armor, but it didn't stop the amount of damage he took. His Arwing lost all connection with the controls, and was left to drift for awhile. There was a gravitational pull from the planet next to him, and that was bringing his craft towards the planet.

"I'm coming Andy!" yelled Jerry. The General's craft was stalled. Jerry calculated in his mind how long it would take to stop Andy from the fall and capture the General. He found that it was impossible to do both. He had to choose between the General's capture, or his best bud. In the end, he chose to save Andy. Friends come first.

He aimed his Ariwng towards Andy's, who was now being pulled at a much faster rate into the planet. He shot forward and was surprised at the force of gravity that pulled on him.

"No Jerry, forget about me," Andy pleaded, "stop the General!"

"I'm not going to let you be de-ranked from your position. Not now, or ever."

The atmosphere was near, and thus, fire encircled the Arwing. It was getting very hard to see through the windshield due to the fiery flames riding all over his craft.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the atmosphere past. Jerry could still see Andy's Arwing flipping around like crazy as a stronger sense of gravity hit. Below, there was green grass and an open field, but Andy was going straight down. He was going down at an angle. Just about a mile away from the field was a large lava infested area. Andy's Arwing's diagonal fall was leading him towards the flaming lava infested area.

"Hold on!" Jerry exclaimed, knowing Andy couldn't hear him. Without even thinking, Jerry put the boosters on full throttle again. It wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it was something to think of doing in just a matter of seconds.

Jerry crashed his Arwing to Andy's left side, and pushed his controls down to fly his craft right down on top of Andy. The Arwing lost it's direction, and instead of the diagonal fall, went straight down towards the field.

Inside Andy's ship, everything came back to life. He could control his craft again! Quickly, he tried to stop his Arwing from stopping. It wasn't any good; he was going to crash and there was nothing he could do about it.

He did several tries to pull the ship up, but it wouldn't listen. It flew downward diagonally again, but not towards the lava. In just a few seconds, Andy's craft hit the ground hard, but Andy wasn't hurt. The Arwing slid on the ground, causing a bunch of dirt to fly all over the place as the craft made a new path. It stopped meters away, and the Arwing turned off again. Andy was okay.

The same thing couldn't be said for Jerry, unfortunately. When he hit Andy, his craft lost all power, and became the new spiraling, flipping craft in the air, heading towards the lava.

Jerry tried and tried with all his might to pull the lever, and make the craft fly again, but it wasn't that he wasn't trying hard enough. It was that the Arwing was just completely out.

All he could do was stare out the windshield at the spinning world outside. Sometimes he would see the ground, and sometimes he would see the sky. He could never see them both at the same time.

Jerry gulped, and sighed. This was it. He began the countdown.


The craft hit hard on the ground and slid on, surprisingly, grass first, crashing into everything; trees, large rocks, etc… the craft was flipping like crazy, turning over on the ground like a pick-up truck would if thrown sideways off a very steep hill. Except, this was a straight surface, and Jerry was moving a lot faster.

The craft kept flipping. Soon, the windshield broke away, glass and a strong force of wind hitting his face, but Jerry felt no pain. When would the lava hit?

With one glance, Jerry was able to make out what was ahead of him by connecting the images of the spiraling world. It was a large rock.

In a split second, the Arwing crashed right into the rock. It stopped right there with a very powerful force. Two seconds later, the entire Arwing erupted in flames, and exploded, throwing large amounts of metal all over the place. Jerry was nowhere in sight; most likely blown up with the pile.

And just beyond that rock pile, the large area of lava flowed right along, the Arwing never being touched by it.

The place was huge. People walked around all over the place, chatting and holding many ID cards for several different software games. High above, in the ceiling that had to be at least a football field high above, many people were falling, and slowing down, eventually landing safely on the ground with the rest of the people.

Jerry broke through the top, in Fox form and suited up in a burned up Cornerian outfit. He descended down, and on the way, rays of light hit him. The light hit all over his body, and began to change his shape. He was slowly losing all his fur, his big fox ears were retracting back into his skull, being replaced by human ears. His face was changing to that of a human. His suit turned a light color, then turned to that of the normal blue suit always worn in the playing stadium, which was that large area he was currently falling into. Finally, his tail retracted into his body.

He landed on his knees on the ground level softly. No one paid any attention to him; it was very common for people to land falling from the ceiling. Heck, there was a bunch of people falling from the ceiling anyways.

Jerry was fully human. Slowly, he stood up, and found a floating computer monitor right in front of him. It stated in bold letters:

StarFox Galaxies: Game Over.