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"Athrun? Athrun?" A soft female voice called his name persistently but, Athrun Zala, took no heed of it as he stared down at the sidewalk cafe's metal table top.

Meyrin Hawke, let out a sigh of defeat as she watched the man across from her stare broodingly down at the table. Waiting a few minutes more to see if he would snap out of his funk on his own, Meyrin, finally gave up and went for a more forceful measure of rousing Athrun from his thoughts.

Leaning across the table she put her hand on his shoulder and shaking it gently, said in a teasing voice, "Athrun, it is considered rude to fall asleep on a restaurant table."

This caught his attention. Shake his head as if to clear away cobwebs from his mind, he smiled wanly into Meyrin's concerned blue-gray eyes.

At this smile Meyrin, removed her hand from Athrun's shoulder and said, "Is something bothering you, Athrun? Would you like to talk about it?"

As she said this a blush streaked across her cheeks and in a stammering voice she continued, "Not that you have to talk to me about it. I am sure Kira and Lacus are still in the area if you wanted to speak to them instead. Do you want me to call them for you?"

Athrun's eyes had begun glowing in amusement as Meyrin was prattlingly nervously on, but at her suggestion of calling Kira and Lacus, Athrun, shook his head said, "No, Meyrin, I don't need to talk to them. I just have some things I need to figure out that's all."

"Oh, alright. Do you want me to leave?" Meyrin tried to sound chipper as she said this but Athrun caught the under current of disappointment in her voice.

And while it filled his heart with happiness to hear that trace of disappointment in her voice he also felt guilty. After all what right did he have to feel happy about Meyrin being disappointed at the thought of leaving his company when he still wasn't sure were his heart wanted to be.

With that thought rushing through his mind, he once again fell to pondering what he had been thinking on before Meyrin had caught his attention.

Who did he really want to be with?

Cagalli Yula Attha or Meyrin Hawke?

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