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Taking a deep breath, Athrun let it out slowly as he said in a emotionless voice,"What do you want to talk about, Cagalli?"

There was a slight hesitation on the other end of the line and then,"I need your advice on some of the rebuilding projects. Can you come see me at the palace tomorrow? Say around, noon?"

His eyes were squeezed shut from the headache this simple phone call was already giving him, but without a second thought he replied,"Of course I can.I'll see you then."

"Thank you, Athrun. I- I..."

"Yes, Cagalli?" Athrun asked his voice far gentler as he noted the uncertainty in her voice. An infliction that had never been there before the second war. At least not when she had been speaking to him.

But instead of telling him what was wrong, all he heard from her was a deep sigh and,"Nothing, Athrun. Just thank you.I'll see you then."

She clicked off the connection and so did he, resting his now pounding from a serious stress headache forehead on his closed fist, struggling to get control of the myriad of emotions that had flooded through him at the sound of her voice.

So consumed with this task that he failed to pay attention to his surroundings, Athrun jumped and spun on pure reflex at the feel of something lightly brushing his shoulder.

Which was a pity, since he still had in his hand his very hot cup of coffee, a cup of coffee that was now quickly burning Meyrin's delicate skin.


Meyrin flinched as the steaming liquid hit her neck and chest and against her permission a tiny yelp of pain escaped her lips.

Athrun who had previously just been standing there in dumbstruck horror, leapt into action at the sound of this tiny cry.

Grabbing her wrist, he promptly dashed down the hallway to one of the house's many bathrooms.

Quickly opening the door, he scooped Meyrin up into his arms and before she could say anything, deposited her onto the floor of the shower.

Meyrin gave him a confused look at this action and opening her mouth to ask him what on earth he was doing, she received a mouthful of cold shower water for her trouble.

Gagging slightly, Meyrin spat out the water and in a rare fit of temper cried out,"Athrun, what are you doing?"

Athrun stared down at her his expression blank as he took in her appearance. The skin of her neck which had previously been an angry pink, was now back to it's normal creamy white, he noted thankfully. On the other hand now the rest of her wasn't looking too hot.

Her hair was dripping wet and trying to break free from the rubber bands that held it up in two pigtails, her violet shirt/dress was soaked and hanging off her like a sack cloth.

In short she looked very much like a wet dog.

And as he stood beside the shower looking down at her a sudden and strong desire began to swell in his chest. A desire he knew he should not give into.

And so he turned away from her hoping that not having her in sight would make the desire go away and for a second it seemed to work. But then he just had to take a second glance.

That second glance was his undoing.

He laughed.

And not a small polite, I'm sorry that happened to you but I can't help but chuckle a little laugh, no he laughed as if somebody had decided to hold him down and tickle him to death.

Staring up at him, Meyrin felt a sudden rush of happiness fill her body as she took in the simple joy on Athrun's face.While it can't be denied that she would much rather have seen him laughing so recklessly over something other than her being soaking wet, she was still happy that he was laughing for once and not being so solemn.

Not that that meant that she was going to let him laughing over her misery slide. Oh no, she wasn't that nice.

Carefully waiting until his eyes were closed once again in laughter, Meyrin reached out a hand and grabbing the end of his dark green jacket, yanked him in to the shower and under the cold water with her.

Athrun, letting out a startled,'Ack!', as he fell, staring at her with wide eyes.

Smiling a bit naughtily, Meyrin flicked a little water in his face and said,"Ha! Ha!"


That night as he lay in bed trying to find a comfortable position in which to fall asleep, Athrun's mind went back to a subject that he had been hoping to forget for the rest of the day.

What were his feelings for Cagalli and Meyrin?

The phone call from Cagalli had dragged to the surface of his heart feelings that he had been trying to keep buried until he was prepared to deal with them.

Of course the fact that he kept putting off even thinking about dealing with his feelings for Cagalli, was putting a bit of a crimp in his ability to move on with his life. But now at this dreary hour between midnight and dawn, his mind would no longer allow him to push these important issues aside.

And so running a hand through his messy hair, Athrun snapped open his eyes to stare into the darkness and to try make some sense of all the emotions swirling in his heart.

Running through the list of all the things that were demanding his attention, Athrun decided to tackle what he believed was the hardest problem first.

The feelings that had arisen from Cagalli's phone call earlier that day.

First there had been anger, an emotion he was all to familiar with when it came to Cagalli as of late, then had come a small burst of happiness, then depression when all she wanted to speak to him about had been work.

But under it all had been the steady beat of love that he had felt for her for so long, only problem was is whether or not that love was the same type as it had been before he left ORB for Zaft or if it had mellowed to the deep, simple love of friendship.

Letting his mind replay her voice in his head, he hoped that it would bring with it the same feeling he had felt earlier that day and that he would be able to tell what type of love he was feeling for his former fiancé.

No go, while the thought of her voice did bring back that wave of love he had felt, he was still unable to grasp what type of love it was.

Groaning in frustration, he shoved aside all thoughts of Cagalli and decided instead to focus on his feelings for Meyrin, naively believing that they would be much easier to comprehend.

An half-hour later all he had been able to figure out when it came to his feelings for Meyrin was that he always felt happy when he was with her, and that while he had been on the floor of the shower with her,hehad been far to attracted to her for his feelings towards her to be in any way brotherly, but before he had the time to try and dissect the reason why he was so happy when he was with her, sleep finally decided to come and claim his weary body.

And as he drifted away, his mind began to play for him sweet dreams that he would have no memory of in the morning. Which was a pity since the fact that he dreamed of laughing gray eyes and hair as red and bright as fire framing a face full of love and sweetness, might have given him an answer to the questions that plagued him so.


On the other side of the mansion, some one else was also dreaming, but unlike Athrun their dreams were more nightmares than anything.

As the sound of an explosion echoed in her mind, Miriallia jerked up right in her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she sobbed out, "No, Tolle, Tolle."

Rubbing her blurry eyes, Miriallia looked around her room trying to remember were she was.

Taking in the simple desk and the plain white wardrobe in the corner of the room, she let out a sigh of relief as she realized that she was safe and sound in Murrue's and Andy's house, and not on the battlefield were Tolle had died.

Drawing her knees up against her chest, Miriallia rested her chin on them and closing her eyes briefly was again assaulted by the horrible images of her nightmare.

Letting out a sigh, she threw off her covers and grabbing her robe decided to head down to the entertainment room to watch some TV, in hopes of erasing her nightmare with a few idiotic images.

Creeping silently down the staircase, Miriallia walked up to the door of the entertainment room and hearing nothing was confident that she was the only one that was having a late night.

Which is why she was so surprised when upon entering the room, she found Dearka fast asleep on the couch.

Staring at him for a moment, Miriallia stubbornly refused to acknowledge the feeling of peace and safety that flooded through her at the mere sight of him and instead focused on what she should do.

Her body wanting to sit down being exhausted from all the worked she had been doing as of late, made the decision for her.

Before she really knew what she was doing, she was sitting next to Dearka on the couch and was watching him breath.

Knowing with out a doubt that she should not be doing this, especially with the way she had continuously told him to go away that day, and not in a nice way either, Miriallia nevertheless scooted a little closer to him and curling her legs beneath her leaned back on the couch and continued to watch his face, noting absentmindedly that he seemed so much more serious in sleep than he did while awake.

It was in this position that Miriallia ended up falling back to sleep, soothed by the warm feelings that Dearka presence always filled her heart with, not that she ever acknowledged that even to herself, but not even these warm and fuzzy feelings could stop the renewed fury she felt toward him when she woke up in the next morning in his lap.


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