I would like to apologize to the person whose title this looks like. I seriously didn't mean to make them alike, the title just kind of hit me.

She caught him in the break room around lunch with a sheepish, shy smile.

"Hey," he said softly, turning back to his coffee.

"Hey," she answered. They were silent for a few moments, Scotty absently stirring his coffee.

"You want to go get lunch?" she asked tentatively. Her words surprised him, but he agreed, leaving his coffee and following Lilly out.

They chose to walk to a small deli just down the street from their building. It wasn't anything special, but it would work. They sat with their sandwiches in one of the tables near the back. It was Lilly that spoke first.

"Thank you," she said softly. Scotty looked up, confused.

"For what?" Lilly smiled.

"Forgetting," she answered cryptically. He understood.

"Anytime, Lil. Seriously." They managed to joke and tease to a certain extent before deeming it time to head back. They were fairly silent on the walk back to the building. Lilly pulled him aside just before they got to the door.

"Scotty," she spoke quietly, hesitantly, "when you're worried you're always welcome to forget." She kissed his cheek lightly and left him standing just outside the building doors, not leaving him a chance to reply. However, he didn't need one. It made him feel special that she actually trusted him enough to invite him to care.

It meant Lilly Rush was breaking down her walls.