AN: Just a little drabble on why I think Ed sleeps the way he does. You know, with lots of angst -...

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Al's asked me why I sleep this way. I mean, sprawled all over.

He, and many others, for that matter, probably thinks I do it to make up for my height. They think I'm so insecure about how short I am that I compensate for it even in sleep.

A while ago, perhaps that would have been true.

Now, though? Not so much.

It's true that my height might be a part of it, but now…

I hate the feeling of metal against my skin. If I were to sleep normally, I'd have to get used to feeling it, night after night. And if we get our bodies… when we get our bodies back, I can't be used to it. I'm scared to. If I get used to it, it'll be real. If I get used to the feeling of cold steel every night, it'll be like I've given up.

Accepted my fate, the fate of a sinner.

But I haven't.

I'll fight it 'til the very end, me and Al both.

But until then…

I won't get used to it.