Okay, I thought we needed another Hector Andromache story, because I am all for them. This is just a short, maybe three to four chapter story set around Valentines Day in 2006. This is my first story on this website, constructive criticism is appreciated, but please keep that in mind. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own any of the characters and/or Eric Bana or Saffron Burrows. I know, I know, I cry myself to sleep every night about the Eric Bana one too…

A/N Hector and Andromache have been married since July but this will be their first Valentine's Day that they are officially a married couple.

"CRAP!" Andromache cried, annoyed when her papers went sprawling to the floor of the lobby.
This has been the worst day ever! There was no hot water in the shower this morning, her coffee had spilled all over her car, she was late to work because a wreck on the interstate, a huge break had been made on the case she was working on at work, unfortunately not one for her client, she hadn't had anything to eat, she had just tripped getting off the elevator to her apartment, and to top it all off the love of her life was half way around the world in London on the 'most romantic day of the year'.
Right about now all she wanted was a glass of wine, a long, hot bath ,and her deliciously sexy husband. Sadly, the last on her list was impossible. "So much for Valentine's Day…" she said to herself bitterly.
Andie sighed as she remembered just a week ago she had been wrapped in her husband's arms and thought today would be perfect….


"Baby, I got some bad news this morning." Hector began cautiously. He looked down to his wife as she lay half on top of him, her hair fanned out across her pillow as he played with the tresses gently.

"Yeah? What's wrong?" Andie glanced up from her fingers which were tracing the muscular lines of his bare chest.

"Umm…you know the trip to London I will be taking in two days?" he asked slowly not wanting to ruin this moment of pure bliss. He and she rarely ever got a night to themselves without some type of interruption.

"I vaguely remember." She stated sarcastically. She was making this conversation difficultly hard to continue as she slowly kissed his neck and collarbone.

Hector groaned inwardly and just decided to get it over with, "Well I might have to stay a little longer than expected." he rushed out.

"What?" Andromache sat up quickly taking the sheet with her, "How much longer?" she quirked an eyebrow questioningly.

"Well…" Hector grimaced.

"Hector.." she warned.

He pushed himself up, with his back propped up against their headboard, "About three or four more days. I'm so sorry, baby." he quickly apologized.

A look of sheer disappointment crossed her delicate features. Her shoulders slumped, her gaze went to the balcony of their room, anywhere but on his face. "But then, does that mean you won't be home for Valentine's day?" her eyes never meeting his.

Hectors apologetic face was all the confirmation Andromache needed. With a nod of her head and a sigh, she shifted as if to move away from Hector and off their bed. He grabbed her shoulders softly, forcing her to look at him. "I swear I will make it up to you, Andie." His hands moved to the sides of neck trying to catch her brown eyes. "I promise."

"In an failing attempt not to sound girly or cliché, it won't be the same…" Andie stated sadly, resting her hands over his. "I was really looking forward to just the two of us on our first Valentine's day as a married couple." she looked down, tears blurring her eyes.

"I know, me too." Hector started, "I'm really sorry. I wish I could blow off this incredibly stupid meeting and stay here with you, believe me I don't want to wake up without you beside me for a week." he finished sweetly and gave her a soft kiss.

Andromache closed her eyes and laid her forehead against his. "I know it isn't your fault, love, but this really sucks!"

He chuckled then stated huskily, " I know, but I guess we will just have to explore the oh-so-kinky world of phone sex!" he finished with a smirk.

"I knew I married you for your brain." Andie laughed lightly as she pushed them both back into a laying position on their bed.

"Yeah that, and my sexy body, my astounding wit, my amazing charisma.." her was cut off by her lips crashing down on his passionately. When they finally pulled away Hector felt slightly light headed and dazed.

"Among other things." Andie whispered seductively into his ear. Hector grinned as she lowered her lips to his.


Andromache smiled as she thought back on that night. And although their cell phone bills were skyrocketing, her earlier prediction had been right : it just wasn't as good as the real thing. It wasn't as good as having him with her today.

All day she had faced so many love cards, balloons, chocolate candies, and flowers she wanted to scream. It seemed Valentine cheer was everywhere around her. Every time she saw one of those 'will you be my valentine?' cards she wanted to put it right through her office paper shredder.

As she neared the front door to her and Hector's penthouse apartment, she noticed something on the threshold. Just as she was about to investigate, her cell rang and vibrated on her hip, startling her.

"Geez, what the hell!" she spoke aloud "Yeah?" she answered her phone rudely not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Well, that's no way to talk to your Valentine." Hector's husky voice came through the phone.

A visible shiver ran down her spine. By now she was outside the door to their home and she saw the offending object outside their door-a huge bouquet of opal colored roses. She smiled brightly, "Well, well, it seems I have an enormously embarrassing display of flowers outside our house. I wonder who they could be from?" she asked jokingly.

"Read the card?" Hector suggested smoothly.

Andie rolled her eyes and grinned. She picked up the card and read aloud, "One hundred times as beautiful as one hundred roses. Awe." she laughed lovingly.

"Damn that mailman is good." Hector stated sarcastically.

"It was catchy. I'm sure he used a lot of his off time to write something this deep or he found it on a pre-made card."

"Hey now! Don't knock it until you try to write one!" Hector said in good humor.

Andie put the key into the lock on their door, "what are you doing calling now anyway? I thought you were gonna call later, you know when I was in the tub…" she left the sentence hanging as she picked up the bouquet of flowers, her briefcase, and balanced the phone between her ear and shoulder.

Andie stepped through the threshold as Hector's voice said, " I wanted to…" Andie flipped on the light to the living room only to reveal a tux clad Hector holding a cell phone and standing next to a fancy dinner table and cooling bottle of champagne. "Surprise you…"

That's where I am leaving it for now, sorry. I will update really soon. I hope you enjoyed it!\