Okay, this will be a short story because I'm sick of Love right now so that might go on a temporary hiatus, It's something I'm not happy with and have no inspiration and I have all these idea's for stories in my head so I'm going to explore them!

I know that the year levels for the Students will be different, but if you really don't like it then don't read it :) but I had to do it like this otherwise I wouldn't have this story.


Chapter one: Choosing wisely is the key to any auction.

Italics: Thoughts

"I can't believe it is almost Valentines day and I have no-one to share it with." Lavender Brown shook her mass of blonde hair sadly, "Its my favourite holiday!" Lavender looked around in melancholy, the Great Hall was filled with pink, red, white and gold. Hearts, stars, tinsel, apples and streamers.

"Wow, they really went all out this year didn't they?" Hermione said dodging a flying cupid with a golden arrow. "They really are the little pests aren't they." Lavender and Ginny grinned sourly, following Hermione who almost sprinted to the Gryffindor table to begin her Breakfast, sitting across from the three were the trio of Gryffindor Chasers, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell, all of whom were seventh years and were trying to hold in their laughter from Bletchley's misfortune.

The Cupids, despite the fact that they were so adorably angelic, lived up to Hermione's description. Pests. The blonde haired juniors went around the school, shooting arrows at whomever they felt didn't show enough love for Valentines Day and whoever was shot at and hit, by an arrow, the first person that they saw was the one they fell instantly in love with, for a whole hour. Pests, the lot of them, yet they were a good source of entertainment. Especially if you weren't the one being shot at.

Lavender and Ginny sat down on either side of Hermione and looked behind the shoulders of the Chasers. There at the Slytherin table Bletchley, the Slytherin Keeper, and only Female Quidditch player on the Slytherin team was being wooed, or trying to be wooed by a fifth year Gryffindor, who tried to take her picture at every move she made.

"How on earth did Colin Creevey get hit by an arrow?" Ron Weasley asked as he sat next to Lavender, followed by Harry. The girls just shook their heads because they could not talk to save themselves they were too busy laughing at the Slytherin girls reaction to being fed croissant. Bletchley hearing the laughter jerked her head from the stupid blonde idiot pushing his way to sit next to her, to the Gryffindor table where she glared potently at the group of Gryffindors laughing at her. Trying to ignoring Angelina Johnson's face she gazed around and growled loudly, every male Slytherin around her was doing something to try and seem like he wasn't laughing.

Marcus Flint, resident Slytherin Quidditch captain and chaser, was engaged in a conversation with the sixth year Draco Malfoy about their next game, yet they were both grinning and Marcus was bending his spoon right out of place. To her right were her Girlfriends who were pouring over a witch weekly magazine holding in their laughter admirably. Terence Higgs along with seventh years, Bole and Derrick, and sixth year Montague were engaged in a game of Cherry Hockey across the table. They were all smiling. but she knew that they stole glances at her humiliation nation when she wasn't looking. Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini the two sixth years with brains the size of Africa were next to Draco Malfoy, being his best friends and all were reading their letters and smiling to themselves arrogantly, how'd she love to slap them one. Ignoring Malfoy's lackeys...Whose names she continually could not seem to remember...Crabbe and...Boyle...Doyle...Oyle? Something like that, anyway, they were not her concern, her concern was the completely gorgeous man sitting next in between Terence Higg's and Marcus Flint, straight across from her. Adrian Pucey, the man she had loved even before she even got over her love of red make-up stage. But of course, life never went well for her. Not in Quidditch, not in looks...scratch that... not in grades, not in boys. Oh! It made her want to strangle something!

"You alright there Bletchley?" The dark-haired girl in question shook her head and gazed straight into those cobalt blue eyes of Adrian's.

Adrian Pucey was a very handsome man, and indeed he knew it. Without doubt. Dark spiky hair, combined with striking blue eyes and a toned swimmers body. He had been toying, flirting, scandalising and foxing with the ladies since he was about fourteen years of age. By now, his last year at Hogwarts, at the ripe age of eighteen, or soon to be, he knew the signs. He had just been reading his morning paper as he always did, a little routine he had mastered for his Hogwarts Breakfasts. Coffee, bagels, hash browns, tomatoes, and bacon, all ready in time to eat and read his Newspaper. Unless it was the one day month he was given a ridiculously long letter from his mother, to which he added on a third, sometimes a fourth bagel, along with a juice, or another coffee, depending how tired he was.

He had been in the middle of his routine when it was quite inconveniently interrupted, by a fifth year Gryffindor, who happened to first look at Bletchley, after being hit by one of those confounded arrows, under the circumstances normally he would laugh at the Gryffindors misfortune, but he had to admit, anyone to fall under a spell and fall for Bletchley, and then continue to annoy the shit out of her, the shoe went on the other foot. He had long since finished his Newspaper, and was dying for a game of Cherry hockey, but every time he went to put his paper down the blonde haired squirt flashed his camera at Bletchley making her dazed for a few seconds from the flash, and allowing him to bring up his paper and hide his laughter, even though his paper was shaking from him trying to hold it in. Bletchley had finally a few seconds ago, thrown the camera away, and Adrian was running out of idea's, folding a corner of his paper down to look at the girl he watched her glare across at him, then grab the squirts blonde head and squeeze...tightly.

The game of Cherry Hockey had stopped and everyone around her was watching the poor Gryffindor gaze adoringly up at the 'witch of his dreams' with tears in his eyes. Sharing a glance with Terence and Marcus he folded the top of his paper and spoke his question over it, watching the brown eyed girl shake her head and gaze at him in wondrous confusion. Adrian razed a dark eyebrow, watching the girl splutter and let go of the blonde boys head before telling him to shut his 'gob' and mind his own 'bloody business.'

Adrian, ignoring the oddity of it, folded his paper together and slapped it onto the table, just in time, for Dumbledore had risen to his podium.

Dumbledore looked around at his students who quieted almost immediately after Professor McGonagall had tapped her gold rimmed glass. I ought to get that framed for her. Smiling he pushed out the million ways he could present it to her, to get on with the reason he was standing up in the first place, for he would have liked to have had another bacon and cream cheese bagel. "Good morning, and I apologise for interrupting your breakfast meal. but most of you hopefully should know that in a few days it will be Valentines day, as such, the teachers and I have decided that because it is on a Saturday we should hold some romantic events to get you in such a mood..." While the Headmaster continued talking Bletchley looked down at the tiny blonde bane of her existence and growled, romantic events my arse!

..."decided to hold an auction!" Dumbledore's voice rang out through the crowd. He had been warbling on about how cupid was a take from the Roman god of love Eros, before extending into the tiny bit about holding an auction. Seamus leaned forward into the Gryffindor posse, "what's he on about? What's being auctioned off?" Everyone shook their heads, and Ron shoved a large hunk of mashed potato into his mouth, ignoring Lavender and Hermione's look of utter disgust.

"The auction will of course depend on how well the female popularity of Hogwarts co-operate. The males will only have to show up with themselves and however much money they think they will need" Dumbledore chuckled as murmurs echoed throughout the hall.

Terence turned to Adrian and Marcus, "I like how this auction sounds..." The guys around them grinned and McGonagall tapped her glass. "A piece of parchment will be placed on the noticeboard in every house common room, ladies, if you so wish and you are in the sixth and seventh year, you shall place you name on it and write next to it which Goddess you would like to be portrayed as, you will be auctioned off to the highest bidder."

The whole room was silent. Ron choked on his potato

Clearing his throat Professor Dumbledore continued "Gentlemen, this is where you come in, you will win or as it is buy the hand of the lady for the rest of the day, ladies once you have been bought you cannot be sold, exchanged or in any way get away from you purchase, you may each pick a goddess and there cannot be more than one of each, you cannot have two of the same goddess, is that clear? The parchment will be up tomorrow morning so I suggest you get in quickly. On the morning of the Fourteenth bright and early at six o clock be here ladies for the auction starts at eight."

Adrian, Terence, Marcus and Bole all groaned simultaneously.

"This auction is for the sixth and seventh years only but all are welcome to watch. Gentlemen..."

The room shuffled for a minute and Dumbledore smiled.

"...Choose wisely."

End chapter