Chapter 11: Valentine Girlfriends.

The noise in the Great Hall was as loud as it had ever been and Dumbledore relished in his students excitement, they like the staff were waiting for the variety of odd couples to come down from their dormitories. Pansy Parkinson and Terry Boot had come down, they had set off to the Ravenclaw table immediately and Pansy seemed to be enjoying the fact that even though some of the smartest people in the school were sitting around her, they were still wary of her.

Roger Davies had entered a few moments after with a new Hufflepuff girl on his arm to which Bletchley had hexed earning the best entertainment so far, where the argument between Bletchley and Davies had panned out followed by a glare and a long passionate kiss between the two. The Hufflepuff girl, although in pain grinned at the sack of galleons hidden in her robes Davies had paid her with and hobbled off to her table while Professor McGonagall briskly walked down between the tables to stop the two who had ran out of the doors.

She stopped immediately when she reached the golden double doors as they lurched open and a bunch of Slytherin's and Gryffindors entered at the same time.

The Great Hall was silent as Terence Higgs with his arm around Alicia Spinnets waist walked in grinning, Marcus Flint followed him with Katie Bell being piggy backed, she was kissing his neck and waving at her shocked friends. Ginny and Blaise entered and sat at the Slytherin table along with the two other couples.

McGonagall shared a grimace with Snape and they both did not share the same enthusiasm that Dumbledore did at seeing these couples. McGonagall turned back towards the door and blanched at seeing Percy Weasley shaking Devlin Bole's hand.

"Thank you for taking care of Penelope, she told me she thoroughly enjoyed her evening." Percy said pompously. Bole grinned his typical devilish grin and looked right at Penelope who looked terrified. "Not a problem, Weasley, I'm glad she…enjoyed herself. Her company was lovely and I hope to do it again some time – as friends of course and not on Valentines Day." He amended. Percy nodded and started to walk away with his arm around Penelope but she stopped him and looked at Bole.

She looked straight into him, his grin had faded and he stared right back at her revealing nothing. "I would like to do it again sometime too; I'll see you around Bole." Penelope whispered quietly and walked away with Percy.

Bole grinned when she whispered and noticed that she had fiddled with her ring constantly. He knew that she knew exactly what he was talking about, all he had to do was wait. And he could do that.

He grinned at Professor McGonagall as he passed, "morning!" She stared at him and watched as shared a grin with Marcus and Terence and said a polite hello to their… Girlfriends who had raised their eyebrows at him. To which he grinned back and offered a croissant.

McGonagall turned back to the doors and almost drew out her wand. Draco Malfoy had walked through the doors at the same time as the golden trio, Hannah Abbot, Susan Bones, and Angelina Johnson. Angelina had walked past them giving McGonagall a worried look. Susan and Hannah were holding back their boys while Draco and Hermione stared each other down.

Draco gave Hermione a small smile and had then walked to the Slytherin table causing Snape to glare at him for not taking the opportunity of baiting Potter. The two boys walked their girls to their table and Hermione followed behind sadly, missing the glares that Draco's friends had given him. She stopped as a cupid flew right in front of her grinning mischievously, she scrunched up her face to await the small prick of its arrow but it never came.

Hesitantly she opened one eye and saw the cupid looking into her face. It pulled back after a moment and smiled tenderly at her before flying away and letting her continue to her table.

Theo and Lavender arrived next, his arm was wrapped around her shoulders and they were grinning crazily. They stopped at the raised eyebrow of their Transfiguration teacher and continued around her, smiling still and laughing at the clapping of the Slytherin's and Gryffindors.

Adrian Pucey came in last with the loveseat floating in front of him to which Angelina buried her head in her hands and leaned into Fred's shoulder. The rest of the school laughed.

Adrian pushed the loveseat towards Dumbledore, "thank you very much, greatly appreciated and still in mint condition!"

Dumbledore nodded, he noticed Adrian pause, Dumbledore smiled as the boy pursed his lips as he realised that something was not right.

He looked around at the Slytherin table and Gryffindor table and frowned. He marched over to where Angelina sat with Fred's arm around her shoulder. "Get you're arms off my Girlfriend."

He spoke loudly and Fred gave his long time crush a look of shock, she smiled hopelessly and stood up. Adrian picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. The crowd hooted and cheered again as Angelina buried her face into his back for the second time.

Dumbledore stood and gestured to the loveseat. Adrian grinned and waved his wand, immediately plates of food stood up from different tables levitated and followed Adrian as he walked out the door, he paused before he reached the door and the laughed crowd held their breathe, expecting his to take the loveseat with him. " Oh and Granger…", the girl looked at him shocked, Adrian looked to the Slytherin table.

"Draco would like to know if you wanted another go in the hallway."

Snape choked on his drink and McGonagall went purple. The hall burst into chatter as Adrian left and Terence, Marcus, Blaise, Bole and Theo all laughed and clapped Draco on the back. He looked shocked and stared at Granger who was ignoring the furious Harry and Ron and was looking back at him.

She stood and the Hall went silent again. Draco stood up slowly and Snape clutched his wand.

Hermione swallowed deeply, "I've got nothing better to do." She spoke dismissively and the whole room stayed silent.

McGonagall sat down on a chair at the Gryffindor table. Snape almost broke his wand and Draco smiled at her as his friends started whooping and clapping loudly. They were soon joined buy their Girlfriends.

Harry and Ron tried to stop their girls from clapping but were without luck. Hermione smiled as Draco jumped over his table and over hers. He stood in front of her and lifted her down from her standing position on the seat.

As soon as her feet touched the ground they were kissing and the rest of the school stood up and applauded.

McGonagall, Snape, Harry, Ron, Fred, and George were the only one's who weren't clapping and silently Dumbledore waved his hand.

The cupids vanished.


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