The End of Crime

Claude Speed had been thought dead for 15 years. Joey Leone had stabbed him, but he underestimated Claude's strength. Claude still had things to do in Liberty City before he could even think of moving. He had confessions for the Yakuza, he had a vendetta with the Leone Family Mafia, and the Triads. . well, he didn't really care about them. He killed Chunky Lee Chong 15 years ago as a favor to Joey Leone. He was pretty much their leader.

Claude sped around in his gold Cheetah, in St. Marks. The first place to stop was the only mafia member who still respected him. . Luigi Goterelli. He supplied Claude with armor and guns frequently, and today would be no different. "Luigi, give me four of everything you have." A Colt45, Uzi, Shotgun, AK-47, and an M16. Not bad. He carried it all to his van and threw it in the passenger seat. The first place to hit was Joey's.

He remembered the area so well: his hidden stash atop Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals, the in' Dog Food Factory, and Joey's Garage. He walked up to the slightly open door and stuck the M16 though it. He aimed. It was perfect, Joey was...doing something to Misty. He could nip them in two shots. First he went for Joey. Aim for the head. FIRE. Joey's head exploded in a burst of blood and brains. Misty squealed and tried to run but Claude got her too. A job well done. Now he had to go to Salvatore's.

A few mafia members were having a party there. He had one thing that Luigi didn't give him. . he had been saving the Rocket Launcher for something good. This was perfect. He aimed at the mansion and pulled the large trigger. The grenades were launched, and Salvatore's burst into flames in one loud explosion. He had to escape down the cliff to the Bobcat which was always parked there. The next place was Momma's Restaurante.

Toni had been good to him during his work with the mafia. . but now he hated Claude. He went into an apartment, into a high window. Toni was sitting at one of the tables, sorting out papers, greeting guests. He aimed once again. The first shot missed. Toni was alarmed! He looked around and ran. Claude fired a string of bullets until he finally nipped Toni in the head. All of the mafia leaders, besides Luigi, were killed. Now he had to go to Staunton and confess what he did to the Yakuza.

He pulled up to the pink apartments.

Claude: Asuka? I need to talk to you. Now.

Asuka: Yes?

Claude: Well, you remember when Kenji was murdered?

Asuka game him a solemn look with a dull "yes." He could see tears streaming down her face already. He couldn't do this to her, but he had to. . it was for her own good.

Claude: You know who did it?

Asuka: Yeah, Miguel, right?

Claude: No. . it wasn't Miguel.

Asuka looked surprised.

Asuka: Then who was it?

Claude: It was. . m. . me.

Asuka stumbled, her eyes widened. He could see her face getting red, he facial expressions changing like colors on Christmas lights. He pulled out a gun and held it to her.

Claude: Well, now that I told you's only the right thing to do.

Claude shot three times and it went right through Asuka's stomach. She hunched over, heaved and spat out blood, and fell down on the floor. He had killed his leader. Now there was only one more thing to do. .

Claude put the Uzi up to his temple. He closed his eyes tight, clenched his teeth, and pulled the trigger. His brain was full of bullets. His eyes widened at the pain, he kneeled over, and spat out blood. He fell, face-flat on the floor. Liberty's most powerful gang leaders were dead.