A/N: This is a trailer for my next story, Only Hope. Like, we're in the movies or something. LOL

"Only Hope"

(Mandy Moore's "Only Hope" plays in the background.)

Voice Over (that crazy guy with the deep voice who's always the same in every trailer-you know who I'm talking about): Senior year was supposed to be perfect.

Shot of Troy and Gabriella walking down the hallway arm in arm.

Shot of the whole group sitting together in a restaurant, talking and laughing.

V.O.: Nothing could go wrong.

Shot of Troy and Chad at basketball camp. Troy throws the ball and scores.

Shot of college scouts nodding and writing notes on their pads.

Chad: He shoots, he scores!

Shot of Chad and Troy roughhousing, laughing and having a good time.

V.O.: But everything can change in an instant.

Shot of Troy falling to the ground at a game, shouting and screaming in the background.

Shot of ambulance speeding down the road.

Shot of Troy unconscious in a hospital bed.

Doctor: (voice over) Troy's white cell count is abnormal. We want to biopsy (voice fades into the background as the steady beep of an EKG becomes apparent)

Shot of Troy's parents holding each other, his mother crying.

V.O.: His world will come crashing down.

Shot of Troy looking incredulously at his parents and his doctor.

Troy: (to the doctor) C-cancer?

V.O.: Now, his future is on the line.

Shot of Troy and Gabriella. Troy is holding an envelope.

Troy: It's from Duke.

Shot of Troy beginning to open the envelope.

Shot of Gabriella sliding down a wall, her head in her hands.

Gabriella: (voice-over) He's dying, right in front of me, and there's nothing I can do.

Screen fades to black, as music fades into the background.

"Only Hope"