Hello devoted parody readers! With HBP finally on DVD I have received a number of inquiries about the related parody. This is when the real work starts, so it will be a little while longer. However, I would like to remind everyone that if you would like to contribute to the parody, now is the time to do so! -SEE BOTTOM OF POST FOR RULES-


Hardcore HP fans who are not petty nit-picky people and resent being referred to as such,
Other moviegoers who are not always confused; they just don't get everything all the time,
Anti-Cuaron people,
The "I actually kind of cried when Dumbledore died even though Michael Gambon will never be Dumbledore to me" people,
The "Ronald Weasley, whose only point in the movie is for comic relief" people,
Snape Lovers Worldwide,
Every Girl In The Theater,
The "Cormac McLaggen is yummier than ice cream" people,
Robert Pattinson Fangirls
Death Eaters,
and Shippers alike,

It's finally that time again! And you are the chosen ones! The HBP Parody is currently underway. I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, more specifically the 12:02am showing, because 12:01am is so 2006!(I can't take credit for that joke, a very good friend of mine twittered that in the extra minute we had before the movie started, so kudos to Nikki!). Anyway, I thoroughly irritated all my friends with a short list of all the things I have already started thinking about for the next parody, because I know I read HBP, but apparently not the one the movie was named for. If anyone has a copy of that, please can I borrow it?! I was a little confused! But, since the movie was atrocious enough the title I've been considering for this parody is official. No, I will not tell you the name I'm thinking of! It'll ruin the surprise! Though, if anyone would like to suggest a title, I'm open to it. Well, I hope to produce just as successful a parody as the previous ones. To achieve this I call upon you (the readers), once again to contribute something you'd like to see to make this parody the best! However, before you all make a mad rush to review; there are a few rules this time around:

-Do not post a list of everything that was missing in the movie from the book, how badly a scene was butchered or the extreme change in plot. These are things I am aware of and incredibly meticulous about.

-You may post a suggestion for the title, a line/joke, a character's name for the parody or a complaint about WB, Steve Kloves, Alfonso Cuaron, David Yates, Michael Gambon, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART ONE, etc.

Please post your ideas in the review section. Your contribution is very much appreciated, although I do not guarantee that I will use all of them.

Mischief managed!