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A Project of Fate

Chapter 1: History Project.

-Ryou's POV-

Holding my hair in a ponytail I bent down to take a drink from the water fountain. I just got finished running laps in Phys. Ed so I was awfully tired, and not just from running either. The girls in the class seem to find it amusing to bother me while I'm running. 'Oh Ryou run with me!' yelled one of the girls before I put on some extra speed so I wouldn't have to run with someone so annoying. Letting my hair fall back over my shoulders, I turned to walk back to the locker room hoping to get away before the girls found me.

Today was exactly like any other day I had Phys. Ed, the other kids were rude (other then the girls that is), but wanted me on their team because I was pretty good at soccer, at least better then anyone else who was willing to even play. The teacher praised me for doing a good job along with a few of the nicer students who don't think of me as a total freak. That really didn't mean much to me though, I always tried my best and therefore, someone praised me for it. I guess I'm a little spoiled when it comes to getting attention that I never wanted in the first place.

I walked into the locker room successfully avoiding any girls on my way, some of the boys glared my way. I sighed softly as I walked to my locker and started to open my combination lock, I really should have waited to come in. I glanced around tiredly only to find a few guys still glaring at me. It's not my fault that the girls follow me around; it's not like any of them actually attracts me. I opened the locker and began to change into my school uniform. When I finished I quickly grabbed my bag and left the locker room. "Good job out there, Bakura" I heard someone say as they passed me, though I made no indication I heard them.

The rest of the day was pretty much a bore since all I really had to do was take notes and do a little bit of work. Once again I was the first one done with everything; I could tell that everyone was a bit annoyed with me when I went up to turn my work in, though I got a 'good job Mr. Bakura' from the teacher, it meant nothing to me. Greatfully the bell rang for lunch so I was able to leave.

I always ate alone of the roof at lunch, I was always lost in my own thoughts. This time though I had to worry about who my partner will be for the project we have to do in History. I sighed softly as I pictured everyone in the class.

There was Mazaki, Anzu, but she annoyed me to no end. Mouto, Yugi would be nice to be partnered with, but that was very unlikely. Being partnered with Jounouchi, Katsuya would result in me doing all of the work. I shook my head slightly at the thought of being partnered with Kaiba, Seto, I would be nervous the whole time and he would end up doing the whole thing. Kage, Bakura scares the crap out of me; I don't want to even think about being paired with him, I don't think anyone can blame me though. Nondai, Yami is pretty new still so I really don't know his work habits. Sregor, Aruel is pretty nice, but the way she acts is a little odd, maybe that's because she's not from Japan in the first place.

The bell rang startling me out of my thoughts. I looked at my unfinished lunch; I guess I got too lost in my thoughts. I gathered my things and started walking to my next class, Math. I didn't have to worry about History for another hour or so, but the project thing still bothered me.

Math passed a lot faster then I would have liked. I sighed once again and gathered my things then went to History. I was one of the first to enter the class, except for Kaiba who was always there before anyone else. I sat down at my seat and waited for the rest of the class filed in. I tried my best to keep clam, but the nervousness clearly showed though. The class room was full when the teacher arrived.

-Normal POV-

The teacher, Ms. Shimaia, over looked the class until it was quiet enough for her to speak "Good afternoon, Class" she said and received an echo of 'good afternoon Ms. Shimaia' a smile formed on her full red lips. "Today I will be assigning partners for the project that will take up the next two weeks." she got a few groans from the class, but continued despite that "once you are assigned a partner you two must agree on a county then write a report that is no less then 5 pages long," this also received groans "and make a small model of a monument or a famous landmark." Ms. Shimaia finished.

She picked up a paper and began to read off the partners slowly "Mr. Jounouchi and Mr. Kaiba."

"You gotta be kiddn' me!" Jounouchi yelled cutting the teacher off "I can't be paired with Kaiba!" he stood up abruptly and looked as if he were going to attack the teacher.

Ms. Shimaia didn't seem intimidated in the least "Mr. Jounouchi, I think that it would be good for your grade. Besides, I already had the list made. Have a seat." She left no room for argument as he lifted the paper once again.

Jounouchi sat back down muttering under his breath, sending a glare Ryou's way after hearing him giggle.

The teacher continued to read on "Mr. Mouto and Mr. Nondai" she paused a moment, but got no real reaction to that. She continued on with list slowly not getting anymore trouble from any of her students.

Ryou waited for his name to be called it was looking slimmer and slimmer that he was going to be paired with anyone who is actually nice to him. "Mr. Bakura" he turned his attention to the teacher when he heard her call his name "and Mr. Kage." Ryou took on a look of shock as he turned his head to look at the person who almost mirrored his image.

"You may now get with your partners to discuss the project." Ms. Shimaia said softly.

Everyone got up noisily and sat next to the person they were paired with, some more noisily then others.

Ryou sunk slowly in his seat as Kage walked up to him and sat down, not really appearing to care.

-Bakura's POV-

I watched Ryou sink into his seat, I know it's rude to call someone you don't really know by their first name, but it would be really weird to address him by 'Bakura' considering it's my first name. I don't really care anyway. By looking at the other I knew that this wasn't going to be any different then the other projects I've done.

"W-what are we going to d-do?" I looked to Ryou for a moment, was he really that scared of me? Good.

"I think," I started making sure my voice was as cold as ice "we should do Egypt" Ryou shivered slightly as I watched him with a cold gaze, he'll be no different then anyone else I've worked with, I'm sure. He'll give me my half of the work then not see me other then at school to make sure I did it right. All these people are the same.

"E-Egypt? Great!" Ryou stuttered, but he seemed to look a little braver when he sat up and took out a piece of paper. He also seemed very happy about that fact I chose Egypt. Here it comes 'here's your half of the project, I'll see you Friday to see if you did it right' I waited, but that never came.

I curiously looked at the piece of paper and was surprised to see him writing an address, his address. Before he could look at me, I adverted my eyes then I hid my curiosity with my normal mask the indifference, I glanced at him for a moment and he smiled at me…smiled at me.

Ryou spoke again, but this time he didn't stutter, though he did sound a bit nervous still "This is my home address," he said as he pushed the paper in front of me "Do you think you could come over after school so we can start?" he asked softly.

"You want me to come over?" I asked coldly. He really wants me to come over? I made sure to not show anything other then the cold expression I used as my mask. Was this guy for real? Did he not know what I'm known for? What I'm capable of?

"I...was hoping we could work on this project together, that way we can tell each other if anything is wrong with what we're doing." His voice sounded more confident then it was before. Maybe he wasn't too scared of me after all.

I wasn't sure of what to say as an answer "Alright" I said in the same cold tone of voice I held with everyone. He just smiled again and sat silently seeming to wait for me to continue with my answer. "At what time do you want me to come over?" I asked as I stared at him.

Ryou grinned "As soon as you can I guess…My father is out on a business trip so he won't be home for a while." Why was he telling me this? Maybe he was saying that no one will bother us while we're doing the project. I continued to stare at him; my expression didn't change until he spoke again "I have all of the materials at my house all ready…so we can do it there." I rose an eyebrow slightly, was he saying he didn't want to come over to my house? I mentally shook my head; of course he wouldn't want to come over.

"That's fine; I'll just come over after I drop my stuff off at my house." It was then that the sudden urge to smile overcame me. I fought it of course. I wasn't going to smile after only talking to Ryou for a few minutes. It was then I noticed something.

I never really just looked at Ryou; he looks a lot like I do. It's a little strange. The only difference is that he appears nice and easier to talk to. Just the way his emerald green eyes sparkled with innocence and my own brown eyes seem tainted showed a difference between us. It also seemed that our hair was the exact same, only he had better luck taming it then I did. I guess that I look like a more tainted Ryou. I sighed softly as I looked at his home address.

"You live just down the street from me" I mumbled aloud, I really didn't know I did until Ryou looked at me with those curious emerald eyes.

"I do?" he asked then smiled again "Maybe we can walk home together then" he said then looked thoughtful for a moment "Oh…wait…I have to go to the store before I go home…I'm out of food." Ryou shook his head then laid his head on his desk "Nevermind…sorry"

I folded the piece of paper and put it carefully in my pocket. "It's alright" I said calmly. I knew that it was hard to live alone…wait…alone? "Wait…where's your mother?" I asked quietly so no one else in the class could hear.

Ryou looked up at me sadly, but didn't lift his head from the desk "She died when I was younger…" I frowned slightly, he looked so sad. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad hanging around him.

"Would you like for me to come with you?" I asked. What the hell am I doing? Am I out of my mind or something?

"That's alright. It should only take a little while anyway…" Ryou said softly declining my offer kindly. He really was a strange one.

"I'll just come over after I eat something then" I said as I began to pack up my things. The bell was going to ring in a few minutes. Ryou saw what I was doing and he too began to pack his things.

When I finished I looked at Ryou and he smiled at me again "alright" he replied softly again. His voice was soothing to listen to.

It was then I noticed that I was being nice to Ryou. That was strange as it was, but what was worse is that I didn't want to be mean to this lonely angel.

-Normal POV-

The bell rang signaling the end of classes for the day. Both Ryou and Bakura left the class room together. It wasn't too odd to see two people from the same class walked out of the building together, but it was odd to see Bakura walking with anyone. The two white haired boys stopped in front of the exit.

"I'll see you later then" Ryou then waved his good-bye and went off to the store, leaving Bakura alone with his thoughts.

This Ryou Bakura is a very interesting fellow Bakura thought as he walked home slowly it's also very interesting that his last name is the same as my first. He thought this very odd indeed, but that didn't distract him very long. Why is it that I don't want to be unkind to this guy? Maybe it's because he looks like me? No…that's not it…Why is it? Augh! He held his head in his hands and then shook his head wildly, this was driving him crazy!

Before Bakura knew it he was standing on his door step, he paused for a moment to look up at the plain white door. He sighed softly before he took his keys out and unlocked the door. He entered the empty house and closed the door behind him. He slowly walked into the living room and put his backpack down. "I think I'll just make a sandwich then leave…" he said to no one at all.

His parents were never home. His mother was always out drinking and never comes home and his father was on a 'business trip' and won't be back for a while. Bakura knew what was really going on; he knew his parents were having affaires with other people. They think their doing such a good job hiding it from him, but he found out a long time ago.

Bakura sighed softly as he made his sandwich Maybe I'm interested in Ryou? He thought as he took a bite of his finished sandwich and walked into the other room Damn it! I wish I knew what it was! He plopped down onto the couch and continued to think Hmmm...I really don't know that much about him...Maybe when I learn more...I'll know why I'm being so damn nice to him. Bakura knew that it wasn't normal for him to be nice to someone else, but this time he just couldn't help it.

Bakura finished his sandwich as he stood and walked down the hall to his room. He began to dig for something. He smirked slightly when he found what he was looking for; he left his room and put the idem in his backpack then slung it over his shoulder. "Now to go to Ryou's..." He said aloud to no one as he walked out the door locking it behind him, then began walking to his partners house.


It didn't take long at all for Ryou to finish his shopping. He even bought some snacks for himself and Bakura, just in case they get hungry while their doing the project. He smiled to himself while he walked home with the grocery bags in his arms. I thought Kage was mean to everyone; he was just fine around me. He smiled softly at the idea of someone actually not being annoyed with him because he's smart.

The white haired boy shivered slightly, Bakura still creeps him out…a lot, but Ryou figured that if he could ignore the cold look in Bakura's eyes, his rude mannerisms, and the fact that he's a lot stronger then himself. Ryou would be just fine with Bakura around.

Well at least that's what Ryou thought. He stopped in front of his house when he saw Bakura standing there waiting. He walked to the front door and stood next to Bakura and stared at him for a moment.

"Uh….Hi" Ryou said with a small smile on his lips.

"Do…you need any help?" Bakura asked as he offered to take some of the bags away from Ryou.

"Sure!" Ryou gave up some of the bags to Bakura with a grin on his face.

Bakura waited for the other to unlock the door and usher him in, when they entered he looked around the house a look of awe on his face.

It looked like an old English home with beautiful mahogany furniture and china in the cabinets. The main hall leading to the living room was hard wood, but in the middle of the floor was a carpet with the design of an Egyptian pyramid. Ryou led Bakura up the stairs and into his room, this made the taller of the two gasp. Even though it looked like a pretty normal room, there were pictures of Egypt and his father. This alone surprised Bakura. So that was why Ryou was so happy about him wanting to do Egypt.

Bakura sat down on Ryou's queen size bed; he couldn't help but wonder why Ryou's bed was so big.

"So..." Ryou's voice cut though his thoughts "Let's start that project then..." he walked over to his shelve and took out several books. He just tossed them onto the bed, there were about ten books on the bed when he finished.

It was then Bakura decided to take the idem out of his backpack and show it to him. It was a very old book about the Egyptian gods; half of it was still in Hieroglyphs. His eyes lit up at the sight of it "Wow...I've never seen that book before..." he paused to pick it up gently "And it looks so old too."

"It is...I'm not sure how long my family's had it" He tapped the cover slightly with his index finger "This thing has brought me good luck, at least...That's what I would like to think." Bakura smirked slightly, still not willing to smile in front of someone he met only a few hours ago.

After talking for a little longer they started the project, Ryou searched though six books and Bakura searched though five. They lost track of time and it grew dark quickly. Bakura looked out the window and cursed under his breath.

"I have to get home now..." he said as he stood and put on his backpack "Do you want me to come over early tomorrow?" Bakura asked.

Ryou stood as well and looked up at the other "That would be great..." he paused for a moment "Uh...Kage?" he looked down for a moment then back up at Bakura.

"Bakura" he corrected then gestured for Ryou to continue.

"Bakura then..." Ryou smiled "Would you uh...be my friend?" he asked.

"You want me to be your friend?" Bakura asked trying his hardest not to sound surprised at the question. Ryou nodded slowly and looked slightly surprised at Bakura's reaction. This time Bakura actually smiled "Sure...I'll be your friend" he said.

Ryou grinned and then pulled the taller boy into a hug. Bakura stiffened slightly, but returned the hug after a minute of standing there. They stood there for a while before Bakura pulled away slowly "I really need to get home" he said before he turned and left the room. Ryou followed him to the front door and stood there to see the other off "I'll see you tomorrow then Ryou!" Bakura called before he left the house and began to walk home.

Ryou watched until he couldn't see Bakura anymore, he must live around the corner...but that's still down the street he thought as he closed the front door and locked it.

He went up stairs and started to clean up. Ryou put the last book away before he looked back at his bed; he smiled softly as he looked at the small stack of papers that had Bakura's writing on it. He picked them up and went to move them to his desk, but stopped when he saw a book still laying on his bed. "Oh...Ka-Bakura left his book here" he lifted that as well and placed it on his desk next to his papers.

It's strange...Bakura seemed to be so mean to everyone else, that's why I stayed away from him before. But...now it seems that he's nice and not mean after all. A small smile appeared on his lips as he thought about it maybe he's not so creepy after all.

With those thoughts on his mind Ryou went to sleep.

--End of Chapter 1—

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