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A Project of Fate

Chapter 5: Darkness Brought to Light

-Ryou's POV-

Three days. I've been here for three days and Bakura has yet to come for me. I know he'll come, I just can't help the slight doubt that keeps creeping into my mind as each hour passes. I wish that this would all hurry up and be over.

It's not that I'm being treated terribly or anything. Actually, I'm being treated quite well for someone chained and confined to one room at all times. Every now and then I would hear Anzu arguing with Etaf, but usually nothing more then that outside this room. He comes in to give me meals and sometimes he even will stay and keep me company. I've found that Etaf isn't really that bad, even if he kidnaped me. Even now, thinking about it only causes me to be curious about what he's really trying to accomplish doing this.

I somehow get the feeling that he knows Bakura. The way he talks about him when he would come up in the conversation. It was like someone talking about an old friend or even family. Every time I asked about it, he would either excuse himself and leave, or change the subject. I found that I was becoming increasingly annoyed with his 'You'll find out soon' answers, so I just stopped asking all together.

As I stare up at the plain white ceiling I could feel the increasing sense of boredom seeping into my less then occupied mind. The normally silent ticking of the near by clock echoed in the sparce room, grating slightly on my nerves. Couldn't he give me a book or something? With a soft sigh I allowed my thoughts to wonder once again to Bakura.

The way that, no matter how angry or annoyed he got with me, he allowed me to explain myself before something bad happened between us. The way he not so subtly flirted with me whenever we were together regardless of where we were. It's amazing to think that it has only been a little over two weeks since we've become friends.

That's not what I want.

I'm must be selfish for even thinking about it.

I want more. More of Bakura.

"Ryou?" I jumped slightly, startled out of my thoughts. It's Etaf.

I sit up and allow my gaze to fall on the handsome Egyptian boy that I've grown used to seeing for the past few days.

"I brought something to eat," he said as he entered the room carrying a tray that had a plate full of food sitting atop of it. I could almost feel my mouth watering at the sight, I wasn't even aware I was hungry until I caught sight of the delicious looking meal.

"Thank you." I replied politely as he set the tray on the nightstand beside where I sat on the bed.

It was just a simple sandwich with some chips on the side, but after not eating for most of the day it was mouthwatering. As I began eating, I felt the bed give in slightly to his weight as he sat near the foot of the bed. This was something that happened often.

"He's coming today," Etaf began as if to start a conversation, I froze in mid bite, "Anzu did what I excepted her to, and was fooled into giving away where you are." The beautiful teen shook his head mockingly "The girl came crying to me telling me of how terrible Bakura and his friend were," he snorted disdainfully, now obviously not caring if I was listening or not. I found it sort of amusing to listen to his rants about Anzu. "Oh how I wish he would have just taken care of her there, even Marik doing it would have been fine. It would save me a hell of a lot of trouble."

At hearing that name, I paused in the middle of another bite, this time in thought.

I've heard Bakura mention that name before, but I honestly didn't pay too much attention to it. It was only natural to accept his friends without a second thought. Now that I actually think about it, he said that before I came around, there was only Marik. It was a curious thing.

"Are you sure?" I heard myself asking him, I wasn't even sure why I had asked, when I knew the answer.

"Yes." Etaf answered with a small smile, "You'll also find out that there is much more to this then meets the eye."

I tilted my head slightly as I attempted to figure out what he meant. Finally, he spoke again, this time in a lower voice, almost as if he didn't want anyone to over hear the words.

"There is something far darker then I at work here," he said, his strange crimson gaze trained on me. I felt that if I moved, something in me would shatter into a million pieces, destroyed beyond repair. It was an odd feeling. "My ultimate goal," he began again, startling me out of my musings, "is to protect the two of you."

I was so shocked by his words that I dropped the remainder of my sandwich onto the plate so that I wouldn't drop it onto the plush carpeting.

I couldn't stop myself from speaking.

"You sure have an interesting way of going about that." I stated crossing my arms over my chest.

"I'll explain it in more detail when Bakura arrives," Etaf said, seeming to brush away my comment.

I found that I was no longer hungry as I allowed his words to seep in. It shouldn't have bothered me as much as it did at that moment. It was as if he knew much more about the situation then he was willing to explain even to Bakura.

Abruptly, he stood and left the room, closing the door gently behind him. I couldn't help but wonder why he was acting so odd.

'Something much darker at work here', what did he mean by that? Shaking my head I scooted down on the bed so that I could lie down comfortably. I guess I'll find out when Bakura arrives...if he arrives.

-Bakura's POV-

"So...We're just going to barge in and get Ryou?" Marik asked staring up at the building that my angel resided in. Now that I heard him say it aloud, it sounded kinda...reckless. I sighed softly and shook my head.

"We have to come up with a plan" I replied easily as I crossed my arms over my chest. Marik had made a point of calming me down before we came here, knowing that if I was still angry I would end up doing more harm then good. Besides, I didn't want Ryou seeing me like that.

I turned to look at Marik curiously, silently willing him to tell me if he had a plan. "Etaf is involved," he began seriously, "so we can assume that something is very wrong. He doesn't bother with us unless we're in mortal danger."

Nodding in agreement, I sighed lightly, "At least we know that Ryou is safe. Etaf would never do anything to invoke my wrath completely, he just likes to piss me off."

Marik laughed before shaking his head lightly. "You'd think that he knew better by now." He stated before leaning against the wall.

Honestly, I can't understand why we don't just go in, we don't really need a plan and I just wanna know what the hell is going on. After a few minutes I grabbed Marik's wrist and began dragging him across the street.

"We know it's not going to be dangerous, just annoying as hell. Obviously he just wanted our attention," I said, "he could have just approached me instead of doing this the hard way." I muttered annoyed.

Marik laughed as he merely allowed me to drag him across the street and to the building, "You know that he just loves to piss you off, and I bet that he thinks it's more fun this way."

"I wouldn't doubt it."

Without any hesitation, I kicked the door open and pulled the blond in after me ignoring him as he claimed that kicking the door wasn't needed.

"ETAF! WHERE IS RYOU?!" I screamed as soon as we got into what looked like the entrance hall of the old house. What followed was complete silence, that is until I heard a light laugh from somewhere upstairs.

"Always straight to the point, where's my 'Hello, how are you?'" He called from the top of the stairs, a wild smile on his lips. "I knew that you would be here today, Ryou was convinced that you weren't going to come," he said, I could tell that he was happy that he proved my angel wrong, though this angered me a bit.

"Where is he?" I demanded, struggling to remain calm, my hold on Marik's wrist tightening. He said nothing about it though, as he too was watching the black haired youth closely.

Suddenly, all I wanted to know was why the hell he did all of this and why he had to drag Ryou into something that he wasn't involved with.

"I guess you're wondering why I did this," Etaf began as he descended the stairs, my eyes followed him, waiting for him to continue, "at first, it was only because I wanted to annoy you as well as get you to come to me, but..." he trailed off as he turned his gaze away from us. This annoyed me more the seeing him did.

"But...?" I pressed with my teeth clenched.

"But I found something...disturbing," he paused for a moment, looking me in the eye. The sudden seriousness of the situation weighing down on my mind as I waited for him to continue once again, "about Ryou."

Immediately it felt as if the bottom dropped out of my stomach. I knew that Etaf wouldn't joke around about something like this. "...what do you mean?" I asked hesitantly, suddenly afraid to know. I felt Marik wrap his arms around my waist in a comforting gesture, I was honestly greatful for this action.

Etaf watched us for a moment, a small from on his lips, "There is something...dark trying to take over Ryou's soul. He doesn't seem to realize anything is wrong, but there is an evil being trying to influence his thoughts. If nothing is done, Ryou will be forever changed for the worse... He'll probably kill you, this evil thing sees you as a threat."

I stared at the dark haired male for a long while letting the words sink in before I dared speak, "How...how do we keep this from happening?" I asked.

Crimson eyes stared into my brown, his expression softening just slightly at my question, "That is why I have called you here," he began calmly, now standing in front of me, "you need to protect him. Let him know that you will always be there for him, don't allow him to doubt your actions or thoughts, because every time he doubts you, or thinks that you don't care...the thing inside him grows and something in Ryou will change."

"Will I be able to do anything to help?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Marik spoke, I had forgotten he was here with me.

"Befriend him, right now he needs all the care he can get. Loneliness will be the death of the Ryou you know, Bakura," Etaf warned before turning and heading back up the stairs.

At first I wasn't sure if I should follow, the thought of Ryou being anything other then innocent disturbed me more then I will ever let on. Finally I pulled away from Marik and led him up the stairs with me, not willing to do this alone.

My mind was swarming with everything that Etaf had said and everything he warned me about. It suddenly made sense that he kidnaped Ryou, he had to see what the disturbance was. It was obviously something that the black haired male didn't cause or couldn't control. This made me nervous. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more then to keep Ryou safe, the world be damned.

"Don't worry, Baku, I'll be here to help," Marik whispered to me as we reached the top of the stairs. I felt a small smile form on my lips at the words, the blond always knew what to say to make me feel better, at that moment I was glad that he was my best friend.

-Normal POV-

The two paused at the top of the stairs as Bakura collected his thoughts, Marik waiting patiently for his white haired friend to lead the way. Etaf had already entered the room at the end of the hall, where they assumed Ryou was being held. Bakura took another calming breath before he made his way down the hall, his grip on Marik's wrist tightening slightly. The blond was confused as to why his friend was even nervous about seeing Ryou again, even after what Etaf had told them. As far as they knew, Ryou was still Ryou, and he will stay that way of they had anything to say about it.

About half way down the hall, Marik decided to speak, "There is no reason for you to be nervous," he began in a soft voice, "he hasn't changed yet and I'm sure that he's anxious to see you."

Bakura glanced at him for a moment before nodding, the nervousness draining away from his expression as he sped his pace.

"Bakura's really here?!" he heard Ryou exclaim from the room, followed by the sound of chains jingling.

The white haired male felt his anger rise as he thought of Ryou being chained up, unable to move as he pleased. With a light growl, he paused in the doorway, his dark gaze falling upon his chained angel.

Ryou looked well enough, he didn't seem under-fed or hurt in any way, and his skin was the same lovely shade it was last time Bakura had seen him. All in all, Ryou seemed perfectly healthy. Bakura smiled lightly when those beautiful emerald orbs widened in delight as they focused on him.

"Bakura!" He cried happily as he jumped from the bed and nearly dove towards his beloved, but just as he reached the doorway, Ryou crashed to the ground, the chains having heald him back. The brown eyed youth was immediately kneeling beside the fallen male, before long, he had his arms around him, holding him close.

"Take off the chains." Bakura ordered coldly as he turned his gaze to the black haired teen still seated on the bed.

Etaf remained seated, a small smirk forming on his lips, "Are you really in the position to be giving me orders?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Bakura's eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"Don't you think you've done enough?" Marik asked, finally speaking up.

Ryou jumped slightly when the blond spoke, he didn't notice him there when Bakura had first entered the room.

"Oh, you know that I can't resist annoying Bakura," Etaf replied with a grin as he got to his feet, a key in hand.

"Yeah, one of these days you'll regret that hobby." Bakura nearly growled before turning back to Ryou in his arms. "We'll get outta here as soon as we can."

Ryou's expression turned to one of slight irritation at Bakura's comment, "No, we're not going anywhere until I know what's going on here."

Bakura stared at Ryou with a slightly shocked expression on his face. He hadn't expected the outburst much less the other refusing to leave once he was free. Then again, he couldn't blame him at all for his annoyance. The dark eyed teen would be pissed in he were being kept away from Ryou against his will with no explanation what so ever.

Etaf merely nodded as he approached the two white haired teens, "I figured that you wouldn't want to go anywhere until you knew why I brought you here in the first place," he said as he kneeled down and unlocked the shackles, removing them from Ryou's wrists and ankles, "the reason I brought you here and why Bakura came, is because you are both in some serious danger," he continued calmly, the chains falling to the floor as Etaf's strange crimson gaze focused on the smaller of the two, "it is important for you to ignore any sort of voices you might hear in your mind that is not your own."

Ryou stared at the Egyptian in confusion before he shook his head, "How would you know?" he asked, his eyes narrowing just slightly.

The black haired teen sat beside them on the floor, "Because I'm the one who got you two together," he answered easily.

"Wait a second, you are the one who told Ms. Shimaia to make us partners?" Ryou asked, the annoyance in his voice draining away as the conversation wore on.

"Well...no, I didn't say anything to your teacher."

"Then how are you the one that got us together?" The emerald eyed male asked, still confused.

"Because, he's the controller of destiny," Marik stated bluntly, obviously getting tired of all this beating around the bush, "now will you just on with it?" he nearly growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Controller of destiny?" Ryou repeated quietly to himself before his eyes widened in shock, "You're fate?!" He cried before turning to Bakura for conformation, only to see him nodding, the irritation obvious in his expression.

"The one and only," Etaf replied with a small grin.

"And why did you kidnap me?"

His expression turning serious, the black haired teen allowed his gaze to fall onto each of them before focusing on Ryou, "There are things in this world that even I can not control. As it is, there is a darkness... well more of an evil, trying to shadow you're soul, Ryou."

Ryou looked startled for a moment before he nodded in agreement, that would explain that voice in one of his dreams...at least... The white haired teen turned his gaze to Etaf, deciding to ask about it, "I had this dream about a week ago...it still unnerves me to think about it..." he trailed off, not sure if he wanted to explain it in front of Bakura.

Etaf nodded, obviously knowing what Ryou was talking about, "You have to ignore it," he said seriously, "if not, you could do something that you'll regret."

Emerald pools filled with understanding before he turned his gaze away from Etaf so that he could rest his head on Bakura's chest.

Silence followed as the threat filled the air, everyone in the room knew that it was true. That last thing Ryou wanted to do was hurt Bakura and he was going to do all he could to keep from doing so.

"About Anzu," Ryou began, his voice back to normal as he turned to Etaf, "you just used her so that Bakura will want to kill her, right?"

Crimson eyes danced with amusement at the question, "More so that he would have a reason to kill her."

For some reason, the answer caused the white haired teen to laugh softly, cause Bakura to growl for just a moment, though it appeared more as if he were waiting for permission to do so. Finally, Ryou turned to his beloved with a wide grin on his lips, "Just don't get caught." He ordered lightly.

Bakura and Marik's expression brightened at the approval before the brown eyed teen stood, lifting Ryou with him. Once they were all on their feet again, the smaller white haired youth turned to Etaf once again, "I suppose there are no hard feelings," he said, tilting his head to the side.

"Definitely not any on my part," he replied before smiling almost mockingly at the larger of the two, "anyway, if something seems wrong, I'll be here. Also," Etaf paused and crossed his arms over his chest again, "it would be the best of interest to remain together as much as possible."

Both Bakura and Ryou nodded in understanding before the taller of the two began leading them all from the room and down the hall, leaving the Egyptian behind.

Etaf sighed softly as he watched them, he knew that this was going to be just the beginning, no matter how much he wished that Ryou wasn't involved with this. He was such an innocent boy, it was almost painful for the dark haired teen to tell him what he did.

Well, there was no helping it. The next moment, the room was empty.

Marik's lavender gaze remained on the back of Ryou's head as they left the building, he knew that Bakura was in love with this boy, but he had no idea how Ryou felt about his friend. That bothered him somewhat. He decided that as soon as he was able to get the boy alone, he would ask.

But for now, they had a revenge to plan.

"How would you like to go about torturing Anzu?" the blond asked calmly, acting as if this were a normal conversation that went between the two of them, and Ryou didn't doubt that one bit.

"She already doesn't like you," Bakura stated grinning as he turned to look at Marik, "so you have to be involved."

"Of course," he replied mirroring his friend's grin, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

At this point, Ryou was somewhat confused on what they were talking about, "...What did I miss?" he asked hesitantly as he glanced from one to the other.

"Well," Bakura began with a small smirk, "Marik here pretended to be my lover to get some information out of Anzu," he explained, "and in the process made her hate him."

Ryou nodded lightly, though he couldn't help feeling just a little bit jealous of the blond for being close enough to Bakura to be able to pull off such a thing. Somehow though, he knew that Marik wasn't a threat... if you could call anyone that.

"So...Can I help?"

Both Marik and Bakura turned to look at the smaller male in surprise before a wild grin formed on both their lips. "Of course you can," Bakura replied as he took his angel's hand gently into his own.

Ryou appeared startled for a moment before he grasped Bakura's hand in return, a soft flush coloring his pale cheeks. The jealousy immediately drained from his mind as he merely took in the warmth of his beloved's hand. He really couldn't feel threatened when Bakura was holding his hand and Marik was walking beside him.

"So, how are we gonna do this?" Ryou asked curiously.

"I'm thinking that we should torture her mentally before harming her," Bakura mused thoughtfully, "we could rub it in her face that I got you back and have Marik."

Ryou nodded thoughtfully before grinning, "That sounds like it would be amusing."

Marik put an arm around Ryou's shoulder with a grin on his face, "Oh, it'll be fun all right," he stated.

The action surprised Ryou for a moment before he decided that if Marik was Bakura's friend, then he might as well become friends with him as well.

"We start tomorrow then?" He asked as the other two nodded in agreement.

Oh this was going to be fun.

-End Chapter Five-