The first rays of light hit Jack's face as he inhaled deeply; the scent of vanilla invading his senses as he felt the body at his side stretch.

He instinctively pulled the body closer to him and received a giggle from the other person. His eyes opened slightly and he found himself yet again lost in the beautiful blue eyes of his wife.

Animaria kissed his cheek and cradled his head in her left hand; her ring shining in the light. Almost every morning for the past year had been like this, with the exception of Ani getting up at the crack of dawn to go for a run or to work on her latest experiment.

Jack leaned down and kissed her lips hotly. "Good morning Mrs. Landors," he said as he wrapped both arms around her.

Ani smiled. "It is now," she said as she kissed him. The innocent kiss soon turned passionate, but just as they were about to escalate it, Jack's morpher began beeping.

Groaning, Jack grabbed his and opened it. "Landors here," he said.

"Jack, we need you to Command as soon as possible," Cruger said.

Jack closed the device and groaned, pulling her on top of his chest. It was times like this that he wished he was rid of SPD. All the thoughts he had months ago when he has considered leaving were starting to come back. He wanted to help people, but then there was Ani…

"That sounded important," she said as she settled herself. Jack kissed her temple and hugged her tightly before rising to dress.

Even after a year of service, all six members of B-Squad were still on active duty, though minor events and disturbances went to C-Squad.

Ani sat up, holding the bed sheet against her naked body, grinning as she watched her husband walk around the room looking for his various items for the day.

"What are you up to today?" he asked as he sat on the bed, lacing up his boots. Ani grinned and wrapped her arms around him from behind, gently kissing his neck.

"Syd and I are going over some tests on the new computer upgrades on the zords," she said as she kissed his earlobe. She suddenly stopped her sweet torture and sat up.

Jack turned and saw the odd look on her face.

"What is it?"

"Something's wrong," Ani said as she sat back a little. "I can feel it… Sky's nervous."

Jack zipped his jacket and knew that if she could feel what her twin was feeling, then something was definitely wrong. After a few more minutes, Jack walked down the hallways of the newly built SPD apartments into the Command Center.

As always, Cruger was there with Kat. Sky appeared a moment later, followed by Bridge.

Commander Cruger looked at his gathered squad and saw that the Green Ranger looked more frazzled then usual. "Everything alright Carson?" Cruger asked.

Bridge stiffened a bit. "It's uh… it's Z Sir… she's not feeling well," Bridge said. "She's been sick for a few days."

Bridge and Z had been married for a little over a year now, having their wedding a few months before Ani and Jack. Sydney and Sky had been married for almost 2 years, and they were all happy as could be expected.

Cruger sighed. "Make sure she gets to the infirmary by the end of the day," he said gently. Bridge nodded his thanks.

"Commander? What's going on?" Sky asked at last.

Kat pulled up a hologram on the center console.

A human-like figure came on the screen, along with several crimes he had committed.

"His name is Jervix" Cruger said after a pause. "One of the most notorious thieves in the universe; wanted on three counts of aggravated assault and grand theft. He recently escaped a satellite prison and we believe that he's heading here."

"What's he after?" Jack asked.

Cruger pulled up another screen that showed an elderly man working diligently over a Bunsen burner. "A new explosive substance being developed here in New Tech. I want you three to go after him immediately. The sooner he's intercepted, the better."

"When would we be leaving?" Bridge asked.

"Tomorrow morning, 05:00."

They saluted and headed down the corridors.

"What's wrong with Z?" Jack asked as they reached Bridge and Z's apartment. The door opened and they all saw Z sitting in the living room.

"Uh," Bridge stumbled. "Well… you see…"

"I'm pregnant you moron," Z said to Jack. Jack stopped dead in his tracks and Sky could have sworn he saw a death glare going from the red to green ranger. Bridge went and sat next to his wife, placing an arm around her.

"Yeah," he said. "That's what I was going to tell you guys."

Sky walked over and patted Bridge on the back. Jack was still in a bit of shock.

"Well? Aren't you going to say anything?" Z prodded as Jack slowly made his way towards his 'sister.'

There was a knock on the door and Syd and Ani walked in. Ani looked at Jack and knew that something was happening.

"What's going on?" Syd said immediately as she saw the happy faces on everyone but Jack. Z rose and Bridge held her hand.

"I'm pregnant."

There was a small squeak from Syd as she nearly dove at her former roommate.

"That's so great! When are you due? What is it?" Syd prodded excitedly. Ani sensed the nervousness coming from her brother and grinned.

"Maybe you're next," she said to him telepathically.

"You never know," he replied back with a smile. This time, both Ani and Jack were shocked. Finally, Jack snapped out of it and hugged Z.

"Congratulations," he whispered as he released her. Ani looked at her husband and placed a hand on his arm. Jack looked at her and kissed her cheek. He turned to Sky and Bridge. "I'll meet you guys in the ship bay for inventory."

With that, he was gone and the girls were confused.

"Why do you have to do inventory in the ship bay?" Z asked as she sat.

"We're being sent on a mission," Sky said. Syd and Ani turned to him questioningly. "I'm sure Cruger will brief you guys on it… but we leave tomorrow."

"Where?" Syd asked nervously.

"Not sure really. A thief named Jervix escaped from satellite prison and we think he's heading here…"

"And Cruger thinks you can intercept him?" Ani asked. Sky nodded. "I've heard of him. Actually, dealt with him when I was on KO-35… he's vicious. He tried to raid the gold depository and nearly killed one of the guards."

"Well, you seem to know more about this than we do," Bridge began. "Maybe you should go talk to Cruger."

Ani thought for a moment and nodded. "Yeah… I think I will…"

Down in the shuttle bay, Jack was going over the supplies they would need for the journey. His mind was working out what he was going to do… not only with the mission, but also with his life.

The passed years he had been at SPD had brought him so much, and yet he felt the need to get out and help those he once lived with. There were so many left homeless and orphaned after Grumm's attacks…

He had come to the conclusion that this was going to be his final mission for SPD. He knew he had to get out. The one thought that kept his mind screaming at him, was Ani. She meant the world to him and he loathed telling her of his plan.

He wasn't sure how exactly she would react to it, but deep down he hoped she would understand… and hopefully go with him.

When Z had announced she was pregnant, that had made up his mind. He hoped one day he and Ani would start a family, but he didn't want to raise his child in the halls of SPD.

He had been denied a childhood with loving parents and he refused to put his own child in the constant threat of losing him or Ani… they both had lost their parents in one form or another because of SPD…

"Jack," Cruger said as he saw Jack staring out into space. He had suspected for some time now that his Red Ranger was preparing to leave the ranks.

"Commander," Jack answered as he went back to checking his list. "Was there something you needed?"

"Actually yes… I wanted to know what your intentions are after this mission," he said frankly. "I do not doubt your loyalty to SPD or myself, however I need to know if arrangements need to be made."

"What arrangements?" Ani said as she entered the bay in search of the Commander. Jack quickly placed the data pad down.

"Arrangements for the mission," he said quickly. Cruger gave him a look that indicated that they would continue their conversation later.

Ani looked at him questioningly, but dismissed it for the time being. "I was actually looking for you Commander in regards to this mission." Cruger nodded. "Permission to speak freely?" Cruger nodded again.

"Why am I not going on this mission? With all due respect Sir, I have more intergalactic training than the others, as well as full knowledge of Jervix and his crimes. I've dealt with him before while I was on KO 35 and I see no reason why…"

"Ani, I would like you here to monitor the mission should anything go wrong. Syd, and Z will stay to assist you."

Ani looked at him in shock. "But Sir…"

Cruger interrupted her. "My orders are as follows; Jack, Sky, and Bridge go. You, Syd, and Z stay. That is all." Ani was about to protest, but Cruger sent her a glare that meant 'enough.'

Ani clicked her heals together and saluted him, a clearly pissed off and hurt expression on her face as she left.

Cruger turned to Jack. "I suggest you speak with your wife before you decide anything," he said as he retreated as well.

Jack sank onto a crate and ran his fingers through his hair…