Okay reposted and revised. Keep in mind this was my first real fanfiction. I am basically just editing grammar and spelling.

Katara felt the soreness coming on from being atop Appa for several days. She leaned back on the huge bison's saddle and looked over at the clouds floating by in fluffy bursts.

Aang turned and looked at her with his normal smile. He sent a small ball of air at her and ruffled her hair. She laughed and shook her head sitting back up to smile at him.

"Are you ok?" He ask, his voice a little hesitant. He was always one to worry about her, so odd coupled with his odd nonchalant air. She nodded and stretched her back.

"Just a little saddle sore I guess." Sokka turned and gave his sister an evil glare.

"I so do not what to hear sore from you. You get to laze back there and sleep while I do all the work. Not to mention I'm starving." Katara rolled her eyes.

"You're the one always talking about how you're the leader; you're the man of this trip." Aang sighed and looked over at Momo as the siblings started once again on each other.

"The sooner we find a town the better." Aang laughed and laid back to enjoy what he could of the sky.

Almost directly below the flying bison, a hot tempered prince stormed out onto the deck of his naval ship. His short squatty uncle right behind him offering advice in the forms of proverbs.

"NOT now Uncle!" Zuko tried to keep from shouting. He walked over to the edge of the ship and looked over the railing. Iroh swore he saw steam pour from Zuko's mouth.

"CAPTAIN!" The fiery teen screamed. The captain came running to see what had set the prince off this time. The captain glared at the youth his tolerance at a very low level at that point in time.

"Tell me why is there OIL leaking from MY SHIP!" The teen yelled flames enveloping his bawled fists. Iroh stepped between his nephew and the just as temperamental captain.

"What Prince Zuko means is ... why is there oil leaking from the ship?" Zuko shot a glare at the back of his uncle's head.

"We must have hit a subsurface rock. The ships have been needing repair since the incident in the north pole, but a certain Prince said to push on!" The captain yelled back. Lt. Jee walked up to the group skeptically, clearing his throat. He hated to get into the middle of this kind of confrontation but he knew what would happen to him if he didn't.

"What is it Lt?" Zuko snapped trying to not lose his temper completely. Lt. Jee nodded.

"There's a port four miles south of here. A small village called Puo'an." Zuko nodded disappearing back into the hull. He disappeared into his room.

"Puo'an, huh? Seems my tensions will be released after all. Not a moment too soon either."