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Aang and Haru from high in the air spotted a stack of smoke rising up from the ocean, directly off of the deck of the enemy ship that had been reported. Considering that the smoke was billowing from a Fire Nation ship, Aang didn't think much of it until Appa started flying lower and the sounds of eerily painful screams made thier way to his ears. Aang leaned over Appa's head and squinted his eyes to get a better look. All he could tell was that the barbeque was a woman and he did not like the looks of it. The woman was flailing about as much as the ropes binding her would allow. Aang's heart fell through his stomach. Katara.

"Yip yip!" He whispered to Appa and flicked the reins. The giant bison disappeared again above the clouds. Aang used his air bending combined with his water bending to create a small hole in the fluffy nimbus so that he could wait till the other womna left the ship's deck. It wasnt' but a few moments and the darker woman made her way below, leaving her girl on a stick to burn.

It was then they moved, and with silent feet Haru and Aang dropped to the deck from a hovering bison. They had to be quiet, Aang had managed to bring a pretty dense and darkening cover of clouds, but it was still daylight and they could be caught easliy.

"You tend to the girl on the pole, and I'll see if I can find everyone." The young avatar ordered calmly. Haru nodded and dropped down behind a barrel and started to make his way to the femme flambe.

Aang watched Haru disappear behind another barrel, then he turned and slinked down into the deck being careful not to bring any attention to himself. Aang stopped when he came to a small junction, the interlocking halls leading in opposite directions. Aang looked to the small lemur on his shoulder.

"Momo, you go that way and come find me if you find anyone." Aang whispered. He didn't think the lemur could understand but the small creature bonded off in the way that he was told to.

Katara watched Zuko. Really not knowing what to say. What could she say? They now knew that the child Zuko claimed as his own wasn't his, but then Zuko either refused to believe it or didn't care. She did know however, if she didn't love him before she did now. It was very rare that a man would claim a child he knew wasn't his. Katara smiled. What a man. She walked over to him and looked at the hags, who seemed to be dead. She watched them before she said anything. They were both breathing, but there eyes were close and had been throughout the thrashings. They were asleep, and being as on in their years as they were the probability of waking them was very slim.

"Is there anyway we can get out of here." Zuko didn't say anything.

"Zuko, love, listen to me. Be shocked later. We have to get out of here." Zuko looked up at her. He knew that, but he just wanted to think for a moment.

"I'm not sure. Azula isn't one to be messed with. She was always better then me, always the best." Katara frowned and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Listen to me, I fell in love with you because you never quit trying, you try so hard to get stronger." Zuko felt a warm sensation flow through his entire body. He looked at her as memories of his mother flashed through his head. She had said nearly the same thing to him , and it had always ment so much. He smiled and looked at her.

"Let's get the hell out of here."

"You aren't going anywhere." Zuko looked up to see Azula standing over them. She had slipped in without them even noticing. Katar guessed that it was because they were so caught up in the previous goings on and the moment that they had been deafened to everything else.

Zuko narrowed his eyes and pulled his son close to his shoulder. He stood up pushing Katara behind him. Azula smirked.

"Oh isn't that sweet. A child caring for a bastard child. You should do the smart thing and put it out of it's misery."

"Just like you Azula. You have no heart. How could you ever care for the people of our Nation."

"The people of our nation? I don't care about the people. I care about the power and perfection. You should know that by now Zuzu." Azula stuck her arm out in front of her and looked over her finger nails.

"So tell me are you still as bad as you used to be?" Zuko glared at her and with his free arm shot a fire ball at her. Azula easily blocked it sending the flames to either side. This created the diversion that Zuko needed. While his sister was preoccupied with the flames he and Katara took towards the exit.

Azula grinned as the smoke cleared but her brother wasn't there. She spun around with a snap.

" You little weasel!" She yelled and kicked fire out at him. Zuko smiled and pulled Katara to the side and kicked the fire right back.

"It seems that you are a little out of practice Azula."

"Hah." She snappped and started her onslaught. Zuko's eyes widened and he quickly dodged one punch after another, all the while trying to keep Riyo close to him.

Katara shook her head. She was getting very tired of this. She watched as Azula sent flames, kicks and punches in every direction. Zuko was dodging them all with great ease, something that would have normally presented itself as a rather testing task. But the fire within him to protect his child was clearly more then enough to rise above his norm.

Katara watched until Azula's back was to her. She didn't have any water around her except what the ship was sitting in. But she couldn't just go postal and capsize the ship, not with so many people she loved on it. She had an idea. By god Zuko didn't teach her how to fight for nothing. She smiled as she waited for the right moment. Just when Azula stopped a punchand started another, Zuko had caugtht the look in Katara's eye and moved quickly. Katara ran forward and drop kicked Azula from the back, causing her to land on her face with Katara in teh middle of her back.

Katara smiled and used her knees to pin down the princess's legs and her hands to pin down her arms. She had her, now what was she going to do with her.

Katara winced as she felt the girl growing extremely hot under her hands.The a thought occurred to her. Back on the ship when Zuko was teaching her alittle better self defense he had told her something she thought she would never use.

-- FlashBack --

Zuko smiled as he pinned Katara down. He stood up and put his hand out helping her up. Katara frowned and turned her back on him crossign her arms regally over her chest. Zuko shook his head and wrapped his arms aorund her from the back.

"Never turn your back on the enemy." Katara frowned even deeper.

"And why not." Zuko smiled and let her go.

"Becuase with just one little bite across the back of your neck just now and I could have paralyzed you." Katara cocked an eyebrow at him. Zuko could see the skepticism in her eyes as she glared at him.

"What is it with you and biting." Zuko looked at her. He hadn't been expecting that.

"You could use your hands or two objects to do the same thing. But most of the time your hands are preoccupied when you have this opportunity." Katara shook her head and started to walk off, but stopped and turned around to look at him.

"How is that supposed to work?"

"Easy. Do you feel these bones right here?" He ask running her hand along the back of her neck. She nodded and looked at him curiously.

Zuko turned and showed her the back of hsi neck.

"See how the bones are right there? If you apply a good amount of pressure to either side, it causes a temporary paralysis."

"Your an idiot." She said with a smile.

End ---

She stared at the back of Azula's exposed neck, all the while the princess was fighting and her body growing hotter and hotter until Katara could feel her hands burning around Azula's wrists. Now or never. Katara bent forward and bite down hard on Azula's neck her teeth falling along either side of the vertebrae. Katara locked her jaw and bit down harder. The damn girl was still squirming. But after a finalrough clamp Azula's movements completely stopped. Katara let go and leaned back staring at the princess, whoses eyes were glaring up at her in hatred. Katara looked over to Zuko who was staring at her with this completely amazed look on his face.

"Well all be damned. It actually works." Zuko said with a smile. Katara jumped up and ran over to him.

"You mean you told me something that you didn't even know whether it worked or not?" Zuko just shrugged as they started runnign towards the exit.

"You do realize you just bit the hell out of my sister's neck, right?" Katara nodded and her face contorted as she really realized what she did and she stuck her tongue out.

"Oh yuck." Zuko smiled he knew it owuld hit her sooner or later. They kept running turning corners, knocking out a gurad here or there. They were looking for Sokka and Iroh. No such luck yet. Just as Zuko stopped and peeked around the next corner he jumped almost ten feet in the air when he came face to face with someone.


"Aang!" Katara said and smiled. She looked at Zuko who shook his head and calmed himself. That was very distrubing.

"Have you seen the others?"

"No, but I'm sure Momo will find them." Aang said. The all of the sudden they heard a loud crash at the end of the hall and seen a cell door crash into the opposite side of the hall, fire pushign it all the way. Zuko smile he knew that fire anywhere.

"Uncle!" Zuko said running towards the end of the hall. Iroh stepped out carrying Sokka over his shoulder. Katara gasp as she seen Sokka, his arm was almost black and swollen twice it's normal size.

"Prince Zuko."

"Uncle what happened to Sokka!" Katara said runnign over to her brother.

"He has a broken arm and I think that it has gotten infected." Zuko grabbed Katara's arm and looked around as he her soldiers shouting.

"Fix him later. We have to get off of this ship!" He said and again with the running. Aang led the way leading them out onto the deck where a hand full of soldiers were waiting. One swift swipe of Aangs folded gluider provided them a way out. But where Haru? No time. Aang whistle for Appa.

All of the pushed themselves forward jumping off the edge of the ship and landing on Appa right as he flew by.

Iroh laid Sokka down on the saddle and Katara crawled over to her brother. She didn't have water in her water pouch at the moment so she used the next best thing. A glove of sea water formed around her hand ans she gentlly pressed it to her big brother's arm. The water sunk down deep into his skin but still Sokka didn't wake up. She looked at Iroh with concerned eyes.

"Now what?"

Iroh smiled and looked over his soon to be niece.

"He is okay now. He just needs some rest." Katara nodded and crawled back over to Zuko and sat next to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder and tickled Riyo's nose with her finger.

"Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Not today." Katara smiled and kissed Zuko on the cheek.

"Riyo is our son. Mine and yours no matter." Zuko smiled and leaned down to kiss his son. The words Katara said were very true. But it wasn't over yet, now Azula would be after them all the more. She was never the one to be out done.

Haru walked into the room where his doctor's were workign diligently. He would have like to see whether or not the avatar and his friends made it out, but he had never expected to find the girl on the stake alive. She was very badly burnt and in a lot a pain.

Haru sat down on the bed beside her and looked over her. It looked like she was a young woman. All of her hair was singed and falling from her head. Most of her body was bloody and black. Haru was looking over her face when the girl's eyes opened, lookign up at him.


"Haru. I'm here to help. Can you tell me your name?"

"Ma..malana." She said before disappearing back into unconciousness.