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Alexis' POV

For these last days, I couldn't sleep… Weirdly enough, I've been thinking of… Jaden?

Every time he gets near me, I feel so… Nervous? It's a weird feeling that I never get when I'm around others like my friends… Do I like him? Is he someone special? Is it love?

Oh well… Time to go to school…

Right when I step out, I see him. Jaden… I quickly gasped and he noticed me. "Hey watsup Alexis." He said. Oh god. I'm starting to blush… With a final reach of courage, I manage to blurt out a few words that sounded a little like, "Oh, hi Jaden."

"Are you going for the academy?" He asked. "Yeah. Why?" I replied. "Well, wanna go together?" He said. "Umm… Okay?" I said.

Once we reached class I just couldn't stop staring at him…

"Okay class, as you all know, there's a surprise tomorrow. Wanna know what it is?" Professor Banner said.

"YEAH!" the whole class replied in unison. Where was I? Staring at Jaden like in a really weird trance… "Uhh Lex? Lex? Leeeeex?" Mindy was trying to communicate to me like I was on a different planet or something…

"What?" I replied. "She said, "PROFESSOR BANNER IS REVEALNG THE LITTLE SURPRISE THAT'S HAPPENING TOMORROW!" she said. "Whoa… You mean the one he told us about last week?" I said. "Yeah!" Mindy replied.

"Okay settle down now…" Banner said. The whole class immediately became quiet. "We're going on a little field trip!" he told us. The whole class groaned knowing nobody ever likes going to Prof. Banner's field trips. They're usually hikes up the mountain just to see some old ruins.

"No children, it's not just ANOTHER field trip… It's a vacation!" he said.

Everyone started to freak out. Some started yelling, "YEAH!" like they became the best duelist ever or something.

"Now I know its really great, but the limit to partners in this trip are only two people a room, if you think that's the bad news to ruin the trip, you should hear the good news! It's a trip up the mountains!" He said with excitement.

The whole class looked like their eyes were twitching from the major excitement, but just to be crushed. "No children, not just any mountain, but the famed, SNOWY MOUNTAINS! (A/N: I made up the mountain name)

The whole class started cheering. "YAY! YEAH! ALRIGHT!" everyone said. One person got EVERYONES attention with his question, " But how are we going to get there?" that person asked.

The Prof. said, "We're going… BY PLANE! FIRST CLASS!" He cried with excitement. The whole class was really, really happy. Everyone was so shocked, nobody said ANYTHING. They all just sat down with smiles on their faces.

The class ended with Prof. Banner saying, "The trip is tomorrow, and we'll be staying there for 3 days! Choose who your partner will be, because you'll be staying with them for 3 days. Now be good now children."

I went back to the dorms with Mindy and Jasmine to discuss who the "odd one" will be out since it's a two person limit…

"Okay Lex, we've been thinking…" Jasmine started to say…

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