AN: Just a little humour.


They stood at either end of the table in the briefing room. The door clicked behind General Hammond and the room was silent, both staring at the table.

"So…" Jack started, watching his fingers drawing idly on the table. Sam's head shot up to look at him. She was unconsciously wringing her hands under the table and was so nervous she was on the point of hysteria.

"So?" She answered.

"This is just… us…" He was indicating them both. Sam stared puzzled as to what he was getting at. "No alien viruses, Urgos, alternate realities…" Jack was becoming more confident as he went along and started walking towards Sam. In her curiosity, she was completely unaware that she too, was walking towards him. Jack continued. "…Solar flares, wedding cake…" Even he winced at that. "… Memory stamps, hallucinations, time loops-" Sam stopped short.

"Wait, you kissed me in the time loop!" Suddenly everything fell into place. His smile, his stare. Jack was looking slightly bashful.

"Well, you are kinda irresistible you know." Her heart thudded painfully in her ribcage and she blushed hotly. " So anyway, all that aside, this is just us?" She smiled.

"Yes Jack, just us."

"Oh, well in that case." And he kissed her, just as he had in the time loop. Beside them on the table were the contents of a letter concerning the cancellation of a certain regulation.

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