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Hermione raced down the corridors with Draco closely following her, trying to make it to class on time. After bumping into several other students, they finally made it to Charms.

As they entered the classroom, all the eyes turned their way. Hermione blushed and slide into the first seat she got to. Draco glared at the room before sitting next to her.

Hermione kept her head down until Professor Flitwick came into class, announcing that they would be attempting to perform the Tidying Charm.

Not too difficult, she thought.

Glancing at Draco, she noticed the slight look of disgust on his face. Obviously, he wasn't partial to doing his own cleaning.

She nudged him in the ribs, gaining a wince from him.

"What?" he whispered, barely moving his lips.

"You will, at sometime in your life, need to use this charm. Don't give me your famous look of disgust," she whispered back.

Draco grinned at her, using his evil smirk.

She glared at him and poked him in the arm with her quill.

Draco jumped, a look of pain on his face. Hermione had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing too hard. Unfortunately, the exchange had not gone unnoticed.

Ron's knuckles were turning white when Harry finally noticed what was going on. Quickly, Harry grabbed Ron's wrist and pulled it under the table.

"Behave yourself!" he whispered forcefully.


"She won't appreciate in if you started to punch him. It won't help your chances at all."


"Just shut up and pay attention to the lesson!" Harry whispered back at him.

Ron turned back to the Professor teaching and started sulking.

But before turning his attention all the way back to the lesson, he promised himself that one day Hermione would be his. Forever.

Draco had watched the argument between Harry and Ron with interest.

This is where I need to watch my back, he thought.

He sighed and turned his attention back to Hermione, who had also noticed Harry and Ron fighting.

Her face had gone pale and she was panting slightly. Draco couldn't stand the sight of her freaking out, so he reached out a hand and gripped her free hand, squeezing it comfortingly.

"I won't let him hurt me, count on that," he whispered to her.

She smiled up at him, relief showing in her face.

"I don't doubt that for a second," she replied.

Checking to see if anyone was looking at them, Draco then raised her hand to his lips, giving her a courtly kiss.

Hermione smiled, looking into his eyes.

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