Alright, so, I decided I'm ending this now. I thought it would be best if I end it now when it's kinda at a good place to stop at. I have good news, though... there is a sequel. and it's called "Playing With Fire" The story is up, so you can read it by going into my profile.

Sorry this chapter is so short...

Chapter 28

Summer sighed, wishing he didn't say that. She wanted to tell them she was a cop at the right time, not while they were in a police station. She watched as the officer walked out of the room. She let her eyes drift to the boys. She could already see the anger upon their faces. "Guys…"

Dean's expression immediately turned to hatred. "You're a cop?!"

She bit her lip, nodding.

"You've kept this from us for nearly three months, and you never once hinted it," Dean said, the anger showing through his voice more. "We trusted you. I trusted you, and this is what you do to us. How the hell can you do this, Summer, how?"

"I'm sorry," she spoke softly. "I've wanted to tell you but I couldn't."

"Sorry doesn't even cut it!"

"You were undercover," Sam finally spoke up. "Were you supposed to be undercover because of us?"

"Yes," she told him, her eyes meeting his.

"So, you have known about us this whole time, and you acted like you didn't," Sam said, the anger showing through his voice. "Are you the reason we're arrested right now?"

"No, I swear I had nothing to do with this," Summer said looking at both of them. "I wouldn't have gone through with it."

"Why don't I believe you?" Dean said. "How could I believe that anyway with what you've kept from us? You…" he closed his eyes for a second almost as if to try not to lash out at her right then. He opened his eyes again and locked them with hers. "I fell in love with you, and you let me knowing some time down the road we would be dealing with this. Knowing that I would get arrested, but you never stopped it from happening."

"I have been trying to think of a way to stop it from happening. I swear, after a few weeks with you, I didn't want to go along with it anymore. I called my boss and everything and told him I didn't want to do it anymore."

"And that's supposed to make it alright?" Dean asked.

"I know nothing I say will make it alright,"

"Yeah, you're damn right nothing will make it alright," Dean said harshly. "You've lied to us and I hate that the most about you right now. Has everything you have said to us been a lie?"

"Of course not, Dean, I have told you the truth about a lot of things, and the only thing I kept from you is the fact that I'm a cop."

"Summer," Sam spoke up.

She looked at him.

"I don't know about Dean, but I know I don't want to be around you right now, or even for a while. You should just leave."


"Leave," Sam spoke tightly. "Now."

"Fine," she said and then walked out of the room.

After some time, both Dean and Sam were ushered out of the room, and down the hallway. They heard a bit of an argument, so they looked toward the right and saw Summer and a guy standing in the hall arguing about something. After a minute of this, both Dean and Sam watched as the man slammed his hand against the wall next to her angrily.

Dean saw her turned her head in his direction, but then he looked away, not making eye contact as the cop that held his arm guided him down the hallway and to a room where the cells are, Sam right behind them.

Summer watched this, but then she met the man's gaze again, narrowing her eyes at him. "How could you do this, Mike?"

"I'm only doing my job," he replied crossing his arms. "Unlike you," he added.

"You're only doing it because you wanted to get me back for all the things I have done to you. You know damn well it had nothing to do with them. You—"

"I'm doing it because I am a cop, and am supposed to take care of those who break the law. I could easily arrest you for all the things you have done."

"I would just get out. I got ways not going to jail, and you hate that. You know if you tried, it would just be a waste of time. Look, I know what they are doing is wrong, but their not hurting anyone."

"So what, just because you're friends with them it's alright to let them continue to impersonate officers and whatever else? I don't think so," he then uncrossed his arms and grabbed her elbow lightly, stepping toward her closer, his eyes locked with hers. "I don't care if you fell in love with that punk, he did wrong and he is going to pay for it. Nothing you can do about it."

Summer pulled her arm away from his grasp. "We'll see about that," she stepped away from him, heading down the hallway.

"If you try to help them, I promise I'll make you pay for it," he called out.

She stopped, turned around and faced him. "You can threat me all you want I'll still do whatever I can to help them," she turned away from him again, continuing down the hall.

"You're making a huge mistake!"

"Like I care!" she spoke before she disappeared around a corner.


"This sucks," Dean sighed pacing back and forth in the cell he was sharing with Sam. "Damn it!" he cursed slamming his palm against the wall in frustration. "This is all Summer's fault!"

Sam sat on one of the two beds and stared up at his brother, not saying anything.

"You're not gonna say anything? Your just gonna sit there like a couch potato?"

"What do you want me to say, Dean? You know I'm just as angry, but I don't have to say or act like you are right now."

Dean turned his back to him, standing next to the cell door, staring out at the darkened hallway. He saw movement in the hallway, but it was hard to tell who it was. "Who is there?"

"Keep your voice down," the person whispered, jingling keys caught his attention, which made him raise an eyebrow.

"What're you doing? Who are you?"

"You haven't seen me for three hours, and you have forgotten what my voice sounds like?"


"The one and only," she said finding the right key to open the cell door.

"Why are you letting us out when you're the reason we were arrested," Sam spoke up standing up, making his way next to Dean.

"I'm not the reason you are here, I swear. That man in the hallway is the reason you are here. He did the job that I didn't want to do. I never wanted you to go to jail," she explained putting the key in the slot, and turned it, hearing a click, she pulled on the door and it opened.

The brothers stepped out of the cell, eying her closely.

"Don't expect us to forgive you for what happened, and to thank you for letting us out," Dean said.

"I know," she said as she closed the cell door before she checked to make sure nobody was coming. "Just… get out of here before someone comes. I'm sorry for what I did, and I wish I didn't take the job in the first place."

"It's too late for that," Sam told her. "If you just told us, this wouldn't be as bad."

"I know. it was mistake by not telling you. Just go now before we get caught. Promise me you will be careful, and… take care?"

"Yeah," Dean said already walking down the hallway. "Come on, Sammy…"

Sam followed his brother without a word, leaving Summer behind, neither brothers looked back as they made their way to the entrance of the building.