In Slifer Red


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Author's Note: This is a parody to Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid. I'd like to thank my friend and fellow author Yamachanismyman for inspiring me with her Disney-YGO-parodies.

This is about how it's not so bad to live in Slifer Red.


(Jaden speaking to Syrus):

"Syrus, listen to me. The upper dorms, they're a mess. Life in Slifer Red is better than anything they got up there!"

The blazers are always brighter in somebody else's dorm

You dream about moving up there, but that'd be to just conform.

Just look at the world around you, right here on the 'roach-filled floor

Such wonderful friends surround you. What more is you looking for?

In Slifer Red

In Slifer Red!

Syrus, it's better down where it's redder, plus comfy beds!

Up in Ra Yellow they just work

Obelisk Blue may have its perks

While we just slacking

Off between napping

In Slifer Red! Ah ha ha ha!

Down here all the students (are) happy, as after dinner we play

The students in Ra ain't happy. They sad 'cause they want gourmet.

But gourmet-less Ra is lucky, 'cause up in Obelisk Blue

They're a bit intimidated

By all the exotic food! (Wuh-oh!)

In Slifer Red!

In Slifer Red!

Nobody fear us, haze us and jeer us, wish we were dead!

We're what Obelisks love to tease

In Slifer Red we rest at ease.

We've got no rules, life is a duel in Slifer Red!

(In Slifer Red!)

In Slifer Red!

(In Slifer Red!)

Since life is sweet here we've got the beat here, still not 'nuff said!

(Still not 'nuff sa-a-aid!)

Even the fat guy and Gerard (A/N: The fat guy being Chumley.)

They get the urge and party hard!

We've got the spirit (A/N: Winged Khuriboh.)

you've got to hear it

In Slifer Red!

The meek play the weak, the sharp students harp

The fat play magic and eat on a tarp

Gerard hated cards and Chum' fills his tum',

The Shadow Realm claims our souls!


Some Slifers are played like puppets on strings

The stout rockin' out (A/N: Stout as in short and/or fat. Like Syrus or Chumley.)

Ms. Dorothy she sings

The Prof and his cat, they know where it's at

Do we like Crowler? NO!






When the Khuriboh

Demand we feed 'em

'til they are fed!

What do they got? DR. CROWLER!

We've got Pharaoh and Profess' Banner!

Each little whisker on that cat trickster

In Slifer Red!

Each little bug here snug in a rug here

In Slifer Red!

Each little fool ya know how to duel here

That's why it's swanky in the lowest rank

Ya we in luck here down in the muck here



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