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The Magic Box

One: A Narrow Escape

'Hand it over Malfoy!' Harry yelled at the cornered Draco Malfoy. The two boys stood alone in the hallway. Two rivals at a standoff, poised ready for an attack.

'I don't think I will Potter,' Malfoy smirked.

'But it's MY cloak!' Harry exclaimed.

'Finders Keepers Potter,'

'Please Mafloy, it was my fathers!'

'Then you should have taken better care of it, honestly Potter who leaves their personal possessions in the open like that, anyone could just come along and claim them,' Draco reasoned.

'I left it in my Dorm room in a locked chest!' Harry yelled.

'Precisely, no hidden compartments, no charms I thought a lifetime of being chased by Voldermort would inspire a little caution,' Draco taunted.

'That's it Malfoy hand it over or I'll…'

'You'll what Potter?'

'Shave your head!'

Draco gasped.

'You wouldn't dare!'

'Oh wouldn't I?' Harry pointed his wand at Draco's head. Draco eloquently replied

'Eep!' and ran into a storeroom. Harry chased after him. There were shelves boxing Draco in the room filled with vials of suspicious looking substances.

'Now Potter calm down, your cloak's behind the Salazar Slytherin statue on the third floor, see now you've no reason to shave off my lovely hair,' Draco pleaded. Harry frowned.

'How do I know you're telling the truth?' Harry asked.

'Potter I would do anything for my hair,' Draco said 'That and I just realised where we are,'


'We're in Snape's private potion storeroom,' Draco rationalised 'One poorly aimed spell and we're toast,'

Harry paled and lowered his wand.

'And I don't have much confidence in your magical abilities Potter,' Draco lied.

Harry snickered and rolled his eyes.

'Since you've so kindly told me the location of my cloak I see no reason to risk detention or more importantly Snape's wrath,' Harry shuddered. 'So I'll just leave you and your precious hair alone,'

'HARRY WAIT!' Draco yelled too late.

Harry turned and knocked over a mop, which slid and knocked several potions off a shelf onto the floor. The two boys leapt back as a domino action rippled around them. Thousands of potions fell from the sky toward their lovely faces. The rivals ran from the storeroom and looked on in horror as their freedom crashed and burned like the entire contents of Snape's personal potion stash.

'Oh fucking nana's' draco cursed.

'We're soo dead,' Harry said.

'What's going on here!' spoke a voice that made both Draco and Harry whimper in terror.

'Potter! Malfoy! What are you doing near my Storeroom?' Snape demanded.

'Run!' Draco yelled. The two boys ran from the dungeons in a display that would have made the road runner jealous. However Snape was no coyote when he saw the state of his storeroom. He became the evil the Manson family would envy. He chased after the boys with equal enthusiasm. The boys couldn't loose him.

'Well Potter any ideas?' Draco yelled as they ran up the staircase.

'Seventh rapid breathing floor,' Harry managed. They both ran until they reached a certain corridor.

'Now what?' Draco exclaimed.

'I need a place to hide, I need a place to hide,' Harry repeated as he walked toward the wall. Sure enough a door appeared. Harry grabbed Draco by his shirt collar and dragged him into the room, shutting the door behind them.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

'Are you sure he won't find us here?' Draco asked.


Harry turned to look at what the room had provided for him. it was completely bare, no furniture, not even a lousy pillow. The only thing in the ruddy room was small wooden box.
'That's odd,' Harry puzzled.
'Wasn't there furniture in this place last time?' Draco asked.
'It's the room of requirement Malfoy, it's constantly changing to meet the needs of others,' Harry explained.
'Yeah well I could've used a sofa, or at least a chair,' Draco commented. 'What's that?'
'What the box?'
'How the hell would I know!'
'Well obviously you need it Potter so I assumed to knew what it bloody well was!' Draco snapped.
Harry sighed.
'Well it looks like a music box,' Harry said and walked toward the small box. He picked it up and admired it closely. Draco moved beside him to have a look at the mysterious object.
'Brilliant workmanship,' Draco realised.
'Yeah, I guess,'
'What kind of wood is it?' Draco asked.
'Well give it here Potter!' Draco moved to grab the box from Harry but as soon as he hands touched the box the whole world spun around him and he felt himself lift off the floor and fall into a growing darkness.

Snape finally opened the door to the room of requirement. To his shock and dismay it was completely empty. The room was set up like a living room, there was a sofa and a fireplace and wall hangings, very homey. However no children. Frustrated Snape slamned the door and set off down the corridor. If he had looked more closely he would have noticed a small wooden box atop the mantle of the fireplace.