The Magic Box

Nine: Final Chapter

Ron and Hermione were still arguing as they walked back to the Room of Requirement four hours later. Blaise was holding back, and whistling to himself, greatly amused by this whole experience. He had enough material on Draco to last him years of tormenting. His previous favoured material 'Your in love with Harry Potter and too stupid to do anything about it' was suddenly unavailable to him. Blaise smirked to himself as they began the walk down the seventh corridor. At least Draco would be hell of a lot less grumpier anymore now that he was finally getting laid. Before they reached the door Ron and Hermione came to a stop still yelling at each other about whether to go in or not. Hermione was convinced that they give the boys a little more time. Ron couldn't stand the thought of Harry confessing secrets to Malfoy what if he told Draco something about him? Blaise simply walked past them and opened the door. He saw what or rather who was in front of him and grinned from ear to ear.

'Hey Weasley!' Blaise called out giggling. This is gonna be great.

'What!' Ron said as the stormed through the door. He saw Harry Potter lying on the ground butt naked with an equally naked Draco Malfoy drapped ontop of him, and screamed. Blaise giggled again, who knew Weasley could do such a good impression of a horror film chick. Hermione walked in and turned a bright shade of pink.

'Oh dear,' she murmured, although Blaise noticed, she didn't look away.


'Virgin my arse Ron!' Hermione muttered. Blaise was now in a giggling fit holding on to the fireplace mantle for support. On the ground, Harry moaned and slowly came back to consciousness. He looked up at the three watching him very intently and frowned.

'What's going on?' he asked.

'WHY DON'T YOU TELL US HARRY!' Ron exclaimed. Harry realised he felt very cold and looked down. He supposed he should have been shy or outraged to be butt naked in front of his friends and an old enemy but at the sight of Draco asleep hugging himself very closely to Harry, he lost all negative emotions and sighed. He reached down and ran a hand through Draco soft silky blonde hair. Draco unconsciously tightened his grip around Harry and pressed their bodies a lot closer. Harry sighed again.


Blaise's giggles turned into a full out laughing spasm, he collapsed to the floor clutching his stomach and tearing. Draco began to wake up and Harry watched in awe as he slowly came around. That was until Draco flinched and kicked Harry in the shin. Draco soon after realised what he'd done and panicked.

'Oh my god Harry I'm so sorry are you okay?' he stressed. Harry laughed and sat up pulling Draco with him.

'You're so adorable,' Harry exclaimed and gave Draco a good wake up kiss, which turned into a very heated desperate I'm so in love with you kiss. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry and pressed his body into Harry's side. Harry picked himself off the ground and sat in Draco lap, pressing their chests together and moaning. Draco's hands slipped down to cup Harry's arse and massage those sweet tight cheeks.

'HEY!' Ron yelled letting the two boys know they were still there. Draco pulled away and gazed at his audience in shock, the looked back at Harry dumbstruck.

'Why didn't you tell me they were here?' Draco asked. Harry blushed, but stayed atop of Draco.

'I umm sort of forgot they were there,'

'Obviously,' Hermione breathed.

Ron dropped to the floor and looked as though he were going to be sick.

'Hermione, could you obliviate me please?' Ron asked looking up at his girlfriend 'I was so much happier in my ignorance,'

Hermione rolled her eyes and faced the two boys that were now standing up and trying to cover their more private areas. Blaise smirked and handed the naked teenagers the two uniforms that appeared on the sofa.

'I take it you confessed your deep dark secrets?' Hermione asked.

'Yep!' both boys said simultaneously with large grins on their faces.

'I take it your also dating now?' Blaise asked.

'I guess so,' Harry said looking at Draco for confirmation.

'Of course it does,' Draco affirmed, then smiled 'Might as though make it official though,'

And got down on one knee in front of Harry (of course both boys are now wearing pants,)

'Harry, will you be my boyfriend, then ultimately become my fiancé, then marry me once we leave school and then bare my children…or vice versa,' Draco said gazing up at Harry. Harry glowed and jumped on Draco kissing him everwhere that wasn't covered.

'Yes, yes, yes and god yes!' Harry exclaimed. Draco laughed and pulled his Gryffindor in for a bear hug. Blaise rolled his eyes, Hermione sighed and Ron dry heaved.

'Hermione! Are you just going to stand there!' Ron exclaimed 'Say something, convince them that they're both clearly having some temporary insanity! And get them back to normal,'

'Draco?' Hermione addressed the boy. Harry and Draco stood up and faced Hermione, ready for a lecture but not willing to back down from having relationship, 'What are you doing for Christmas?'

'What!' Ron exclaimed.

'It's just we're all going to Grimmauld Place, and since your now Harry's boyfriend you might like to join us,' Hermione smiled. Harry grinned enormously and turned to Draco excited.

'Two weeks with Harry or two weeks alone in a damp danky dungeon…' Draco pretended to think. 'Meh I got nothing better to do,'

Harry punched Draco's arm before pulling him in for another hug. Then ran to Hermione and wrapped his arms around her.

'Thanks for understanding this,' Harry said as the stepped back.

'No problem,' Hermione blushed.

'What?' Harry asked.

'You've got love bites all over your neck,' she pointed out.

'And your nipples,' Blaise pointed out.

'AAHHHHHHH, NO TALKING ABOUT HARRY'S NIPPLES!' Ron exclaimed, Harry blushed. And Draco smirked rather smugly.

'Ron? Are you going to be okay with this?' Harry asked. Ron pouted and crossed his arms.

'I'll be fine with it as long as I don't see what I just saw ever again, or hear anything about sex or nipples,' Ron admitted. Harry smiled and hugged Ron who returned the gesture before standing up and sighing 'Alright, let's go tell the world that the great Harry Potter has returned,'

'Yeah, it's just about time for Dinner anyways,' Blaise pointed out, 'And after what you boys have been doing you'll no doubt need to restore your energy,'

'AHHHH NO SEX! NO SEX!' Ron yelled and ran from the room.

Harry and Draco decided that for the time being they'd keep their relationship a secret, they didn't think the world was ready to know that the boy who lived was involved with a member of one of the most feared wizarding families in the world. So they headed down to the great hall separately. Draco with Blaise and Harry with Hermione and Ron. They entered, Dumbledore welcomed them back officially and that was it. The entire school seemed to frown in confusion but it was given up as just one of those things and the two boys sat down at their separate house tables for dinner. Harry was immediately swarmed with curious Gryffindors, while Draco was greetedsimply by respected nods from his housemates before returning to their meal. Several minutes past, Draco was catching up on everything that had occurred whilst he was 'away' for four days. Snape had taken out his anger on the Gryffindor students, and now there were barely any Gryffindor house points left. Crabbe and Goyle had been caught making out in the broom shed by the entire Ravenclaw Quididitch team. Some Gryffindor kid had managed to take a photo that had been copied and hung up around numerous places on school grounds. Draco really wasn't looking forward at his first glimpse of that!

'And Theodore Nott's been secretly shagging that McMillan bloke in Hufflepuff!' Millicent exclaimed. 'I mean how wrong is that a Hufflepuff!'

'Oh come on Millicent's you have to admit Ernie's hot,' Theodore cut in, overhearing the gossip update.

'Yes but a Hufflepuff!' Millicent pointed out. Draco looked across the hall toward the Gryffindor table, he eyes reached Harry and he smiled. As though feeling Draco's gaze Harry looked up and smiled in return. Draco licked his lips seductively and Harry bit his lip. Their focus was broken however when Ginny Weasley suddenly planted herself beside Harry and wrapped her arms around the boys waist and started whispering something to him. Draco scowled and gritted his teeth. Ginny moved in closer to Harry and nuzzled Harry's neck. His Harry, that neck was Draco's property! He had marked it not a few hours ago! Draco unknowingly grasped his wand and growled deep in his throat. Harry looked up at Draco panicked. Draco was about to do something when a shriek echoed in the Great hall. Draco looked toward the source and found his worst nightmare.

'Drakie you're back, you're alright!' Pansy exclaimed.

'Oh fuck!' Draco muttered, Blaise giggled again beside him, which earned him a heated glare from his best mate. Pansy ran over to Draco and jumped in his lap, pushing her breasts against his chest which just felt completely wrong.

'Pansy get-,' Draco's demand was cut of when Pansy pushed her mouth against his and slipped her tongue inside his mouth. Draco's eyes bulged and his hands flew up to pull them apart. God she had a grip like a vice he couldn't push her off. She stayed glued to his face pushing her disgusting tongue as deep in his mouth as she could get. Draco was absolutely revolted, who knew where the hell that thing had been.

'Parkinson!' someone roared with rage. Pansy pulled away from a very repulsed and traumatized Draco. Harry stood there boiling over with rage wand pointed at Pansy's face.

'Get your filthy paws off my Slytherin!' Harry threatened.

'Piss off Potter,' Pansy snapped 'Can't you see Draco and I are having a private moment,'

Blaise laughed.

'Pansy you're sucking his face off in the Great Hall,'

'Stay out of this Blaise,' Pansy glared.

'Parkinson I'm only going to ask you this once more, get off my boyfriend before I really loose my temper and Avada Kedavra your arse,' Harry warned. At the word boyfriend, whispers began to ripple in the Great Hall.

'What the hell are you talking about Potter, Draco's my fiancé!' Pansy declared.

'The hell I am!' Draco suddenly got his voice back. 'Get the fuck off me and get your disgusting tits out of my face!'

Pansy looked at him shocked 'But Drakie?'

'You better do it Pansy, Potter's looking mighty peeved,' Blaise remarked and sipped his butterbeer.

Pansy slipped off of Draco and stepped back. However Harry wasn't satisfied

'Densaugeo!' Harry cast. Pansy's teeth grew to a size an beaver would be ashamed of.Pansy screamed and ran out of the hall.

'Nice one,' Draco admired. Harry frowned at him.

'Somehow I don't think the secrecy thing is going to work,' Harry remarked.

'Yeah, I kind of gathered that when I saw Weaselette throwing herself at you, if Pansy hadn't have come along I would turned her into a hood ornament,' Draco confessed. Then turned to glare at Ginny who meeped and cowered behind her brother. Harry came around to Draco and nuzzled into his boyfriend's neck. There were sighs, there were tears, there were gasps, and there was dry heaving (Ron).

'I've had enough of secrets anyway,' Harry sighed.

'Yeah me too, I want to be able to snog you silly in public and not cause heart attacks,' Draco smirked.

'Can I have dinner with you?' Harry asked.

'Of course you didn't think I was going to let you sit back with that Weasel tart did you?'

Draco sat down and Harry planted himself in Draco's lap smugly.

'Harry,' Blaise nodded in greeting.

'Blaise,' Harry returned the gesture.

Harry pecked Draco on the lips,

'Love you,'

'Love you too,'

'Potter! Malfoy!' Snape yelled from the Professor's table, where their wasn't a single dry eye '100 points from Gryffindor for cursing Miss Parkinson! And 200 points for taking so bloody damn long to confess your feelings,'

McGonagall held out an open palm to the potions professor who grudgingly handed over a satchel of galleons. Harry smiled down at the love that would help him destroy the dark lord. One that would last for many years on this earth and an eternity beyond.

The End.

Dear Readers of The Magic Box

I thank you for taking the time to read and review The Magic Box. The first fanfiction I have ever written and submitted. Alas however it is over, our boys have completed their purpose and are now enjoying the benefits of kinky gay sex. Ron will have to undergo therapy every time he walks in on these benefits and Blaise will have to make sure Ron does walk in on the benefits. Hehehee. Of course I'm always on the search for a good Harry/Draco story and will be checking all who review's stories or favourite author's for stories. Because I'm just freaky. Thank you for reading the Magic Box

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