The Blitz has survied a battle that could have destroyed the world, andthanks to thier efforts the Cybrid threat is gone. But now old foes return to shatter their new found happiness...

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Chapter 1: Beautiful Mornings

Leena slowly drifted awake, her face warmed by the sunlight that slid between the curtains over the windows. But the warm sun was as nothing compared to the warmth coming from the man that lay besides her – Bit Cloud, her new husband.

Leena rolled her head to look at him. Just like every other morning of their honeymoon, Bit was still asleep, his face plastered with his best, most private grin. Different from the normal version that he usually wore, Leena had only become aware of it when the two of them had begun to sleep together. He wore this grin after every session of passion they shared. It was a grin that lacked his usual cockiness, and instead was filled with pure bliss. As on the other mornings, the sunlight highlighted his blond hair, and threw his chest muscles into sharp relief. His arm rested across her body just below her breasts, and their legs were entwined together.

Leena sighed deeply as she looked at his sleeping face. He was so ruggedly handsome, and she so comfortable lying there in his grasp, that she hated having to get up. But her lingering injuries demanded it.

Slowly and gently, she lifted his arm enough that she was able to slide out of his grasp and to the edge of the bed. Reaching down to the floor, she quickly scooped up her underwear and his shirt. She stood up as she slid his shirt on, smiling as she did so.

'God knows why I bother. It's not like it'll stay on long once he gets up…' she thought, recalling how many times they had shed each others clothing. They would dress and then undress each other several times a day.

Her cheeks flushed as she did up enough buttons to persevere her modesty, recalling everything the two of them had been up to since the wedding. Like any newly wedded couple, they had spent every moment together. But after everything they had gone through those few days beforehand, it was hardly surprising they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Leena smiled as she recalled their first night here. They had barely gotten in the door before they were in the bed together, their desires for each other having reached an unstoppable height. Afterwards, Bit had joked that she'd wear him out with her passion, and she'd countered that he'd be 'up' for it. They'd barely done anything else since.

Leena smirked as she opened the curtains fully. 'Why do we bother? Brad and Na' are the closest to us, and they're way up the valley…'

Leena looked out at the mass of greenery that surrounded the small cottage. Christian hadn't been lying when he said that these small cottages were the best place for a honeymoon. Set well up a valley in the higher reaches of the mountain that his city sat on, each of the six cottages were tucked into their own little ravine that gave them almost complete seclusion. Leena suspected that at some point tunnels must have been carved in the rock beneath the valley, since each cottage had it's own stream fed by a hot spring, keeping the water pleasantly hot without being so hot that it was uncomfortable to sit in. She and Bit had enjoyed some nice long dips together in that stream.

Leena brushed a stray lock of her hair back as she gently walked through to the small kitchen. The only advantage of Bit sleeping in was that she had a short break every morning where she had a few minutes alone. She wanted to spare her new husband the pain and horror of what she had to do.


Leena looked down at her left ring finger, looking at the incredible ring she now wore. She still could not quite believe it; she's to him married! And to Bit Cloud, who had been trying to steal parts from her zoid when she first met him! The universe must have some weird twisted sense of humour if it had decided that the two of them were soul mates.

As on every other morning, a package was laid out on the worktop in the kitchen. With only a small larder and no shops anywhere close by, they needed fresh food regularly. And as before, a note was left on top of the small hamper, written in poor handwriting.

'Dear Bit and Leena Cloud, hope you enjoy the treats thrown in! And you had better be taking care of yourself Leena! Christian'

Leena shook her head. She wasn't sure if she would ever get used to being called 'Leena Cloud'. 'Then again, Na's now Naomi Hunter, and Sarah's now my sister-in-law…' If someone six months before had told her that Sarah Obscura, one of the top people within the Backdraft, would end up being married to her brother Leon Toros, Leena would have laughed in their face. Right before she punched their lights out.

But it was true; Sarah was now a Toros. Since she'd met her for the first time, Leena had been forced to re-think everything she had thought about the older, blue haired woman. Even at the time, Leena had realised that Sarah was in fact a highly attractive woman, with that tall, slim physique that Leena herself had desired at times. Elegance and grace came naturally to her. And she was still young, only thirty years old. Leena had expected someone more her fathers age of forty-something.

Her personality had also been markedly different from what Leena had expected. Sarah was kind and polite, a gentle figure with a quick mind and a good sense of humour. Sarah herself had admitted that she had been forced to play the role of a cold-hearted bitch in the Backdraft to not only survive, but to protect her young son, Vega. Her sad story had touched Leena's heart.

As she plucked the tubes needed for what she had to do from within the fridge, Leena couldn't help but think about Christian's words. It was still amazing to her that she was related to him, but it was true. He never boasted about having two wives, but it was clear to everyone. Samantha Masters had explained everything to Leena when they first met, just after she had given Leena her inheritance. Without thinking she raised a hand to gently run her fingers over the etched stone of the necklace she had been given. Samantha had received a hand carved Hematite and bronze necklace from Christian, the main stone etched with the continents of Earth, the planet of their birth which both of them had bled to protect. When Samantha had given birth to a daughter that had inherited her bright red hair, Christian had made a second necklace, and it had passed to the daughter. Since then it had passed down the generations, before coming to rest with Leena's grandmother.

But then her mother Sandra had been killed when she had only been four years old, and her grandmother had died a few weeks later. Sam suspected that the death of her beloved daughter had broken her heart. Since Leena had been too young to receive the necklace, Sam had taken it in for safekeeping.

But now it hung round Leena's neck, where it belonged according to Sam. The cool stone resting against her skin gave Leena great comfort.

Of less comfort was what she had to do now. Grimacing she rolled up the right sleeve of the shirt to expose her right forearm as she sat on the worktop. She had been attacked over two weeks ago while out alone in her zoid, in circumstances that in retrospect were very similar to those which resulted in the death of her mother. During the attack, a missile had struck her zoid just below the canopy, causing the fractured panel to shatter. The blast had sent the fragments hurtling inwards towards her. Leena had thrown her arm up to shield her face, an action that according to the doctors had saved her life.

But the scything shards had lacerated her pale skin apart, right to the bone. And while the cuts were narrow, they had been both deep and numerous.

Leena slowly peeled off the slightly elastic coating over the affected area of her skin, before twisting her arm in the light. The network of cuts had all closed up, leaving behind a spider's web of hair thin white lines. The gel that her injuries had been coated with had some pretty amazing properties, since she had healed up pretty quickly. The gel itself was squeezed out of a large tube and spread across her skin, and it dried and hardened when in contact with the air. She had been told to replace the coating every couple of days, or after any serious exertion.

But this was the third morning that she had removed the patch without any noticeable changes in the state of her arm. The cuts themselves had been mostly closed up the morning of her wedding, so it looked like she would be left with this network of scars.

Leena sighed to herself. At least they were fine and barely noticeable. She only saw them because she knew what to look for. Her thigh injury however, was a whole other story. Leena had to brace herself before she began to remove the coating there.

The same missile hit that had sent the hail of razor sharp fragments into her arm had caused a section of armour from the zoid to buckle inwards and driven right through her leg. Leena could still remember the shock and horror she had felt when she saw that massive triangular wedge of metal rammed through her leg, stained with her blood.

But luck must have been looking down on her that day, as the sheet of metal had punched right through without hitting the bone, or severing any tendons, nerves or major blood vessels. As the doctors had told her, 'It was a one in a billion injury.' Had the metal gone just a fraction of an inch higher or lower, it would have been doubtful that she would have ever walked again.

Slowly she removed the cover to expose the injury itself. Bracing herself, Leena began to inspect her thigh. Due to the thicker coat and location, she only had to change the seal a couple of times so far.

There was a marked improvement even over the last time she had done this. The deep puncture on the inside of her thigh had all closed up, leaving behind just a pale line a couple of inches long. The outside of her thigh was still pretty nasty though. The metal shard had not only been triangular in shape, it had also gotten wider towards the base. Therefore the gash on the outside of her thigh had been wider and much longer than on the inside. The gash was about half a centimetre thick, and at least a couple deep. The flesh within the gash was a raw red, while the skin was extremely pale, almost completely white.

Shivering, Leena began to apply a fresh layer of the healing gel to her thigh, making sure to get the thick pale blue liquid down into the gash. She didn't understand how it worked, but somehow the gel vastly improved the human bodies' ability to heal itself.

As she sat there on the worktop, smoothing down the rapidly hardening gel, her thoughts drifted towards the others who were currently taking advantage of Christians generous offer…

x x x x x x

At that moment, Leon and Sarah were just coming down from the heights of passion together. They clung together tightly as they both tried to catch their breaths, waves of passion rolling throughout their bodies. Beads of sweat dotted their skin and caused the thin sheets to cling to them.

Sarah gasped as she tried to bring her body back under control, but it was hard. She had deprived herself of any form of passion for a little over fifteen years, fearing attachments, and now her body seemed determined to make up for all that lost time. As they nearly always had done, Sarah sat astride Leon, his head placed over her heart. She held his head in her cleavage with one hand, while her other was splayed across his shoulders. Her long blue hair hung down her back, almost brushing her hips.

Leon gently nuzzled her, seeking to be even closer to her warmth and scent. Sarah always wore a very fine but delicate fragrance, which when combined with her natural smells drove him wild with passion. He doubted he would ever understand how some cruel and callous man could have abused this wonderful woman. Gentle and wise, she had a wonderful quality that was very hard to find. At times she seemed more like a child than Leena, eyes wide with wonder. Leon understood that she had been forced to go straight from pre-teenager to responsible mother, and so had lost out on some of what should have been the most exciting years of her life. Sarah carried extensive mental scars from her past, most of them inflicted on her when she was barely old enough to understand the subtle nature of the world around her.

But deep within, Sarah Obscura… Sarah Toros was a strong person, and had managed to overcome the terrible setbacks life had dealt her. Although she would deny it existed, she had a strong core and was able to remain focused on what needed to be done.

The only exception was when they came together in passion. Then she because lust incarnate, totally consumed by her passion, her every action intended for one purpose: the fulfilment of her desire. And his.

Leon felt no resentment of her actions when they were together like this, even when she had inadvertently caused him harm. Their first night together she had clung to him so tightly that her sharp fingernails had broken the skin on his back, digging into his shoulder blades. As for the hickey… he doubted that the rest of the Blitz would ever let him forget that. Still, they didn't hold it against either of them, and that was what was important. Ever since Sarah had been careful not to give him another, but she still dug her nails in rather tightly at times.

Slowly she let him lean back from her, allowing them both to look each other in the eye. Strands of her dark blue locks hung down and framed her face, matted with sweat. Her sea-green eyes looked deep into his warm blue ones, both of them sending to the other their undying love.

He reached up to slowly brush back a stray lock over her ear. "God you look beautiful today Sarah…" He breathed.

"Leon, I'm covered in sweat, and my hairs a mess!" She gasped back. "How can I possibly look beautiful?"

"Because you always are, my love." Leon gently stroked the swell of her hips. "Especially now…" he growled lustfully.

Laughing gently, Sarah bent down to kiss his forehead. "Oh Leon, you say the nicest things. But 'that' is going to have to wait a bit. I'm not as young as you…"

"If you've been talking to Bit, then I could have accepted that as an argument." Leon said as she slowly and reluctantly lifted her self off him. "But I'm only three years younger than you are. And who's been the most lustful between us?" He gently teased her as she slid out from under the sheets.

"Leon!" Sarah voice sounded shocked, but her happy smile as she looked back at him took any sting out of her comment. It was true, of them both Sarah had become the more passionate and frantic lover. During their lovemaking she had constantly pushed him onwards, using her body and words to drive him to greater and greater heights. It was yet another reason why he loved her.

As she stood up and walked across to the wardrobe, Leon took in her splendid figure. Sarah was gifted with that tall, slender build that many women desired. Naturally slim, she almost seemed delicate at times. While not as voluptuous as his sister Leena, Sarah was still put together very well. What was surprising to Leon however was that there was almost no sign of her pregnancy. On such a slimly built women, the signs of a previous child stood out clearly, but somehow Sarah had escaped that. Her every movement was filled with grace and elegance, something Leon had seen the moment he had first set eyes on her. Now, with her shimmering hair hanging down her back and the ease of intimacy, she was able to fully show just how well she moved.

Sarah plucked the thin silk dressing gown she owned, blue naturally. It was one of the few wedding gifts that the rest of the team had not taken back to the Blitz Base with them. As she slipped it on, she looked back at Leon as he lay back on the bed. Sarah knew intellectually that there were other men out there that were physically more attractive than Leon, but to her he was perfect. Leon had that same compact, solid build that Bit and Christian, his distant ancestor, had. But he also had height, making him a much better match for her than the slightly shorter Bit would have. Sarah had always been acutely aware that her above average height made many men uncomfortable, especially zoid pilots, who tended towards shorter types. Leon however was only just shorter than her. There was barely a half-inch between them.

He also had more normal features. Not many understood quite how it happened, but there was a lot of variation of both hair and eye colour amongst the people of Zi. The most commonly accepted theory, and one which had been proved to Sarah within the last couple of weeks, was that during mankind's earlier days on Zi, there had been a fair amount of intermixing with the remaining Ancient Zoidians, who as a race had been given over to a whole range hues. Just within the Blitz there was Leena with red hair and violet eyes, blond Bit with gleaming green, her rich, dark blue tresses and sea-green eyes, Strollers steel grey locks and Pierces teal strands. 'I guess it's not surprising about me and Pierce, considering we're descended from Resse.' Sarah still found it a little hard to fully come to terms with that small fact. Being descended from one of the most well-known – and feared - Ancient Zoidians was quite a load.

Leon however was distinctly ordinary. Just like his father Steve, his hair was a solid brown, while his eyes were a warm, rich blue. Many had at first thought his eyes were violet, like his sisters, however a closer look would have revealed that they were bluer than hers, more like their fathers. She had looked into those warm depths many times over the last week and a bit, and each time she felt like she had found the roots of the earth that she had always craved. Certainly such times had caused her to submit to her more, basic instincts. The thought made Sarah blush.

Leon stood up himself before enfolding her in his arms. Sarah gratefully fell into his embrace, feeling his solid masculine body beneath her hands. She felt eternally grateful to him for all that he had done for her. He had been the one who had allowed her to at long last come out from underneath the protective shell she had been forced to build to protect herself and her son Vega during their time with the Backdraft. While she had no choice about that part of her life, not a day went by that she did not regret what she had been forced to do. The distance that she had been forced to place between her son and her self had been painful in the extreme, but Vega had never complained. He had understood the reasons fully, and it was clear even to her that he had seen the pain in her eyes when they had to act like they were not related in anyway. In private the two of them had been able to show their real feelings for each other, but as she was dragged deeper into the Backdraft such moments became increasingly fewer. It was only when the Backdraft had fallen that they had at last been free.

It might have all been for nought though had the Blitz Team not taken them both in. Leon had told her about the argument that had raged when Bit had told the others about his little talk with her, Stroller and Pierce. Sarah didn't blame any of them for their views and concerns at the time. She would have been just as concerned had their roles been reversed.

Leon though had been the one who truly allowed her the chance to shine, and encouraged her to be herself. There had been something in air even when they had first met, and now with their marriage, that bond was more powerful than any force on Zi.

Now as on many occasions both before and after their marriage, they embraced each other warmly, not with the desperate passion and lust of just before, but with the warm and enduring love they had for each other. Both of them were content like this, their arms encircling each other.

Leon drew back slightly, just enough so that he could look her in the eye. "I love you Sarah…" he gently said.

"I love you too…" She replied, tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes as they kissed. Their arms encircled each other that bit more tightly as their lips locked together. They stood like that for some time, drinking of each other's essence. At last the need for air forced them apart.

"I think I'll take a shower." He said gently. "Why don't you see what Christian sent us today?"

Sarah smiled sweetly at his mention of the packages that the almost seven hundred year old man sent them. They nearly always contained a treat of some sort. The last hamper had contained a rich chocolate cake, a very expensive one at that. "Sure."

x x x x x x

Much lower down the mountain, just above the plateau that formed the highest level of the grand city, the man in question sat in his airy office, a chilled glass close by. An early riser by nature, Christian always kept an eye on what was happening in the world. While the total destruction of the Death Saurer had released him and his zoid from their ages old duty, there would always be other battles to fight.

As he waited for the system to bring up the latest planetary news, he turned his chair round to look towards the valley that led up to where the honeymoon cottages were located. Smiling another one of his patented half-smiles, he raised his glass in salute.

'Enjoy your time up there people. Because I have a feeling that you'll be hitting the ground running…'

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