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Chapter 28: Looking Towards the Stars

The wedding of Jamie Hemeros to Pierce was a much smaller affair than the triple weddings of the others in the Blitz. It was held in a small chapel in Romeo City, with only a few dozen guests. Once more Bit was amazed at how many attractive women were in his life, as Pierce cut a stunning figure in her long slinky wedding gown. Jamie at last got his own tuxedo, and when combined with the height he had gained in the last year he made a very handsome groom.

The after ceremony party was small and was set in the Blitz base itself, the light that filtered down from the pool in the top floor creating an almost magical effect on the new-wedded couple as they danced together in the centre of the circle.

It was a much more intimate party than his own wedding had been, and Bit didn't mind at all. Leena once again wore that cream dress that she had wore to the ball before Class S, and Naomi had pulled out the 'Fire' dress again. Seeing them both dressed that way again caused Bit to think back on all the changes that had occurred to the Blitz in the last year. Sometimes it still made his head spin.

Later on, they almost had to force Jamie to leave on his honeymoon. "But guys, the seasons still going! How you guys going to manage without us?"

"Jamie, after everything we've been through lately, don't you that we can handle regular zoid battles by now?" Leon told him. "Naomi used to her own team, and Stollers willing to help with the planning."

"That's right, so there's no need to worry." Bit put in, grinning like an idiot.

Jamie groaned and held his head in his hands. "You always say that, and then something goes wrong!" Over his head Pierce looked at Naomi and Leena with a sad smile.

"That was before, this is now. Now go! Enjoy yourself for once!" Leena told Jamie. She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "Or do I have to knock you out and throw onto that zoid?"

Given that choice, Jamie relented, and quickly he and Pierce were off on their two week honeymoon. No-one in the Blitz knew where they were going except Sarah, and she wasn't telling.

x x x x x x

"So, where are we going?" Jamie asked Pierce as they stepped into the small cabin of the Hammerhead they were using. One of the smaller breed, normally used as executive transports by heads of state and business. He hadn't seen the pilot before heading to the separated cabin at the back.

"Oh, somewhere which people like us can appreciate." Pierce told him with a devious smile as she sat down on the edge of the bed that now took up most of the cabin. Jamie had to wonder how they got the damn thing in.

"Really? How? Where?"

Pierce's smile widened. "Oh, just a secluded mountain top resort, nice and quiet." She looked at him oddly. "Perfect for those who want to get away from everything for a while."

"Well that can't be too bad…" Jamie considered as he sat besides her. "But what is there to do at a place like that?"

Pierce chuckled. "Dear, we're not going to need to go out to do anything."

Jamie looked at her, the colour rising in his cheeks. "What do… oh."

"Exactly. Now…" She took a firm grip on his collar. "Come here flyboy…" And with that she pulled him to her, stopping his next question with her mouth. As he felt her lips run over his, Jamie let the last of his thoughts go, including the question of why they weren't waiting till they got there to do this, and just let himself go. With one arm beginning to slide up her dress, he gently pulled her down onto the bed.

x x x x x x

Just outside the cabin door, the co-pilot for the flight smiled broadly before stepping back up into the cockpit. As she sat down, the pilot asked her a simple question.

"So, they at it yet?"

"Yes, she's got him to stop asking questions and put his mouth to good use." She couldn't help but grin.

"Yes, I can imagine." His face split into a grin of his own. A grin she knew very well.

"Christian, we're supposed to be flying this zoid! Not making like the newlyweds back there!"

"Well Susan, it was you who gave Pierce the story of the 'Mile High Club'…" His hand left the controls to slide down her arm.

Susan giggled. "Help!" She mock called into the radio. "I'm being molested by a horny old man!"

"You calling me old? What does that say about you?"

"Careful Chris…" Susan told him as she stepped over him to settle on his lap, facing him. "I know where you live…"

"Well, I had better apologise then hadn't I?" He teased as he began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

"Indeed, and you had better mean it!"

Christian smirked as he kissed the skin just below her collarbone. "Oh, I'm sure I can convince you…"

x x x x x x

Back at the Blitz Base, things were quiet once more. The party had wound down more than an hour ago, and all the guests had returned home. Nearly all the Blitz Team members had retired to their beds, though for a while the occupants of two of those bedrooms did not turn in right away. Even Angel was asleep, curled up under the counter in the kitchen, her belly filled with the leftovers.

However, one person in the base remained awake. Vega was once more sitting on the roof, looking out into space. The peace and quiet allowed him to reflect on everything that had happened lately. The terrible dread that had filled the team after the attack on the Champs, the Backdraft reborn, Janet and Sarah's kidnapping, that battle in the canyon, and lastly Jamie and Pierce's wedding.

But it wasn't just these events that filled the young mans mind. The face of a certain young woman also had space there. Dirty blond with pale skin and bright blue eyes, Miranda Schubaltz was certainly someone he was interested in. The fact that her request to remain part of the Raiders Team was a bonus; Vega was sure that they would be seeing a lot of each in the future.

He knew that it wasn't love yet, not like his mother with Leon or Bit and Leena's passion for each other. But Vega was also wise enough to realise that this feeling he had for her could potentially lead to that. He knew he was young, and that he had never felt this way before for anyone. But he was okay with that. Vega was prepared to wait.

Frowning slightly, he bent forward to adjust the telescope, his eye against the view-finder. Slowly he panned across the night sky until he saw an orange blob. Adjusting the focus the blob turned into a wondrous orange and red cloud, a cluster of stars near the core and wisps around the edge. He allowed his eye to linger on the nebula for a time, before slowly panning the telescope again. After passing over the Judge Super Satellite, which looked even more massive in the telescope, he ended up looking in the direction that it was reckoned that Earth lay. He wondered what that fabled planet looked like. As of yet had not summoned the courage to ask Christian about it, as he knew that it was a potentially touchy subject.

'Some day, I'll know. Some day…'

x x x x x x

Far across space, a little under thirty light-years from Zi, the Cylon pursuit armada hove to in orbit of the small dead world that Base Ship one-seven-two had found the Cybrid outpost on. To any eye the fleet would have sent shivers running up the owner's spine, but to a Colonial the sight would have been terrifying. In addition to the ten Hades class BaseStars, there were a half dozen Tratulus Destroyers, smaller, single disk versions of the Hades that lacked fighters but had ten mega-pulsar cannons compared to the Hades two. But in the centre of the fleet was a ship that dwarfed even the mighty Hades. It was a triple disk vessel, the top and bottom ones straight from a Hades with a central disk that was fifty percent larger in diameter again. Weapon ports bristled across the ship, and its darker hull plating gave it a much more looming menace.

Deep within the heart of the titanic Lucifer Class Command Ship, the throne room was a dark, quiet chamber. Even during battle very little would disturb the quiet that pervaded the sparse chamber. The only point of interest was the central column atop which the ships command chair sat.

One of the five transparent sets of doors slid open, allowing an IL series Cylon, escorted by two regular centurions, access to the chamber. The whirling of lights within the IL's head began to pulse faster, the only visible sign of the Cylons emotions, if one could call them that. The three stopped at the foot of the towering pedestal.

"By your command" The IL series spoke; its artificial voice was cultured when compared to the almost grating tone of the Centurions.

Slowly the chair turned to reveal a second IL sitting in it. But this was no ordinary IL series Cylon. This was Lucifer, designer of the Command ship he now commanded and the IL who had served under the Colonial Traitor Baltar. It was rumoured that his time with the human, although allowing him an insight into the human mind, had made Lucifer rather… erratic. Unstable would also be suitable. Neither was a term that Cylons were comfortable with when describing their own.

"Speak Lazare. What have you to report?"

"My lord, we have finished our preliminary investigation of the data the Cybrid central consciousness handed over to us, and our analysis of the Cybrid combat units provided."


"Considering that these Cybrids were originally made by humans, they are remarkable machines of war. Their weapons and armour are primitive, but they do have solid construction and an incredible ability to be able to make a whole functional unit out of the wreckage of several destroyed ones. The interchangeable weapons allow great tactical flexibility, and their defence shields are quite remarkable."

"So the data confirms that they were made by man?" Lucifer wasn't sure if he was ready to accept this fact.

"Indeed." Lazare continued, not noticing Lucifer's tone. "In fact they have stated that the humans who created them were from the planet called Earth, the so called thirteenth tribes' home."

This was most troubling. If the thirteenth tribe could create such combat machines years ago, what were they capable of now? "Did they give an indication of how advanced the human are now?"

"Not enough to be certain. But they did claim that during the final battles, their legions did destroy almost all the technology that created them on Earth, and once their master was destroyed, a failsafe system in those units that were not sent out into space to escape meant that nothing would be left for the humans to recover."

Lucifer sat back in thought, allow all this new information to run through his processors. This news was disturbing, but not disastrous. While the Cybrids were formidable for their technology, the Cylon Empires own technology was far superior in all but a few areas. The humans of the Thirteenth Tribe had no interstellar ships of note, certainly nothing that could challenge a Base Star. Still, it was troubling.

"Did the data include the location of Earth?" It might be easier to eliminate Earth before the Colonials got there, thereby destroying the Colonials last hope before riding them from the universe.

Lazare hesitated, a bad sign. "Not exactly."

"Oh?" 'That sounded like Baltar. I spent far too long with that human.'

"The data has a vector towards a planet were this command elements master located humans. This unit was sent out to stockpile combat Cybrids in the event the master was defeated. The carrier signal that originated from that master unit cut off just before base ship one-seven-two entered orbit. There is a second vector from that planet to Earth."

'Hmm, not so bad then. We can wipe out the colony, learn how to beat these 'Thirteenth Tribe' Humans, then move on to Earth… What kind of name for a planet is that?... and destroy it before the Colonials get there.'

"Very well, return to your labs. Develop the Cybrid shield technology to the point were we have shielded Raider and warships. Also see what other areas the Cybrids are more advanced and provide upgrades for our systems. Concurrently, I want to see some new Cybrid units brought up to our technical level." Lucifer paused for a second, considering the last item on his mind. "And have the Cybrid central consciousness brought before me."

"My lord, the memory systems used by the Cybrids is very inefficient. It would be impossible to bring the Cybrid Command Element to you without integrating it with the ship itself."

Lucifer sighed mentally. "Then integrate the Element with the ship. Just make sure it can't take complete control of this ship." 'Oh dear, that sounded even more like Baltar. Once these humans are destroyed, I'm going to have my memory selectively erased. I swear the human psyche is contagious!'

Lazare bowed perfectly. "By your command."

As Lazare turned and walked out of the chamber flanked by his centurions, Lucifer rotated the command chair back around, letting his thoughts drift…

The End…?

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