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Chapter 11: Epilogue

The entire cast of 'A Fate Worse than Death', sat at a large table in the bar at Costa del Sol. The table was littered with abandoned baskets of fries and burgers as well as empty mugs of what was once beer. Some of the men were tossing down shots of their chosen liquor while some of the girls were giggling amongst each other.

"So what are we going to do now?" Barret asked, a bit drowsily. The dark-skinned man had inhaled nearly eight mugs of the heady Nibelheim ale and his mind was spinning.

Cloud shrugged. "Whatever the hell Draco comes up with. That girl is insane, no doubt."

"Hey!" argued Cid indignantly. "You were the one that nearly destroyed the whole world because you couldn't make it into SOLDIER. You're one to talk." He tossed back his third shot of his favorite drink, scotch, and grinned lecherously at his long time boyfriend and lover, Vincent.

"You know," Tifa spat out. Her face was red as she giggled and draped herself on her husband of three years, Rude. "I nearly died when you confessed your love for Yuffie. That writer is some- ulp… something else." The dark man wearing sunglasses wrapped his arms around his women and grinned largely.

"I should have had a bigger part," Sephiroth grumbled. He gulped down his margarita and grabbed Cloud, dragging his newest conquest to his side.

"I was acting!" replied the blond indignantly, still referring to the comment Cid had made. "That movie was a big hit you know. I wonder if AFWTD will be just as popular."

"With me as its star, I wouldn't doubt," said Vincent flatly, peering at the others over the rim of his Wutai Island Iced Tea.

"But you were such a cute chibi," smirked Reno in reference to Sephiroth's early utterance. He received a growl and scowl in return but the red-head was unperturbed.

"You are so fucking hot, baby," cooed Cid. He turned and attacked the dark-haired man, pulling his lover into a wet and heavy kiss.

"Oh, gods, are you two part rabbit?" asked Elena with a shake of her head. "Honestly, you never stop."

"You just don't like it because it turns you on," leered Reno, nudging the blond Turk with his shoulder. "To see two hot guys kissing each other and going at it like bunnies, yo. It's a sexy thing." He wiggled his eyebrows as he leaned back into his lover's arms, that of the stoic and quiet Tseng, who unfortunately did not make an appearance in the newest movie.

"Honestly, I had to stay in Midgar with Rufus… I'm an A-list star," mumbled the Wutaiian Turk as he gulped down another shot of whiskey. He was far past the stopping point. He hardly noticed the warmth and weight of the red head.

"Easy enough for you to argue," Aeris retorted. "I died in the first one and was nothing more than a memory in AFWTD. I made the least of all." She glared at everyone as she was dressed in a pair of baggy sweatpants and a loose grey shirt.

"But you were a rallying cry," Yuffie insisted gamely. "We all revenged your death."

"I entirely agree," Nanaki remarked in a pompous tone as he sat on a chair next to the dark-haired younger woman. The ninja reached down and ruffled his now brown fur, the dye having been washed out. An orange furred creature was far more interesting than one that was plain brown.

"I have to hand it to the writer though," Reeve remarked, nodding his head. He sipped at his drink as the others waited patiently for him to finish what he was going to say. "She is quite brilliant."

"Right." Cid snorted. "In only a crazy and deranged sort of way."

"Do not mock those who are insane," insisted Vincent. He raised an eyebrow at the pilot. "It might come back to bite you in the ass." The dark-haired man bared his teeth at the pilot, revealing the slightly fanged front canines.

"I still don't understand what was so bad about marrying me." Yuffie snorted indignantly. She pointed her nose in the air and sniffed. "I'm not so bad."

"Right," defied Reno. "If someone wanted to spend their lives in hell."

"Why you-" Yuffie made as if to jump at the Turk, but Cloud simply grabbed the back of her shirt and yanked on it, forcing the smaller girl to topple backwards into her seat. She plopped down with a dissatisfied huzzah and picked up her drink.

"I can't believe I had to pretend to be het…" Reeve murmured with a wrinkling of his nose.

"Hadn't you already bitten my ass?" Cid questioned under his breath, glancing suggestively at his lover. He was still referring to their conversation of a few sentences ago.

"I knew it!" Tifa exclaimed triumphantly, jumping to her feet and waving her mug happily. She swayed as she stood. She had apparently had enough alcohol. "I knew you were gay, Reeve Tuesti."

"He came out last Christmas, dumbass!" retorted Elena with roll of her eyes. The sad thing about Tifa's role in both storylines was that it wasn't an act. She really was an airhead.

"Remember sweetie," Rude commented as he helped Tifa sit down. "He told everyone that he had a crush on Rufus, was it?" he asked the dark-haired man and received a nod in return. "Right, Rufus before he passed out drunk from the Gongaga Tequila."

"That man sure knows how to act," Barret responded with a shudder. "Even I thought he was truly a cold and calculating bastard."

"That's cause he is," insisted Aeris with a snort. "Try dating him for once."

"Have you read that new fanfiction that came out about us? It was a really long one, and had a good plot line too," Shera said suddenly, changing the subject and inserting herself into the conversation.

"Is Rufus gay or what?" questioned Elena, looking pointedly at Reno.

"Gods," Yuffie laughed. "I love reading those things. Those fans have some things so terribly WRONG! Seriously, me in love with Vincent of all people!"

"No," Reeve mumbled glumly. "Alas the trials of my heart, it shall remain forever broken…" He sighed dramatically and flopped his head on the table.

"Hey!" retorted Vincent indignantly. "There is nothing wrong with me."

"Sorry sweets," Yuffie answered with a smile. "You're just not my type."

"It's okay, 'kitty'," mocked Reno, repeating the nickname that Yuffie had given to the dark-haired man. "If Seng-Seng says its okay, you can join us for a night, yo." (Wahoo! Three men, what more can we ask for?)

"Anyways," Shera continued, shooting the two arguing friends a glare. "It was a really lovely story with an alternate ending and a sequel that hasn't come out yet. I can't really remember the title of it… Ice something or other."

"Really?" Reeve looked up hopefully. His amber eyes shone with the idea and suddenly dirty thoughts invaded his mind. He blushed furiously.

"You know," Barret commented to know one in particular. "It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow along with anyone's conversation." He shrugged when no one said anything and took another huge gulp of his alcohol.

"Oh!" Sephiroth said suddenly. "I think I remember that one now. It was called Shattered Ice."

"Really?" questioned Cid leaning forward. "What was it about?"

"Amazingly enough it was about you and Vincent being together," answered Shera. "I liked it."

"Did we have lots of sex?" Vincent asked, trying to hide the interested tone to his voice.

It was Sephiroth who answered this time. "It was adequate as I remember. Then you died in the end."

"What!" both Vincent and Cid exclaimed in the same shocked moment.

"I… I died… again?" the dark-haired man questioned, his crimson eyes wide. He had grown quite fond of the contacts and rarely took them out.

Sephiroth scoffed. "Don't feel so bad. I died, too."

"Yeah… it was quite sad and touching too. Then afterwards Reno proposed to Reeve. That was so sweet," Shera gushed.

"But you always die," Nanaki pointed out. "That hardly ever changes."

"True." The silver-haired nodded man smugly. "But more often than not I always come back to life. I am just too hot for my own good, aren't I, Cloud?" He nuzzled his lover's neck with his nose as his hand crept below the table and beneath prying eyes.

"I have got to read this now!" exclaimed Yuffie. It sounded so interesting.

"I … died. But I never die. I'm too hot to die," Vincent murmured quietly, tone still disbelieving.

"I have a feeling that it isn't the end of you though," Sephiroth responded. "I am also eagerly awaiting the sequel. Perhaps I should write my own fanfiction then."

"Right." Reno snorted. "You could call it 'The Truth about Sephiroth: I'm not that bad'."

There was a general chorus of laughter from everyone present at the table. They giggled until their sides ached. Then finally the table fell silent as they returned to their drinks.

"Still," began Cid finally. "It was a fun ride, and I can't wait for the next one."

"Hear, hear," Cloud announced bringing up his glass.

The others nodded in agreement as they raised their drinks and cheered to yet another successful movie. They drank and then lowered their glasses in tandem, the heavy glass striking the table all in the same moment.

Then Reeve picked up his again and lowered it to the table, repeating the action over and over again, forming a steady beat.

Yuffie began to laugh slightly but pulled out one of her throwing stars, tapping it on the table to a much faster staccato.

Cid palmed the heavy glass on the table and began to push it from hand to hand, sliding it over the plane of the wood. It made a sliding sound as he continued the action.

The three sounds began to join, forming a rhythm that couldn't be ignored.

Rude leapt forward and grabbed one of the empty food baskets. He turned it over and began beating on the bottom of it with his hands, a makeshift drum.

Vincent and Reno began to hum in tune as Elena and Tifa got up and started to dance in jerky movements that mimicked the dance floor.

In the kitchen, the sound of clanging pots and pans was a welcome flashback.

Suddenly music started to play out of nowhere as the entire cast of Final Fantasy VII and A Fate Worse Than Death began to sing and dance a familiar tune.

(Vitamin C: Graduation)

So we talked all night

about the rest of our lives

where we're going to be

when we turn twenty-five.

Tseng and Sephiroth turned to each other, singing along as they chinged their glasses together and congratulated themselves on a job well done.

Cloud grabbed the silver haired man's head and enveloped him in a sloppy kiss even as he moved to dance to the music.

Yuffie grabbed the table cloth and gave it a yank, effectively clearing off the cluttered table for more important things.

Within seconds, she, Tifa, and Elena had climbed up on top to sing with their pretend microphones and shake their asses.

I keep thinking times will never change

keep on thinking things will always be the same

ooh, when we leave this year

we won't be coming back

Rude started to snap his fingers as he joined along, his deep baritone making the whole entire musical sound more full and bodied. His head bopped from side to side as his sunglasses slid up and down his face.

A waiter appeared out of nowhere and gaped at the huge mess on the floor. He paled when he realized it would be him who would have to clean it up, and he wondered if he would even get a good tip.

Before he had a chance to ponder further; however, Reno chased him away, Electro Rod blazing as he sang at the top of his lungs. Except the red-head had the annoying habit of adding 'yo' at the end of every other phrase.

No more hanging out cause we're on a different track

and if you got something that you need to say

you better say it right now

cause you won't have another day

Cid pulled out his spear from nowhere and jammed it into the wooden floor. Miraculously it stuck and became a sort of pole. Without further adieu, he began to pole dance as a few gil miraculously appeared in his pants pockets.

Vincent appeared at his lover's side, a bit embarrassed and tried to coax the blond down. After all, they may have had sex on screen for a movie, but that didn't mean he would allow his lover to be on display.

Cid just grinned and threw himself on top of the gunman. The two fell to the ground and disappeared under a table.

"Ewww, gum," was the only sound that was heard.

As we're moving on, we can't slow down

these memories are playing like a film without sound

And I keep thinking of that night in June

I didn't know much of love but it came too soon

Slowly, the Crescent bar began to empty out of its patrons, leaving only the singing cast and the strange music in their wake.

Reeve got up on the table with the dancing females and attempted to copy their movements. He wiggled his hips and shook his ass. He thrust his chest forward and shook what he didn't have. (Although what he DID have was impressive nonetheless. Don't forget the tighty whities.)

Tseng couldn't help but point and laugh. Reeve looked entirely ridiculous. But that's what happens when music starts playing for no reason around a group of drunk and contemplative friends.

And there was me and you

and when it got real good

stay at home talking on the telephone

And we would get so excited and

we would get so scared

laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair

and this is how it feels

There was a loud yelp and suddenly Vincent appeared out from under the table, half-dressed as Cid came chasing after him, arms outstretched as if reaching. The dark-haired man had a big smile on his face as he laughed and ran around the bar, allowing the blond to chase him.

Tifa leapt down from the table and onto Rude's shoulders. He barely grunted underneath her weight and easily supported her on his broad muscles. She grinned as she gripped his bald head and started bouncing from side to side. He held onto her legs and began to spin in slow circles.

Aeris was laughing as she shook two small bottles filled with beans to imitate maracas. Nanaki was running around her in circles, occasionally barking out excitedly.

As we go on

we remember

all the times

we've had together.

As our lives change,

come whatever,

we will still be friends forever

Barret still sat at the table, sourly drinking his ale. His friends were making fools of themselves as usual, and no way was he going to join in the inanity. Last time he had… well, that wasn't important anyways. All that mattered was this time, Mr. Wallace was going to watch and have blackmail for later.

Tseng wandered into the path of the running dark-haired man and promptly tripped Vincent who fell flat on his face. Within seconds Cid had caught up to his prey as Tseng snickered into his hands.

The blond jumped onto his lover and glomped him appreciatively. Vincent pretended to put up a fight as he scrunched his face up and attempted to ward off the blond with his hands. In the end, he just gave up and wrapped his arms around Cid, grabbing the tight ass.

So if you get the big jobs and we make the big money

when we look back now will the jokes still be funny?

And will we still remember everything we learned in school

still be trying to break every single rule

Elena jumped down from the table and held her arms out at perpendicular angles from her body. She began to spin in circles to the beat of the song, a large smile on her face.

"I used to love doing this as a kid!" she exclaimed.

Tseng appeared out of nowhere and pushed her over, snickering like a big bully as she tripped on her own feet, stumbled for a moment before crumpling to the floor. The Wutaiian snickered gamely and moved on to his next target, the drinking and non-participating Barret.

Reeve and Yuffie continued to dance on top of the table, entertaining the few regulars of the Crescent that were not members of the cast. A few men and even women began to whoop and holler, excited by the amusement.

We'll even be break it down with a stockbroker man

we'll find a job that won't interfere with our tan

I keep thinking that it's not goodbye

I keep on thinking that it's a time to fly

And this is how it feels

Sephiroth grabbed Cloud and the two men started to break dance on the floor, twisting and turning as they flipped and flopped. The silver-haired man did the worm, and the blond was moon-walking before they knew what was going on.

Tseng wandered by and threw a bucket of water on the two men just for the hell of it. He pointed and laughed yet again as he beheld the spectacle. There was just something amusing in being the perpetual prankster.

Nanaki leapt up on his hind legs and started jumping back and forth, moving his forelimbs in the air in some semblance of a dance. His tail wagged excitedly, and he was grinning from ear to ear as he joined in the singing.

As we go on

we remember

all the times

we've had together.

As our lives change,

come whatever,

we will still be friends forever

"Oooh, threesome," Reno grinned, suddenly jumping into the fray of Cid and Vincent. There was a yelp, and the red-head leapt out just as quickly. The gunman had grabbed and squeezed, and the Turk was forced to evacuate before he lost what was most important to him.

Rude snaked out a hand and grabbed the shirt tails of his partner. Reno came to an abrupt stop and slid in some ketchup that had fallen on the floor. His blue eyes widened as he started to move forward without intention and crashed into Tseng.

The dark-haired Turk crashed the floor, face first into a key lime pie that hadn't been eaten by the massive group of people.

There was a general roar of laughter as the prankster ended up with pie on his face. He looked up, whipped cream covering his features and spat out some of the lime green pie.

"Mmm, I love Key Lime Pie," murmured Reno laughing as he leaned over his lover and started to lick off the dessert confection. It was both sweet and sour to him.

La, La, La, La, La, La, La

Yeah, yeah, yeah

La, La, La, La, La, La, La

We will still be friends forever

Will I think about tomorrow like I think about now

Can we survive it out there

can we make it somehow?

Aeris continued to sing as loud as she could. For such a small body, she had a big mouth and her voice almost overpowered everyone else's. Her maraca's made noises until Barret threw a bottle at her and knocked them from her hands. The musical instruments rolled underneath a table and disappeared into the third dimension, never to be found again.

Vincent and Cid finally managed to pull themselves up from the floor as they started to spin in each other in some semblance to the waltz. Or at least that was what they called it.

Yuffie and Reeve climbed down from the table and started playing leap frog.

Everyone continued to sing, loving every moment they spent with their friends. That was why their movies were so good. They were the biggest group of best actor and actress friends on all of Planet. (What the hell was the name of their planet anyways?)

Tseng and Reno managed to push themselves up from the floor, the Wutaiian's face picked clean by the red-head's tongue.

I guess I thought that this will never end

and suddenly it's like we're women and men

will the past be a shadow that will follow us round

will these memories fade when I leave this town.

I keep thinking that it's not goodbye

I keep on thinking that it's time to fly

Vincent put his arm around Cid's shoulder and Cloud's, linking the three together. The men shared a smile and continued singing as Reeve appeared on Cid's left and Reno on Cloud's right. They joined the hugging men and slung their arms on shoulders.

Tseng made his way to his lover's side and wrapped his arms around the man from behind. He apparently didn't want to share his shoulder with anyone, but that was okay because he still swayed to the song, grinding his hips into Reno's in the same rhythm. Naughty Tseng.

Yuffie tried to wiggle her way between Cid and Vincent but neither men was having that. Vincent cast her the look of death at the same moment that the pilot bopped her on the head. The ninja meekly made her way to Reno's side and wrapped her arm around the taller red head's shoulder.

As we go on

we remember

all the times

we've had together.

As our lives change,

come whatever,

we will still be friends forever

Sephiroth came and inserted himself between the lecherous Reno and his own lover Cloud. There was an uncharacteristic smile on his face as he jokingly grabbed the blond's ass before joining in the shoulder sharing session.

Shera snaked her way to the Cid's side and joined him, easily merging with the sway as Tifa appeared next to her, dragging Rude along. They begin to form a half or three-quarters circle of sorts. All that remained were Aeris, Nanaki, Barret, and whoever else was there.

The remaining friends inserted themselves into the circle of love and suddenly it was finished. As they continued to sing the chorus over and over they began to sway to the rhythm.

Smiles were shared, kisses were exchanged, asses were grabbed, and it was a general happy time.

Tomorrow was a new day and a new adventure… but today was for memories and boy did they have many.

I can only imagine.

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