"Ok Draco, when the next contraction comes I want you to push real hard, and that should do it" Draco's doctor said from the end of the birthing table.
"Come on Honey, just one more push" Harry whispered encouragingly as he rubbed a spot low on Draco's back that had been bothering him since his labor had started ten hours ago. He had been amazed at how strong Draco had been through out the long drawn out process
"I've changed my mind Harry I don't want kids anymore" Draco whined 'it hurts"
Harry laughed "I think it's a bit late to be thinking that Baby, it will be over soon, you just need to push one more time."
"I don't want to fucking push!" Draco screamed "you want these fucking babies so much you get on the frickin table and push. Just leave me alone, Potter, I don't want to see you."
Harry stared at Draco. He hadn't heard Draco swear so much since their school days. "You know I would do it for you if I could. If you really want me to leave I will" Harry stopped rubbing Draco's back and started to walk away.
"Harry! Don't leave me I'm sorry. I didnt mean that" Draco cried.

Draco began his breathing again, indicating another contraction was on it's way. Harry tensed right along with his husband.
"Come here, dad, quick,' the mediwitch said to Harry. "this is something you don't want to miss."
Harry was torn between obeying the mediwitch's orders and remaining by his husband's side. Draco made the decision for him. With a reassuring smile, he said in between pants of breath, "Go I'll be fine."

Harry rounded the table and stood next to the mediwitch, his eyes widening at the miracle in process "Oh my god, Draco the baby has a head" he cried
Draco gave a strangled laugh that turned into a groan as his belly spasmed. He gave a mighty push as his body demanded, and Harry watched as one of their babies slipped into the hands of the mediwitch. Wearily Draco slumped back onto the bed.
The baby wailed. Harry stood stunned, awed, paralyzed by an overwhelming wave of emotion as he watched the baby squirm in the mediwitch's hands.

"It's a girl," the mediwitch announced with a broad smile, and the nurses standing nearby issued congratulations. Grabbing a pair of sterile scissors, the mediwitch handed them to Harry. "The honor is all yours dad" Harry stared at the scissors in horror, until the mediwitch chuckled and explained, "you get to cut the cord"
nervously, Harry severed the connection between the baby and Draco. The nurse whisked the baby away to be cleaned and have her vitals checked.

"I don't want to be a bother or anything" Draco started "but HELLO I still have one stuck in me ya know."

Eight minutes later Draco gave birth to a little boy.

Stunned Harry made his way back to Draco's side "A daughter and a son" he whispered because he didn't want to wake the babies sleeping next to their father "we have a daughter and a son"

Draco smiled tiredly "Yeah we do.'
Harry didn't think it was possible, but his love for Draco had increased over the four months of their married life, and after the gifts he had given him today Harry was bursting with emotion "Thank you." he said.

Draco grabbed Harry's shirt and pulled him down for a quick kiss. 'I think you had a hand at this too, Potter."
"A hand?" Harry murmured, grinnig wickedly against Draco's soft mouth "and here I thought it was that other part of my body that did the trick."
Draco rolled his eyes.

A mediwitch came over and picked up the babies as they started whimpering and to Harry's dismay she put them in his arms. Maddison Rose and Xander Harrison as he and Draco had decided to call them had healthy sets of lungs and had no problem voicing their displeasure. Their faces were red and their little hands were curled into flailing fists.
Harry looked at Draco for help. He'd been so poised and controlled all through the birth and now with his children in his arms he was nervous and uncertain. His children depended on him and he didn't have a clue as how to soothe them.
"What do I do?" he asked anxiously.
Draco gently touched his daughters head stroking the soft dark hair there "Hold them close and love them." he said simply.
As Harry cuddled his babies close and rocked gently their cries settled. He looked between the babies and thought they were the most beautiful children he had ever seen. tears stung the back of his eyes.

Hold them close and love them Harry thought. He didn't think that would ever be a problem. Not when they already had him wrapped around their little fingers.

The end