Red Silk

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A/N: Prologue is written with a different style and different language structure because I'm trying to capture an older world.


The title Red Silk was chosen as it reinforces the meaning and the relationship between characters in this fiction. In Chinese belief, a thread of red silk is what binds two lovers together.


The initialization of this story began roughly thousands of years ago when man was still developing with the wilderness. However If it has any future (depends on how you little kiddies respond) the story will move into the 21st century. Please read and enjoy, you happy equates to me happy. Drop me some words to make me hyper!


Sasuke's mistake thousands of years ago cost him something valuable, his first and only love. Determined to live on as the monster his brother created him to be he promised to find those azure eyes once more and ask for forgiveness. AU Yaoi Vamps/Shape shifters/witches.

Final Warning: If you are just after some random sex and lemons all the way go elsewhere this is a fiction with a storyline which Sooky has worked hard to make.


Red Silk

Prologue: The length that binds us

I had screamed until my lungs were on the verge of rupturing…

It didn't matter how I begged him, their bloody bodies continued to fall at his feet like unwanted broken dolls…

Young and old, infants and mothers…

There was no mercy…

Their twisted expressions were bathed in the moonlight …

I couldn't hear them scream…

Only my own voice pierced my eardrums…

Innocent blood stained his pale skin…

Those eyes that once held warmth looked at me with pity tinted and stained with the substance that smeared his body…

The man that stood before me was no longer my brother…

I charged towards him roaring in fury, blinded by spite, I felt sweat dewing within my hands as I toke aim at his heart with my hunting spear.

My hands had faltered as the jagged edge penetrated his chest. A blood curdling sound surged the crisp air as bones was fractured and broken and flesh was pierced and ripped.

My mind froze as I realized what I had done…

My own brother…

During these moments, my mind grasped that this seemingly fatal wound I had imposed on my opponent was futile.

He remained planted firmly on the ground his black hair whipped at his blushed face as a stream of wind rushed pass.

It was too late.

He wasn't human anymore.

My brother had completed his curse of immortality

Coarse laughter mocked my uselessness breaking the silence.

"Foolish, brother would you care to join me?" he smiled callously with a hint of amusement liquid red dripping from his lips.

"You are possessed!" I screamed at the figure that stood within an arms reach.

I shouted as I rammed my weapon deeper into his ribcage only to be forced back. Powerful hands lapped over my own grip as he jerked the delicately carved bone tip from his flesh painlessly.

Numbness washed through my body, paralyzing my actions I couldn't help but drop my only defense, the simple stick landed with a sickening splash into a pull of warm wine.

He dared me to fight as he slowly paced forwards closing our distance.

Those red eyes induced my fear, he was a murderer, he was going to use me like the others.

My heart raced.

I yelped and scuttled backwards my feet digging onto sharp stones. I keep my eyes on him fearing the insanity that currently raged through my blood kin. My heel knocked against something soft I cried out as I lost my balance.

I had fallen onto something soft and cold.

Taking a nervous look I discovered a corpse that had turned blue as the morning frost.

I panicked.

My body automatically scuttled away from the slaughtered lamb.

Desperately I turned my guard back to my enemy.

The moon flooded my vision, instantaneously blinding me.

Using this moment he attacked.

I had only managed to catch a flash of his shadow before I felt a weight greater than my own forced over me, pinning me down.

"Why?" I barely manage to cry out before a searing sensation ripped at my throat.

I could feel the lips that roughly contacted my skin form a cruel smile.

Salt seared my eyes as trickles traced my cheeks.

I felt my strength slip away.

My fate was sealed to join the masses of battered and lifeless bodies.

"Sasuke my precious sibling we have all of eternity..."

These words echoed in my mind as I sunk into my euphoria.

Hoping I was just caught in a vision that the great spirits weaved in my mind.

I prayed…


I gasped for air as if someone was strangling me.

A throbbing pain ached at my neck a pounding inside my head.

'Why am I breathing?'

'Why am I alive?'

Splashing noises drummed into my mind.

I found myself suspended in a chill.

As I became more conscious I discovered that my body was submerged in a rapid flow of water.

My ears were smothered by continuous water that was slapping my face, my eyes could barely widen.

There was no distinct glow from above, I worked out nightfall was upon the earth.

The glow from the moon was absent.

How many days have I spent afloat in this seemingly endless stream?

It was cold.

My body felt like it was exposed bare to the first whites of winter.

Like dead wood I drifted aimlessly along with the currants, twigs and stones catching onto my dampened wear.

Scratching my skin, leaving cuts where water stung like wasps.

Powerless like a wounded fish I was caught in an unseen path with the river.

My limbs refused to move, refused my commands.

I continued to lie in the rapids falling back to the darkness.


When dawn broke the warmer waters encouraged me to return, I was in calmer waters.

In the air there was a heavy scent of firs and pines distinctly stronger then my homeland.

There were fumes from burnt wood and a faint smell of cooked meat.

A pinching pain tore in my stomach.

How many days have I not fueled my body.

The river had died down to a thin brook, my back brushed against the shallow rock beds.

I've finally stopped to my unknown destination.

As the sun rose over the horizon warmth was returned to my skin however I remained paralyzed.

Lying there calling on nature to dispose of me.

'I should be dead'

A voice somewhere in the distance startled me; it was as sweet as the songbirds that welcome the day.

I couldn't identify the words nor recognize the melody to the song.

It was coming towards the clearing.

Gentle footsteps barely treaded on fallen leaves and twigs that littered the banks.

It suddenly stopped, then screamed in surprise.

I couldn't comprehend what was shouted so frantically.

They must have spotted me, lying here pitifully in peril.

I couldn't speak my throat was parched even though water had been my company for the past days.

I wanted to respond but lacked the energy.

Allowing the stranger to come to me curiously, I yearned and waited to be saved form this wet wintriness.

Water splattered ungracefully as the feet entered the water, treading in a rush movement towards me.

Soon the dashes of water sprayed on my skin.

An empowering essence of nectar overwhelmed my senses.

The voice grew quiet; a small shadow crept on my face.

Hectic feelings diminishing as the stranger verified I was breathing but barely.

A hand reached down to trace my wounds on my neck.

Heat seeped through the delicate fingers leaving a trail of fire at the touch.

I opened my eyes only to be enveloped in summer blue mirrors.

It was a girl?

Her cerulean eyes were widened with alarm, framed by long lashes.

The face was soft and kind, godlike yet human.

Beauty I've never seen before, her hair a mysterious color of wheat and gold as the leaves of Autumn .Lips as pink as the blossoming flowers of spring. Skin toned with a healthy glow.

I managed a smile.

My lips parted to greet my savior.

Only a cough welcomed her.

The face disappeared from my view.

I immediately felt the warmth of the other return as she returned to loop her thin arms under my own and fixated in a clasp on my chest.

She struggled to drag my dead weight back to dry land pausing to catch her breath.

'Thank you' I wanted to say so desperately before I slipped into sleep. .


I woke later that day in a cold sweat haunted by dark visions, still weak as a new born alone in a wooden hut shielded by animal hides.

The wounds my body carried had been attended to by herbs and ointments.

I was shaking my clothing had been stripped and a modest loin clothe had been reserved to cover my man hood. My bedding was soft grass parted by a thin reed mat and the skin of a bear.

Hunger demanded attention but I was too tired.

Outside wood fire crackled as a small humming of voices spoke anxiously.

I couldn't understand a word.

'Where am I?'

'Have I crossed the southern borders of our land?'

Elders have spoken of tribes that occupied the great land but why couldn't I understand them?

'Where is she?'

That scent of nectar returned.

Images of my saint rummaged through my thoughts.

I heard a shuffle at the entrance to the room.

Turning my head as best I could, my wish had been answered.

Her presence illuminated the room, walking in was her cloaked figure in the fur of silver white, in her arms was a crafted basket filled with fruit. Her blonde hair was loosely decorating her neck, the face still visible under a hood.

As our eyes met, she froze and dropped her burden.

She started to speak, walking towards me carefully.

The perfect angelic face that had been burned into my mind was so close to my own as she settled down to peer into my own.

Turning to her side, she pulled up a neatly folded brown cover.

Returning her attention to me her soft lips stretched into a heart warming smile.

With a few actions she quickly fanned out the material and placed the mass on top of my cold body.

As she tucked me in I lifted my hand to catch her wrist with out notice.

I pulled her down earning a small cry from her.

Our legs were entangled our bodies only separated by a small barrier.

I could feel her muscles tense and stricken at my sudden strike.

Our breath harmonized, her soft whimper brushed my face.

She was enticing, her body emitting heat to me like a raw fire.

I wanted her to stay.

Her eyes fluttered astonished as I gazed into hers longing for her company.


As if she understood she relaxed in my arms and patted my arms to release her.

Letting my grip loose she shifted herself to a position next to mine under the material to share my bed.

As her form slipped near me my arms wound themselves around her narrow waist drawing her body closer to mine, forcing her face to be less than a foot away.

She protested, and tried to gain space between us as she pushed her arms against my bare chest.

Her face reddened, her eyes looked away from mine as I press her frame into my body.

'So you're a boy' I verified the uncertainty.

I wasn't shocked.

All my feelings have been genuine.

'Thank you' I said silently as I lightly placed my lips on his as I would to a lover.

There was no resistance, watching his reaction I slowly waned back to rest.

Warmth seeped into my soul.


(Following conversation is in a different dialect than the one Sasuke speaks)

"He brings no harm to us," claimed the blonde as he defended his guest.

"He is nothing but a stranger, his origins unknown" his peer paused "why was he covered with blood? If we permit him to stay…" Brown eyes tried to hold his calm.

"He cannot speak our words, yet he is not mute. The healer had warned us that the liquid that stains his cloths and being when you discovered him belonged to more than just him alone!" The older man pointed out in frustration.

"He is a man. He has not shown any violence and I don't believe he could even be a creature that roams the land murdering humans! What if the wound he suffers was by animals or even the shape shifters that walk amongst the upper forest beyond the north?" he spat.

"Naruto, you know the shape shifters have been driven back by the upper east clans. The possibility is slim. Those wounds on his neck were meant to kill!"

"Look at his build! He is a warrior type, maybe he was fighting against wolves!" the boy intercepted.

"Look? He has the look of an exiled man, discarded by his men and kin." The man retorted.

The man sighed when the boy looked like he was on the brink of tears.

"Naruto you are too kind and trusting. For you have not witness the horrors of this world. Don't be saddened. This is merely an argument for a pet?"

"You know we cannot risk taking in a stranger, he could be a murderer or a demon. We permitted him to stay till his wounds were better because of you Naruto"

The boy bit his lip.

"But If we let him stay, he could be my family?"

"Naruto the people that live here are your kin"

"It's not the same" he cried.

'I found him!'

"Hush child," the man enclosed his arms around a sobbing boy.

"It has been decided by the elders, that man must leave our territory by the next nightfall."



I don't know how long I slept but then I woke It was late afternoon. The suns blaze was descending. The temperature inside the shelter was starting to cool.

The body that had lied in my arms had left long ago. But his warmth and scent still lingered on my skin.

I sat up, my limbs aching from disuse.

Sleep had been kind allowing me to heal and the hands that tended my cuts were kinder.

I reached for my neck, the pain had sub sided. All that was left was a light scab.

'I will kill you with these hands…' as anger welled in my mind for the person who ruined me, I clenched my fist.

Levering myself upwards, I surveyed my surroundings, picking up the flimsy cover and wrapping it around my waist.

I investigated a stack of bowls sitting to my left.

I felt light headed.

'Of course, how long has it been since I last ate'

The thought of food activated my cravings.

I turned to step out and search for something edible but stopped.

It was that smell again.

That boy…

He was returning to me.

However he didn't think I would be up as I've looked like I was on my death bed.

So he carelessly marched in, straight into my path.

He staggered back in contact.

I reached out for his waist before he fell backwards, pulling him into a hug once more.

The boy was much short than me my chin rested on the silk thread hair.

He was small…but he appeared to be as old as sixteen summers.

I peered down and the startled face.

He had been crying, the tell tale redness and glimmer remained.

Those eyes realized I was studying him, he quickly moved back in embarrassment clutching something tightly in his arms.

My eyes moved to the bundle.

Seeing this he held it up to me.

I pointed to myself and nodded at him asking him if it was me.

He nodded in response.

Taking the parcel from him I unraveled it to find a set of clothing similar to the boys but in black.

I put the gifts on flashing him a smile.

He returned a saddened one to me.

Something was wrong.

Moving towards me he tugged at my cloak with his small hands.

I followed his lead.

Outside his homeland was lively with fire hearths and people dressed in the same manner the smell of food circulated the air.

The sun was returning home beyond the horizon, barely visible as it was being swallowed by darkness.

People watched us with deeming eyes and chattered to each other.

I watched the boy's reaction who was growing depressed as we walked.

A voice called out loudly behind us something that sounded like


The boy responded immediately stopping in his steps and turned around.

I followed and found a man with a scar across the bridge of his nose and brown hair approaching us.

He repeated the word I assume was the boy's name once more as he gave me a disapproving look then returned to "Naruto."

Passing items wrapped in tree bark.

The boy nodded before looking back at the others in his clan.

He turned to me and looked at me sadly his hand reaching for me.

I toke his hand and allowed myself to be lead away from his people.

I was his burden.

My hand squeezed his gently.

Just to tell him I understand.

As he toke me to the beginning of a forests edge, far enough where we lost sight of the dwelling.

Letting go of his hand, I stood in front of him and placed my hand above my heart and traced his cheeks with my other. He didn't move away from my touch.

I guessed he was used to me touching him with out notice.

He stood and looked up at me apologetically; those blue eyes so cool but yet so warm.

I could finally say it.

"Thank you"

I knew he would understand what I said.

He nodded.

I called his name,


His eyes lightened him and he gave me a grin.

"Sa-s-u-ke," I patted my chest.

"Sa-su-ke?" he repeated with this sweet voice.

He held out the tree bark pulling the covers back to expose some cooked meat and fruits.

I clasped my hands over his and toke the present from him.

'Thank you'

I saw his smile ease across that pretty face once more.

I stood there watching him disappear.

I know I couldn't stay I had to return to kill him.

(Sasuke POV stops for now)


(Naruto POV begins)

Tonight was a full moon, the sky was beautiful, there weren't clouds hindering the skies.

As usual on nights like these I loved watching the lights up above.

Blue light washed through the trees and lands coloring them in a silver aura.

I smiled thinking of the stranger that I left on the outer regions of our home.

He had mysterious dark eyes cold yet warm and he was always so cold.

I laughed at that thought.

"Sa-su-ke," I repeated a name I doubted if it would be used again.

Iruka was right, me wanting him to stay was childish.

To have believed that my heart felt the warmth of love from a complete stranger,

It was impossible that he could ever replace my family that was killed.

I lifted my arms stretching them towards the heavens.

Hoping he was safe.

Just as I was about to laze on my favorite pasture I heard a blood curdling scream echoing through the forest.

'What was that?'

Alarmed I jumped up running towards the camp breaking into a sweat.

I wasn't the only one that was alerted.

Men were dashing out of their shelters taking in hand the nearest weapon available.

As bodies flashed around in panic, women and children peeked out at the commotion.

Amongst the rush I felt a strong hand wrenching my own I swiveled my head around to see Iruka looking anxiously at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked as he pulled me into a random home.

"Naruto, stay in here. Don't leave this area. We are going to hunt a beast," he informed.

"Beast? You mean a shape shifter? A wolf?" my eyes widened.

The killer of my parents…

"We don't know what it is but it's near, Anko was on scout duty she was killed by it." His expression became sullen.

His face scorned in disgust.

I covered my mouth in disbelief.

My heart clinched.

"I need to go Naruto. Promise me you will stay here. Don't go looking for past demons." He pleaded with me.

I couldn't oblige.

I didn't answer him but nodded my head slightly.

As soon as he accepted my half hearted response he grabbed his hunting spear and glanced back at me before setting off after the rest of the men.

I couldn't risk this chance.

I waited till the hollering from the men grew distant then I left the safe house.

Not wanting to be stopped by any adults or elders left I carefully snuck around the perimeters of our living quarters and ran in the direction I last heard the rush of footsteps.

The moon continued to beam heavily upon the land. Making my vision easier.

I checked the path of crushed vegetation, they had headed north-east of the camp.

I continued to follow.

'Isn't this direction to the clearings edge…the river…'

I halted in my steps.

There was screaming that pierced the air like lightning.

I swallowed.

What were they facing…

Frantic shrieks echoed through the forest.

I dared to move closer step by step…

My eyes keeping track of the path the horrible sounds continued to waged war with the peaceful night.

My heart thumped against my chest.

Shivers ran down my spin, the hair on my neck stood up.

Then I heard an unnatural hissing screech escaping from some wretched creature in the clearing.

I stopped to catch my breath.

It was quiet again.

Too quiet…

What happened to the men…

There was no more pain…

No more fear that ran through the air…

All I could hear was water rushing pass the smooth surface of rocks…

It was as if nothing happened.

'They can't be all…'

I moved cautiously to answer my own question.

As I reached the edge of the clearing I keep close to the shadows cast by the trees.

What I saw…

Bodies of a dozen men…their throats torn out.

The moonlight shone on the shimmering dark pools that decorated the grass…

I screamed…

It was like animals that had fallen prey to something ruthless and brutal…

There was a sickening slurping sound further out near the running water…

I screamed till my lungs were going to rupture, until I felt my lungs burn from the pain…

I screamed out his name.


The stranger was crouched over Iruka's lifeless body. Biting down on the bloody torn throat.

He lifted his head up, warm liquid dripping from the corners of his mouth his body stained with the blood of my kin.

No, he didn't look at me to respond to his name…he looked up because there was one prey left.

It was a monster.

His eyes were not black but red as the embers of a flaming fire.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

'Iruka I'm to blame for this…If I only listened to you…If I didn't bring him back'

Again I screamed running towards the maniac.

I knew he was not human anymore but where was the man he showed me?

"PLEASE STOP," I choked out as I ran to push him off Iruka's body.

I knew I would die…


I prayed…

That he would stop.

My predator shrilled my ears with a roar and leaped on top of me pinning me down with unimaginable power.

Tears streamed from my eyes.

'I'm crying for you and me' I told him silently.

The last thoughts that ran through my brain before the pain my fellow friends suffered ripped at my own throat.

I smiled up at those eyes that had looked at me with love for one last time…

(end of Naruto's POV) –(insert authors tears on her paperwork –sniffles-)


(start of Sasuke's POV)

I was so cold …

Sleeping and lost and hungry…

It was that smell…

The blossoming flowers nectar…

It had called out to me in the darkness to return…

I could hear his sweet voice calling my name…

My eyes fluttered open welcomed by the silver moonlight, my head was pounding.

I swallowed a bitter metallic taste was in my mouth…

There was water flowing near by…

I raised my hand above me shielding my eyes from the round moon.

Warm beads of liquid dripped onto my cheeks.



I was coated in blood.

Yet I was not hurt.

There was a stench of death.

My mind froze.

It was like was reliving my brother's massacre.

I rose up.

No, this time was different I screamed out.

Bodies of innocent beings scattered around me.

This time I wasn't the victim.

Next to me laid the boy…

Those mystic eyes remained open reflecting the blue moonlight but they themselves had grayed.

His face was pale, his beauty destroyed by the dark stains that soaked his hair.

And the ugly horror that treated him no less than a lamb.

'What did I do?'

"Naruto," I beckoned those eyes to look at me with their warmth.

I leant over his peaceful face and caressed his cheeks with my bloodied fingers leaving whisker like trials of blood on his delicate skin.

The face that I had fallen for remained still.

Looking at me so innocently.

'What have I become?'

If I had died…

This wouldn't have happened to you…

I gathered his body into my arms supporting his head.

"Forgive me," I begged as I smothered my cries on to his chest.

(to be continued…hopefully)


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