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(A.N This is based on the anime.)

Of Life and Death
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Death: for my entire life all that I have thought about is my death. I knew even as I was born that I would die unnaturally young, unnaturally soon. My entire life has been overshadowed by my death; I have always known about it and I have always known that it could never be prevented. I had resigned myself to it, resigned myself to the fact that death was all I could look forward to. I had resigned myself to the fact that my 'life' was merely a time on this planet I had to spend on this planet running the lives of others; I was so physically weak that I was fit for nothing else. I had resigned myself to all of it and I hated the others of the zodiac for it. That was the reason I was as I was; they could live, I could not; they could show emotions, I could not; they could love, I could not. And so the coldness grew inside me.

I was so sure of this for so long that I felt it to be the truth. Then that girl came. She came into my family and learned of our curse and finally had the audacity to come to me and say that she felt sorry for me. To speak as though she understood what I had been through. To speak as though she knew what it was like to know that your own death would come to you quickly and that your life would be so bad that death was the only thing you could look forward to. She was so naïve, so childish… so human. I hated her because she was everything that I never have been and could never hope to become, all because I am cursed. And she had the nerve to question the nature of the curse and speak as though it was only by my own choosing that I would die young, choosing this fate. And it was only then that I began to question the nature of our curse, and the deeper I looked into it and the more I looked at it, the hopelessness of my fate become evermore clear. I can do nothing about it, nothing at all; I am fated to die young, cold and alone. I bear the same fate as the cat, in truth, though my pain is not so easily seen by others because of the icy façade that all of the Gods of the Sohma's must wear.

It's strange isn't it, that the question of one foolish girl could change the way I see things. But it is too late now, far too late; only as I die do I realise all this. Only as death himself appears to me and comes to claim me do I realise the true nature of life and death.