Grumpy had arrived safely back in care-a-lot. Picking up Swift Heart he ran in search of Noble Heart and True Heart. "Quick I need everyone to assemble at the hall of hearts. We have a big problem." Gently he laid Swift Heart on the floor before addressing the others. "David's gone back to being Dark Heart. He's tricking Christy. We need to get down there and stop him. Just look what he did to Swift Heart." "We have to get True Heart and Noble Heart back. They went on a date a little while ago." He looked at Brave Heart in disbelief, "Bright Heart come with me. We'll use the Rainbow rescue beam." He nodded going to the machine in the corner. After pushing some buttons, a rainbow came through the roof, depositing the founders on the platform. Unfortunately they had been beamed up in the middle of a very heated kiss. Someone cleared their throat, and the two separated. "What's the big idea?" Sighing Grumpy began again to hurriedly explain the situation.

Meanwhile back at Dark Heart's hide out...

"Then I guess I'll have to kill her myself." The entity Dark Heart shot a dark red lightning bolt at Christy. "Over my dead body." A strong shove pushed her out of the way, the momentum caused her to slide across the floor. Looking back she saw David being zapped by the lightning bolt. "You bastard! Leave him alone!" She got up to run at David, "no Christy, stay away!" A soft red glow left his hands pinning her to the nearest wall. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't get free. "David what are you doing?" He threw a lightning back at Dark Heart, giving him a moment, "Like I said, he can have you but over my dead body." Dark Heart attacked again throwing David into a group of stalagmites, leaving his clothes torn and blood starting to flow. A red ball of his magic formed in Davids hand, he threw it at Dark Heart. It exploded showering the shadow with red flames. It screeched in an un earthly voice before charging David. Christy wanted to turn away but she couldn't. "Oh David." The shadow called up a hammer made of dark magic swinging at David's head he missed. David did the same but his weapon of choice was a sword. He thrust at his former shadow but he parried with his hammer. The connection of the two magic's caused red sparks to fly. Spinning away, David tried to under cut the hammer away from Dark Hearts hands. He missed the hammer but was able to stab the shadow in his leg. His moment of triumph was short lived, the hammer came crashing into Davids sword arm. Not only did the sword fall from his fingers, but the sound of cracking bone echoed through the cavernous space. Crying out in pain, David sunk to his knees. Dark Heart picked up his sword holding it on level with David's heart, What was that you said earlier?" Without missing a beat, the shadow stabbed the sword through Davids chest, narrowly missing his heart. Gasping, he fell to the floor. "David no!" She saw blood pooling under and around him. "You idiot! Why did you do that!" The cloud around Christy had begun to thin. He smirked at her, "It' Christy. All in a days work...for...a...soulmate." Tears welled in her eyes. 'He said were soul mates' "well then don't you dare die! Soul mates are supposed to be together forever. His eyes were closing, color draining from his skin. Dark Heart couldn't help one last chide at him. "I heard somewhere love conquers all, looks like I found the loop hole."

A rainbow flew into the room depositing the Care Bear family minus three. "There is no loop hole, just the cavalry sometimes has to come in." The bears and cousins quickly formed a circle around Dark Heart. Christy used this opportunity to break free from the weakened spell and go to David. Dark Heart watched as he was surrounded, and couldn't help but laugh. "You don't get it. I'm invincible. All dark magic in a form." True Heart stepped forward, "well in order for there to be darkness there has to be light." Star buddies flew to the attack and started circling the shadow, confusing him. "Care Bears stare." "Care Cousins Call." All around the circle stare beams streamed to attack Dark Heart. "Light gets rid of all shadows Dark Heart." Roared Brave Heart. "This can't be happening. Ahhhhhh, the light!" "Now Grumpy, Do it now." "I know Tender Heart I'm not stupid." Grumbling the blue bear held a white pendent with a yellow jewel out towards Dark Heart, "luminarous capturus." A beam of pure light pulled Dark Heart into the Jewel. "That was for hurting Swift Heart. Oh yeah and everything else you may have done we don't know about."

He was gone...But David would be soon to follow if something wasn't done. Noble Heart came over to examine him. "Isn't there something you can do?" The blood had started to slow, not a good sign. Davids face was very pale and his skin starting to turn cold. Sadly Noble Heart shook his head, "I'm sorry Christy, He's beyond help." Sobs escaped her mouth as she leaned over David, gripping his hand. Playful Heart pulled Funshine close when he saw tears on her cheeks. Champ and Bright Heart did the same to Cheer and Treat Heart. "I love you David. Don't leave me." Leaning down she kissed him. A purple glow flowed from Christy's heart, through her lips, and into Davids body. The wound on his chest closed, and color began to come back to his face. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at Christy, "Did we win?" She nodded eyes over flowing, "Yeah we did." Throwing her arms around him she hugged him tight, "OWW Christy broken arm remember!" "Sorry, come on, lets get you to a hospital."

End of Summer...

The counselors watched as the kids loaded onto the bus to go home. David had his good arm around Christy's shoulders, his other still in a cast and sling. When Davids parents had come to the hospital they had also announced his father would be relocated to the same town Christy lived in. Now they wouldn't be separated. "This year is gonna be good. I can feel it." He kissed her fore head, "yeah it is." Dawn called to them from the bus, "come on let's go. I'm glad you found your summer love and all but I got my man waiting for me at home!" Laughing they got onto the bus. But not before looking up and saying goodbye to their friends one last time. "Thanks everyone, for everything." "Just try to have a normal summer next year." Swift Heart shoved him, "oh Grumpy!" The bus and cloud mobiles drove away as the sun set on Silver Pines Camp.

The End.