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Youth's Corruption
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Everyday as I walk around I hear people saying the same thing; 'I wish I could be like Sailor V and the Sailor Senshi'. Of course they do; who wouldn't want to live a life where almost everyone worships you and where you are famous? But that is the only side they wish to see; if they only opened their eyes to what we must face every day of our lives, to what we have had to face already.

I was only thirteen when I first discovered the truth, only thirteen when my youth was taken from me forever. At first I thought all my wishes had been answered, but of course they had not. I may have found a quick route to the fame I so desired but on the other hand I had not. They knew Sailor V, the masked seifuku-clad teenage crime-fighting superhero: they did not know me; they did not know Aino Minako, the average – albeit pretty – girl with average grades an average family and a seemingly average life.

I was basically as normal a teenager as you could get before Artemis came to me. I guess when I found out I was Sailor V it led to the loss of my youth, and eventually to my youth's – and my heart's – corruption. But of course they do not know that. All they know is that Sailor V is Sailor V and I am Aino Minako. We are two different people, for I, Minako, am too innocent and pure to ever possibly be Sailor V… right? Wrong: people only see what they want to see, and that is the corruption and folly of youth, of my generation.