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I felt really insecure that day. I couldn't open up to a bunch of people that I didn't really know. I couldn't except me fate, my fate the foretold I was part wolf. I hadn't ever remembered being wolf, I had always disguised my self to be a human to one point that I forgot I was part wolf at all. Seeing my equal opened up my eyes, and he showed me what it felt like to be wolf again.

A large beast lay sprawled across the wet grass. Its black fur damp from the small drops of dew that clung to the soft mat of grass. It's eyes the colour of the silver moon and its dark coat the shades of the midnight sky. This beast was a wolf. Ookami Metsuki was originally a wolf, but she never knew her amazing power, the power that gave her the ability to take the form of a young human girl but still have the speed, strength and wisdom of the wolf she was ment to be. And her eyes, she still had those glowing wolf eyes that nearly gave her identity off. That's what gave her the name, Ookami Metsuki, it meant wolf eyes, her foster parents gave her that name when she was adopted. No one had wanted her. No one wanted a kid with eyes like a wolves, no one except her foster parents. When they looked for a perfect kid in the orphanage they saw her. Her strange silver eyes all full of tears and her small arms hugging her knees. They knew she was the one.

It had been 13 years her adoption and now she was a strong healthy women who could withstand any trouble. She had an elegant figure which was hid behind baggy clothes, a beautiful river of long black hair that was tied up and glowing silvereyes that were hidden by a pair of black sunglasses. Ookami had left her foster family to take a long trip, a trip were she wouldn't have to disguise her self in strange outfits and be free to roam around were she wanted with out confrontation.

Ookami loaded her bag onto the old black car and opened the door, she looked behind her to see her foster mother crying on her dad's shoulder.

"Don't worry Kaa-chan I will be back in a couple of months," she lied.

She let go of the door's handle and walked up to her parents embracing them in her last hug.

"Bye Ookami, don't get in to any trouble!" he dad joked. She looked at her mum who was hidden behind her oversized handkerchief.

"Bye mum," Ookami whispered as she walked back to the car door.

"Bye honey please be safe!" he mother replied in between sobs.

'Wow' thought Ookami, 'I am never going to see my parents again'.

She stepped inside the car door and sat down on the seat turning on the engine.

She slammed the door shut and drove down the driving not making a sound, then drove off down the road, down the road to freedom.

"Oi what did I tell you before!" A man yelled, "don't eat my cookies!".

"But Kiba I'm soo hungry you haven't bought anything to eat in ages!" whined the second boy.

"Yeah I guess your right Chris!" laughed Kiba.

"Aww dammit," sighed Chris.

"Heheheheh hey Itachi say can you get us some food?" asked Kiba.

"I told you before chunky, if you didn't eat all the food before we wouldn't be in this mess," replied Itachi shaking his head.

"Please!" asked Kiba giving Itachi the puppy dog look.

"Fine," he replied, "but it's only because you wouldn't have stopped bugging me if I didn't,"

Itachi grabbed his wallet and walked out of the shabby looking apartment.

"Stupid kids," cursed Itachi even thought Chris and Kiba were adults.

He walked down the street to the nearest food store and glanced at the old black car the was parked in front of it. He was about to walk through the door when someone had bumped into him.

"Shit!" he heard the person say as he saw a pair of black glasses drop to the ground with a small "clang".

He looked up to a tanned girl with strange silver eyes, eyes like a wolves. He stared in amazement at her beautiful eyes until she picked up her glasses and ran off into the black car carrying a bag of groceries. He looked back as he saw the car speed off down the street.

"Beautiful girl hey?" he heard the old man check out say. "its really ashamed how she hides her beauty,"

Itachi ignored the man and picked up a few things from the shelves, he through some money and the man and walked off leaving the old man dumb founded.

He had giving the man $70 change.

Ookami POV

Crap I hope he didn't see my eyes cause he'll be telling everyone. I thought I would be happy in this town, but I guess I won't. Maybe I should go for a walk clear my head for a bit. I thought to myself. As I walked into my shabby apartment I threw the bag onto the counter and went up stairs to change. I took out a pair of clothing that wasn't baggy for once, a pair of jeans and a plain black shirt. I walked down the stairs and straightened my glasses up.

"Hello new world," I said walking through the door and letting it shut.

End of Ookami POV.

The day was ending leaving the sky with a beautiful collage of strange colours. Ookami sat on the small park admiring the deserted sites around her. She wondered why no one was at the park, surely there were children in this town. She heard a clicking noise coming closer to her. She looked to her left to see a large brown dog running towards her. She looked as this dog ran closer and closer to her. Suddenly it jumped on her, knocking her down. It's large tongue millimeters from her face.

"Get off me!" she moaned.

"Kiba get off her!" A Familiar voice said.

The dog jumped off her and sat next to its owner. She looked up at the man who seemed to have owned the dog and thought to her self 'Oh shit...not you again' .

Itachi looked at the girl was great surprise. The girl who had those strange intriguing eyes that made go stiff. He reached out his hand, trying to help her stand up. She pushed his hand away standing up. She brushed the dust off her jeans and walked away from Itachi.

"Jeez I just wanted to help," he sighed rubbing the back of his head, running his hands through his coil of black hair.

She turned around and looked at him her eyebrows lowering.

"I don't need your help!" she scowled, then walked off.

He stood there in amazent, "Wow she has quite an attitude," he said quietly to himself.

"But a hot body!" the animal next to him said.

Itachi looked down at the oversized dog.

"Shut up Kiba," he said. The he walked back to his apartment, Kiba striding along side him.

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