Ookami paced around the small bedroom, her silver eyes filled with worry that she would be caught be that human. The second meeting surely must have meant something but she couldn't figure out whether it was bad or good.

Her long black hair following behind her, the hair that had been tied down and never revealed loose. She knew that meeting new people wouldn't hurt her but she was afraid whether they'd be scared of her gift.

"Man I would kill for a piece of steak," she whined.

She walked into the kitchen and opened a small wooden cupboard. All she could find was a couple of apples and five cans of corn beef.

She looked out the window to see a small bird pecking at the glass.

She licked her lips and jumped on the counter smashing her hands through the glass and grabbing the bird. She looked at the terrified creature in her hands and let it go, he eyes opened widely,

"Why did I just do that?" she asked herself. Then she heard a knock at the door.

"That's all you got?" screamed Chris running his hands through his golden hair.

"Yeah I didn't have enough time," sighed Itachi.

"Meh, runt make the best of it," muffled Kiba through the paper grocery bag. He pulled out an apple and gladly munched on it.

"Fine," sighed Chris he pulled out a pear and ate it.

Itachi sat at the table thinking about that strange girl, how her hair flowed like a black river and how her moon silver engulfed him. He played with his black hair, 'Her hair was more silkier than mine' he thought to himself. That's it! He couldn't take it anymore, he was going to find that girl if it was the last thing he did. He craved her like a smoker craved a cigarette. He walked out the door, looking both ways down the street.

Then he saw something, a flash of silver coming from the apartment window across the street.

He ran towards this apartment knocking on the door.


Ookami ran towards the door pulling it open, she saw him the guy, the man that she had been worried about this whole time.

"Hey!" he said.

She stared at him, her silver eyes locked into his black orbs. She looked up at his face leaning back. He leaned closer to her, making her heart skip a beat.

"h..hi," she replied.

He looked at her eyes and said, "You know your eyes are really pretty,"

She blushed, their noses were an inch away from each other.

"Having fun?" asked a voice.


Itachi looked at the beautiful women standing in front of him.

"Having fun?" asked a familiar voice. Itachi turned around to see Kiba standing there, a cheeky grin plastered on hid kiddy face. Itachi stepped back, embarrassed from Kiba spotting their little moment.

"Hey Itachi why don't you invite you little girlfriend in for lunch?"asked Kiba.

"She's not my girlfriend," Itachi sighed

Ookami looked at the two boys, he eyes on the boy called Kiba. He had spiky brown hair and strange orange/yellow eyes, he was wearing a hoodie jacket with baggy jeans.

Then she looked at the other guy, Itachi. He had black bangs that covered his face, a long plait coming out of the back of his spiky locks. He was wearing a brown jacket with cargos.

Ookami looked at Itachi who was staring directly at her face, She blushed turning her head in another direction, trying to avoid eye contact with him. Ookami opened the door wider beckoning Kiba and Itachi to come inside. They did so, sitting them selves down at the small table. Ookami shifted a straying lock of hair behind her ear. She noticed that Kiba and Itachi were watching her every move, surveying her like a wolf would watch a helpless deer. She felt like that now, like a helpless animal being eyes by her predator. She looked up at them, holding back the glare that would scare them off.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Neh you don't have to be so feisty," grinned Kiba, Itachi smiled.

She scoffed, she knew that they wanted something; maybe they were toying with her.

"We wanted to know if you were a wolf," Itachi said bluntly.

Ookami hands dropped from her face, A wolf? They thought she was a wolf?.

"N..Nani? What do you mean?" she asked.

"Never mind, Itachi was just being an idiot," Kiba laughed but he was really thing…

'You freaking idiot! You just ask her like that!'.

Ookami settled down looking at the table cloth, the sunflower patterns twisting in her mind, making her feel confused and hopeless.

She looked up at the to boys, and nearly fainted. Were the boys were sitting stood to large dogs. One grey dog with black eyes, and a familiar looking brown dog with orange/yellow eyes. She stood up and backed away from these animals looking for a nearby weapon to protect herself with.

"Don't be afraid it is us," said the grey dog.

"N….nan…i?" she stuttered.

"It's the boys! Kiba and Itachi," said the brown dog.

Suddenly the grey animal came closer, holding up a strange stone in its mouth. He dropped the stone on the floor and backed away.

"Pick it up and eat it!" he ordered.

Ookami stood there, was she dreaming? Did a dog just speak to me and tell me to eat a stone?

"Eat it dammit!" he yelled.

"Jeez Itachi don't get so snappy!" said Kiba.

Ookami picked up the stone, and felt it. It was moist, it didn't really feel like a stone at all, it felt like a dry apple.

She placed the stone in her mouth, swallowing it hole. The she coughed like a maniac falling to the floor with Itachi (in human form) catching her. She looked up at him and fainted.

Itachi caught the falling girl, holding her in his arms. She gave him a drugged look, closed her eyes and fainted. Kiba chuckled at the look she gave Itachi.

"We have to let her rest, the stone will work its way through her," Itachi said walking towards the door.

"So she coming with us?" asked Kiba.


Ookami woke up in a strange room. Worse she found herself naked! She jolted up grabbing the nearest object that would cover her up, A pillow. She was freaking out, what happened to her after she blacked out? Did kiba and Itachi rape her. She could feel her heart beating faster as she heard steps coming closer to the doorway. The door opened showing Itachi standing there, a full food tray in his hands. He walked toward her placing the food tray on the desk. She sat there, curled up the large pillow covering her naked body. He sat down on the bed, looking at the scared expression on her face.

"Its all right," he said.

"Nothing happened last night," he continued.

She sighed letting a large amount of air escape her lips. Itachi looked puzzled but then he grinned.

"I said nothing happened last night," he smirked, " but I didn't say nothing would happen now,"

At that moment he placed his lips to hers, stealing her first kiss. She was surprised, Ookami had never imagined this to happen. She leaned back breaking the kiss.

"I'm not kissing you naked, get out so I can get changed," she said.

He sighed leaving the room and closing the door. Ookami picked up her clothes from the floor and sliped them on calling out to Itachi when she had finished. He opened the door and frowned.

"You looked better with the clothes off," he pouted.

"Pervert!" she replied.

He smiled wrapping his arms around her waist. He placed his lips to hers and waited for her to accept. She did returning him a sweet peck on the cheek, which did not satisfy him. She sat on the bed and picked up the large pillow placing it on her lap.

Itachi sighed, sitting down next to her, his black orbs full of displeasure .

"Meh," said Ookami. Itachi looked at her with a questioning look. Ookami patted his head giggling.

"Listen, just because I'm a wolf doesn't mean I'm a stupid dog who likes to be pet." He said pouting.

She laughed at his comment continuing to pat his head.

"Fine if you think I'm a dog I may just have to act like one!" he smirked jumping on her and pinning her down.

She giggled, not realizing what kind of position they were in at that moment. She looked down at her legs to see them spread apart, his in a kneeling position inside of hers. She looked up at his face, hers slowing becoming red.

He then realized it to, he let go of her sitting up again. She sat up looking at his flustered face.

"I guess you'll never try to be a smartass again neh?" she joked.

"Nope never," he replied.

She laughed giving him a weird look.

They door flew open showing two boys. Ookami recognized the first boy, he was Kiba but the second boy left her puzzled.

"Hey Ookami!" said Kiba, " I want you to meet our friend Chris."

She studied the boy, he had the same hairstyle as kiba the spiky bangs with the locks at the back.

"Chris is also a wolf." Itachi added.

"Now lets go get some pancakes!" said Kiba running out the door with Chris following him.

Ookami sat on the bed looking at Itachi stand up.

"Come on," he said reaching out his hand.

Ookami accepted it pulling herself up.

Who knew what adventures she would have but at least she was making knew friends.

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