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Zoisite's Lament
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The Ice King. That's what they called the First King: Ice King. And Zoisite had quickly begun to see why. As he stood outside of Kunzite's Palace his thoughts began to drift and, as he had ever since he had come to this place, his thoughts eventually came to the Ice King, his tutor, his master, Kunzite-sama.

He stared out into the cold grey sky and was reminded of his master's eyes. They were so dark, so cold, so broken; they were a reflection of everything in this hellish Kingdom. Zoisite thought back to his father's kingdom, his birth kingdom; it should have been his by right but after his father had finally realised exactly why he was not a fit suitor for that damned princess he had been shipped off to this region of the Dark Kingdom.

'Disowned more like. Not that I give a damn,' Zoisite reminded himself as he began to walk further away from the castle towards the edge of the cliff on which it stood. He shook the thoughts of his father and his tutor out of his mind and sat down in the cold rock and earth by the edge of the crumbling cliff. It looked like it might collapse any minute, but at that moment he would not have minded if it had. He had too many thoughts in his mind, something that was more characteristic of him than others would have thought. Just because he had a pretty face did not mean that he did not have a brain. Zoisite's sharp emerald eyes narrowed at the thought of that, knowing very well that his father and most of the servants at the palace had thought of him. Apparently they thought he had 'been under more men than Venus.' Zoisite remembered very well how he had both been offended and incredulous at that statement; just because he possessed rare beauty did not mean he was willing to… Zoisite flushed with anger as he remembered the last man who had thought that to be the case; if he remembered rightly he had impaled an ice shard through him and left him to bleed to death.

He shook the thoughts from him mind once more and starred out at the barren landscape before him. The darkness and desolation sprawled out for as far as the eye could see; Kunzite's castle was far from any other kingdom within the Dark Kingdom. Zoisite knew that that was because the Ice King valued solitude above all else, which made him wonder why he had decided to take him on as an apprentice. He knew he had smarts and speed that made up for his utter lack of physical strength, but that still didn't explain why the Ice King of all demons had taken him in…

"What is there to explain?" an ice-cold voice hissed as Zoisite found himself dragged to his feat. Kunzite had returned; obviously Zoisite had been so lost in his own thoughts that he had not heard him coming.

"Stop your lamenting" Kunzite's icy yet apathetic voice hissed. "We have work to do."

And indeed the lamenting did stop; Zoisite felt safe with the Ice King; his lack of emotion was far easier to put up with than his father's fiery temperament.

"I said come," Kunzite hissed again and Zoisite followed. There was nothing to think on now; when it came to the Ice King he knew exactly what to do.