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Tears were streaming down Hermione's face as she ran towards the castle. She was crying uncontrollably and no one was there to wipe her tears.

It was the night of the final battle. Voldemort had finally broken the defenses at Hogwarts and launched a full scale attack. Death Eaters were swarming everywhere, throwing curses as they went. The Order wasn't prepared. The death of Dumbledore had been a fatal blow for the order. They weren't at all prepared when the Death Eaters barged in the doors.

Neville was the first of her friends to die. He was trying to distract a Death Eater so that a first year could escape.

"RUN! GO!" the first year ran towards the others and Neville was left with the torturer of his parents.

"I didn't know you were still alive boy?"


"PROTEGO! Did you really think that it would be that easy?" Bellatrix laughed. "It's going to be a real pleasure killing you. STUPEFY!"

Neville was hit and the pain came searing through his body and he fell on his back.

"Did anybody tell you how your parents really went mad?" she amusingly asked and Neville gave no answer. "No…well I will just have to take you down memory lane. It was a dark night and I had just entered your house. Your idiot father was stupid enough to try and stop me so I cursed him…Would you like me to demonstrate… CRUCIO!"

Neville gave a shout at the immense pain he was feeling. It was like a thousand hot pokers being thrust onto his body and he began to cry.

"Like father like son. Your father couldn't stand the pain either…the weakling. On to your mother, well she came like the stupid Gryffindor she was…and tried to stop me. Now that was useless. She met the same fate as your coward father. Yes COWARD! He begged me for his life like a whimpering dog!" she laughed sadistically and broke the curse from Neville.


"Am I now? Pathetic boy! AVADA KEDAVRA!" at that instant, Hermione saw as a green beam of light hit her friend's chest. In just seconds, he dropped lifelessly to the floor and was gone.

"Oh Neville…" she said wiping away her tears. She was climbing the stairs. She had to get there. She just had to. She pushed her tears back and ran faster.

The next person she saw killed was Draco Malfoy. They weren't exactly friends, but they fought together since he refused to be a Death Eater. Draco wasn't the kind of person who liked the idea being someone's servant, for that she respected him. But now, he was fighting off two Death Eaters and was cornered. They were using the Cruciatus curse on him, but he didn't break. He had been used to the pain, thanks to his father. He was fighting the curse with all his might when suddenly another dark figure appeared. It was Lucius. He was holding his wand against his own son.

"Did you really think that you could get away unpunished Draco?"

"Hello father, come to do the dirty work yourself? That's new!" Draco was brave in the face of his father.

"Now Draco, is that any way to talk to your father?" Lucius said, feigning hurt. "Well mingling with these weaklings has certainly changed you my boy."

"Shut up father!"

"Well well! I see you're still arrogant but stupid. What a pity. Such a disappointment. You could have been great son. You would have been in the ranks of the Dark Lord!"

"I said shut up father! I will never be like you! IMPEDIMENTA!"

"PROTEGO! Impertinent filth! You dare betray the Malfoy line? STUPEFY!"

Draco didn't move. He was absorbing the pain from the wand. Hermione could only think of how it might have felt to see your own father take vengeance on you. But just when Hermione thought that Lucius would stop, a spark of green erupted from his wand and Draco fell to the ground. Lucius had just killed his only son.

"That was for your insolence boy." That was the last Hermione heard before she was shot with a stunner from behind.

"Oh my God Draco…" Her feet were getting tired. She felt like she couldn't run anymore, but she had to go on. They were taking the castle fast and she couldn't fight. The pain of what she had seen that night drained her of all natural strength. She was getting weaker with every step, but she had to go on.

The battle was getting harder and harder. There was so much death and pain. Suffering surrounded her and she couldn't help because she had been fighting her own opponent. But suddenly her attention was caught by a head of flaming red hair.

"Weasley…Potter's sidekick...the perpetual pain in my neck. It will really be a joy to watch you die." Their old Potion's master was indeed a Death Eater.

"Shut up Snape! How could you? After Dumbledore trusted you so much? How could you betray him! How could you kill him!"

Snape only laughed. "You were always one for dramatics Weasley! SECTUMSEMPRA!"

A huge gash appeared on Ron's chest and it was bleeding profusely. "INCENDIO!"

"AQUATIVUS! Did you actually think that you could bring me down with that little spell? Weasley…I thought you had more brains than that! I guess I was wrong…at last something I'm happy to be wrong about!"



Ron's wand came flying through the air. He was now defenseless against Snape.

"I say…I believe you are about to die Weasley." Ron knew that as well. He wasn't afraid. He was ready to die.

"You are an arsehole you slimey greasy git! Go to hell!"

"I'll meet you there…AVADA KEDAVRA!" Snape aimed his wand at Ron's heart. After he was satisfied, he walked away leaving a freckled boy on the ground.

With that, Ron was gone. Hermione quickly left her opponent be and rushed to the side of her fallen friend. His once almost always red face was now pale. His face was now emotionless. His skin was so clammy. She couldn't believe it. Ron was dead.

"No…No…Ron." She was now fiercely fighting back her tears. She couldn't believe that Ron had died. How could he have died like that? They were meant to be the Golden Trio. They were all supposed to survive the war together and graduate. They were supposed to buy a flat near Diagon Alley so that it would be easy for Ron and Harry to go to the ministry for their auror training and Hermione could just apparate to St. Mungo's. But now all those plans seemed like folly. It seemed so ridiculous now. She desperately tried running faster. She was now only one flight of stairs away from her goal.

Hermione headed to the edges of the Forbidden Forest. She had heard a Death Eater say that Harry and Voldemort were dueling there. She ran and ran until she saw the sparks from their wands. Harry was struggling to get up while Voldemort only advanced neared and nearer.

"Finally…just one spell and I will be rid of you once and for all. You have been a hard target boy, but now…I will finally kill you!"

"You wish!" Harry aimed his wand to him and muttered a spell that knocked the Dark Lord off his feet, giving Harry time to get up.

"Do you really think that you can defeat me Potter?" he rose as if he was levitated up. "That scar of yours…" pointing to Harry's forehead, "is an anomaly. I assure you that the next time I hit you with the spell, you won't be so lucky."

"What makes you think that?" He said still pointing is wand at the snake like creature.

"Because…I've brought insurance." And with one swift movement he waved his wand and a green light erupted from his wand. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Harry was hit, barely hit, but hit. He lay on the ground…still breathing.

"Looks like you're wrong Voldie!" he could barely speak…he was gasping for air…but at least he was still alive.

"Well not for long." With that Voldemort brought out a dagger and thrust it through Harry's heart. Blood drenched the Dark Lord's robes and a terrifying smile came across his face.

"HARRY!" but there was nothing she could do. Hermione could not bring back the dead. Harry was dead. Ron was dead. Draco was dead. Neville was dead. She had seen them die. She had seen the exact moments when their lives were taken from them.

Hermione she started pacing and allowed all her tears gushed out. All the pain and suffering she had seen and had felt came out in a river of salty tears. She was the only one left now. Nobody could help her. Nobody could wipe away her tears.

The thought of that made her fall to the ground. Her hot tears burned her cheeks. There was nothing she could do. There was nothing she could do to bring them back.

'We still have one hope.'

She got up and opened the door she was sitting in front of. She entered he dark, empty room only to find her trunk, a bag of galleons. She was so tired. She couldn't fight it anymore. She closed the door and locked it with all the sealing charms she knew.

'I'll bring you back! I'll bring you all back!' with that, she closed her eyes and lay beside her trunk.

She woke up not knowing whether it was night or day. She quickly changed into a new set of robes and took a deep breath.

'I hope it worked.'

She took off all the sealing charms from the door and opened it.

She came out to see that it was morning. The birds were chirping and the leaves were golden brown. It was mildly cold and she became thankful that she had worn a thick cloak.

'Did it work?' she was so curious to know if her plan had worked. She left her stuff in the room and went up to a person in the nearby corridor.

She tapped the unknown person at the shoulder and asked…

"Do you happen to have a copy of today's Daily Prophet?"

"Yes." The girl took the newspaper from her bag and gave it to Hermione. She quickly scanned the page and came upon the images that made her heart soar!


'Thank God it worked!' she had gone back to 1945…to where it all started, to where he all started.

"Do you know where Professor Dumbledore's office is?" she asked the same girl.

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