From the author: This is just my view of what might have happened following the end of the AvP 2 game.


Harrison has just escaped out of the Xenomorph Queen's chamber after battling the Queen and her children in which he emerged victorious. Running towards the drop ship with all haste and looking back every so often to shoot at the drones gaining on him. He leaps over the edge of the hive to see the drop ship hovering in the air not far away. About 10 paces from the drop ship, Harrison turns once more to cover his own back from approaching drones when a new Queen, or probably the previous one that possibly faked death, rise up from on top of the ledge, screeching in fury towards the sky. Suddenly missiles launch from the drop ship, hitting the Queen head on, killing her instantly. At that moment, two Preatorians emerge to finish off the intruder that violated their home and killed their queen. Harrison turned towards the drop ship to make his escape. There was no way he could take on two Preatorians as he didn't have a minigun. Thankfully the ramp of the drop ship was lowered already. Harrison made the jump on bored and the drop ship closed the ramp before the Preatorians could jump inside and it sped off into the sky, the Preatorians roaring angrily at their failure to kill their prey.

Inside the drop ship, Harrison was reunited with the rest of his fellow marines after he was betrayed and separated from them at the forward observation pods. Without hesitating, Harrison spoke into his comlink to the pilot, Johnson.

" Make for the labs and get me a connection with Tomiko."

There was a moment of static as the connection was made and Tomiko's voice was heard once more.

"Are you ok?" Tomiko asked with concern.

"We did it! Were coming for you!" Harrison said in relief.

"You'll pass on the data to my father?" Tomiko asked, changing the subject.

"You can give it to him yourself. We're airborne now."

"Get clear then. Hurry."

"What are you talking about? I'm on my way" Harrison protested, confused.

"No time."

"Don't give up on me Tomiko…you hear me."

"They're not going to save this place…I won't let them."

"Whatever you're doing…stop. Get to the landing bay."

"What's your first name anyway?"


"Good luck Andrew. Tomiko out."


Tomiko didn't respond and Johnson's voice entered the ship's cargo bay, elerting everyone's attention.

"I'm reading power spikes off the scale. Hold on everyone."

Then an earth shattering explosion erupted into the air from were the facility was, rocking the ship.

"Tomiko…" Harrison said breathlessly.


The drop ship has boarded the U.S.S. Verloc and the ship has all thrusters on for the trip back to Earth. The project on the study of Xenomorphs was a failure. Billions of dollars were lost as well as many, many lives. The U.S.S. Verloc glides in silence towards the Reflection nebulae, away from the alien inhabited planet known as LV 1201. For minutes the ship went on in silence but it's not over yet. A familiar ship lurks in the darkness a safe distance away from the U.S.S. Verloc. Alien thrusters at full throttle, the Predator ship follows the U.S.S. Verloc, and activating its cloak, the Predator ship vanishes from sight.