Character/Pairing/Group: Sasuke/Tenten
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: well of course it's not mine. Kishi-sama would never have this smut in his show. it would be presented in an upbeat and comical way instead.


He blocked the blow with ease. But one quick swipe from an unexpected angle rendered him weaponless, the clang of the metal hitting the floor echoing through the empty temple. With a irritated growl, he took on a defensive fighting stance.

Fact 1: Sasuke hated to lose.

Even though she held a recently sharpened kunai in her hand, poised and ready to strike at any given moment, he was still confident in his skill. She raised her brow at his determined nature, pleased at seeing it. His pride was always admirable in her eyes. Plus it always made sparring between the two of them all the more interesting.

Fact 2: Tenten loved the challenge.

Tossing away the throwing knife in her hands, Tenten took on the same fighting stance. Both exchanged a smirk of understanding before engaging in the routine the two had developed. She started with a kick to his head, missing like always.

Fact 3: Nostalgia always prompted her to use the same opening move once they moved to the hand to hand combat portion of their sessions.

With her initial attack failing as planned, she started boxing her way closer to him, looking for a break in his defenses. Sasuke moved to grab her fisted hands in order to keep them from taking off his head, briefly faltering at the contact.

Fact 4: After years of isolation, he still hadn't gotten used to human contact.

Ignoring the slight hesitations in his moves, she twisted out of the reach of his hands. Not bothering to wait for him to prepare, she wasted no time in striking. The blow landed squarely on his chest, knocking him back a few steps.

Fact 5: Tenten loved using the element of surprise.

She was about to move in for another bout of boxing when she spotted a small stain on his shirt that was growing by the second. Curiously, she looked up at his face and saw the small dribble of blood streaming out the side of his mouth. He mentally slapped himself for letting her see.

Fact 6: He never wanted her to see him weakened.

Wordlessly, she abandoned her fighting stance and quickly strolled over to the first aid kit she had tossed aside when the match started. Despite his protest, she insisted on having it brought out every time they met under the cover of night.

Fact 7: They were getting more aggressive with every spar.

She stood before him, quietly waiting for him to cooperate. Sasuke glared at her, sending with it his rebellions response. Not in the mood to deal with his resistance tonight, she quickly but gently prodded the stain on his shirt. He winced at the instant pain that greeted him. Feeling her point, he tiredly seated himself on the hard marbled floor, secretly smirking in the shadows.

Fact 8: A masochist at heart, Sasuke loved it when she played rough.

As she prepared the bandages, Sasuke silently slipped off his bloodied shirt. His paled skin glowed under the celestial light of the moon as it streamed through the open windows of the temple. Examining his torn shirt, he was forced to admit that she was improving quicker than he had expected.

Fact 9: The first time he had agreed to spar against her was out of pity.

He hadn't planned on meeting with her again. When she had been defeated so easily that night, he had vowed never to battle against her again. But that had been over a year ago.

Fact 10: The first moment she was able to find an opening in his stance, he found himself addicted to her.

A sharp pain on his side brought the shinobi back to the darkened reality of the room. The bandages were already wrapped snuggly around his torso, tied tightly so that they wouldn't unravel at his movements. Quietly, she made her last inspections of the wound, her slender fingers lingering longer than necessary.

Fact 11: Sasuke wasn't the only one that was addicted to this arrangement.

When she had first asked him for a spar, she had no intention of it becoming nothing more than a simple battle between two strangers. But after the first defeat, she found that she liked how his style of combat tested her own. It allowed her to shy away from her overuse of weapons and permitted her to indulge in her true passion.

Fact 12: Tenten preferred close hand to hand combat over the blatant clash of weaponry.

She enjoyed the way his blows would sweep past her as she twisted and turned to dodge them. She found pleasure in the way her own attempts would graze across his skin as he maneuvered out of the way of her attacks. It was seductive dance that only shinobis could understand, a dangerous dance of wills that only the two of them could appreciate.

Fact 13: Tenten loved being the only girl in the village that was able to get that close to him without irritating him.

The two sat there under the shadow of the temple, each taking some time to calm down from their intense battle. The night wind blew through the open windows, cooling the sweat on their heated bodies. She glanced up at him with a wordless question that he merely smirked at.

Fact 14: Tenten always got impatient when their sparring was cut short.

Ignoring her eagerness for the moment, he looked over her smaller form as she absentmindedly looked around at the scattered pieces of their fight. It was then that he saw the thin red line across her cheek, telling him that he did manage to land a blow on her tonight. Mutely, he reached out to caress her marked cheek, standing as a symbol of ownership. She was his nightly sparring partner and no one else's.

Fact 15: Sasuke was very possessive.

Their eyes locked on each other for only a second before he pulled her in for a kiss. Hungrily, both indulged in their passions as he slowly pushed her back to lay on the cold floor. She forgot her inhibitions as she allowed his hands to roam over her form with sinful lust, reveling in the feeling of his fingers slipping up her shirt.

Fact 16: His touch was the greatest sin she was willing to submit to.

With her urgings, he willingly rolled onto his back, never losing the contact of her lips on his own. Routinely he reached up and unbound her hair from the two buns that sat on top of her head, draping the both of them in her dark tresses. It was a curtain of shadow that contrasted perfectly to the light blonde and pink of his two greatest pursuers.

Fact 17: Sasuke always did prefer the darker side of life.

He gasped in shock when her hand slipped down to the front of his pants, lightly squeezing his one desire. Unable to think straight because of the distraction, he could only stare up at her knowing smirk of amusement.

Fact 18: Tenten wasn't as innocent as everyone believed.

He met her smug gaze with one of his own, confidently sliding his hand a little higher along her spine. She shivered under the slow torture of his talented digits, prepared to satisfy more of her own sadistic needs. But the moment was interrupted when the sun's rays peeked into the private walls of the Uchiha temple. Dawn had arrived, bringing with it their disappointment.

Fact 19: They both had agreed that their game could never see the light of day.

Reluctantly they parted, each reprimanding themselves for taking to long with the nightly foreplay. He remained sitting on the ground as she gathered her things to leave. Before stepping out of the tranquil atmosphere of the temple, she looked back at him. Their eyes met once more in a formal understanding.

Fact 20: They both knew they would end up doing this again tonight.


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