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Summary: AU Harry Potter disappeared at age 6. When he returns 9 years later, no one is prepared for what he has become, nor what he can do. Part 1 of the Wonderer Trilogy.

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Harry Potter Wonderer: The First Prophecy


Harry Potter age 15, smirked as he stepped out of the blue portal, he had finally returned home.

You see, Harry Potter was not a normal teen, in fact he was never normal, not when he was six, not even when he was still in his mother's womb was he normal. Six was when not normal took on a whole different meaning. It was what made him who he was, 15 year old Harry Potter; was a lot older than he appeared.


Young Harry Potter was asleep in his cupboard when he came. A man dressed in gray robes, which at a slight turn turned purple. The man had white hair, an odd looking hat, and twinkling golden eyes. The man also carried a large stick, which in time Harry discovered was a staff. He was only six at this time however. And as any six year old would be startled and curious about a man appearing out of nowhere, Harry was unafraid.

Harry although at the time he did not know who or how important the man was, but the man was one of the most famous people in all the history of the worlds. Yes, worlds, as he would soon find out.

Harry was currently wondering why the man was dressed in odd looking clothes and if his relatives had sent him. He probably should have known that his relatives would never allow him to see such a freak, but he was only six at the time.

"Hello Harry." The man said jovially in a calming and soft voice.

"How you know my name? Sir?" Harry quickly added the Sir. His uncle would hit him for not calling him by his proper title. He watched carefully hoping not to get hit. The man however just chuckled.

"That is one of the perks to being in my profession. Also please call me Merlin. Sir sounds too formal. I shall after all be teaching you all I know within the next couple of years."

"You taking me away from here? Did Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon agree, Mr. Merlin." Harry asked worried, he did not trust anyone sent by his relatives, and with good reason.

"Just Merlin Harry. No they did not give me permission, so if you'd rather stay here, it is your choice."

"No!" Harry shouted.

"Quiet Harry. We don't want your relatives to awaken, it would mean Dumbledore would soon be here, they don't check up on you much anyways." Harry looked at him confusedly. "Oh, never mind. First off Harry, you are what is known as a wizard, and you are a special one at that."

"Excuse me Mr. Merlin." "Just Merlin." "Sorry excuse me Just Merlin." A chuckle escaped Merlin's mouth. "But what is a wizard?"

"Ah, yes, I feared you would not yet know. You've heard of magic correct?"

"…" Harry quickly covered his mouth and ears. "You said the M word." Harry said plainly terrified.

"M word?" Harry nodded his head. "You mean magic." another gasp.

"The M word."

"I see, well magic is not a bad word. You are a wizard and can do magic, although I doubt you've heard much about any type of magic living with these folk. You are special, you like me are able to pass beyond the boundaries of this world, you Harry are what is known as a Wonderer. Like me you can pass into other worlds. That is why I am here, I am to train you for the great journey you have ahead. It will be written across worlds, and I am your teacher."

(end flashback)

Merlin. Harry missed his old friend and mentor, but even he was not able to stop all evils and was eventually suspended and forbidden to pass any world, but one. Harry would visit him often, but now he had a task at home to complete. A task that he had been trying to complete since he was almost twenty years old, since he had learned of the prophecy. The defeat of Slytherin. Slytherin was one of the few Wonderers, that was the reason his death had never been fully explained in history books, he had yet to die.

Even Slytherin's own heir did not know that he still lived, and from what Harry could tell, the heir was mincemeat compared to the likes of Salazar Slytherin. It had come to this at last, he would finally finish his battle with Slytherin, he would complete it back where it began; for the both of them.

A war the likes none would ever see would soon be upon Harry's own home world. A war which would be divided into three sides, the light, the dark, and his. Chasing Salazar for the last twenty-seven years had taken a toll on him and his powers, the other planets were just leaping stones, to the final battle between him and Salazar.

Salazar was the one who trapped Merlin on one planet, perhaps once he was defeated he would be able to see his mentor again. Salazar knew of his heir, that much was known, and the last time he had spoken with Merlin, the old man had told him that Salazar cared nothing for his blood heir, especially not a tainted heir. He could perhaps use this to his advantage.

Harry Potter looked fifteen; and in the world he was born that was how old he was, that was how much time had passed. But in actuality he was more around the age of fifty.

Harry was dressed in a ruby red and emerald green robe. On his side was a scabbard, where his sword hung. It was a sword he had received when training with the elves. It was one of the places he had gone when chasing Salazar. It was thought that his base was on the planet known as Arda, it had ended up being a different evil who ruled there. Harry had helped the inhabitants with a problem they had, and helped bring down the dark lord Sauron. He was just one of the many evil lords he helped to conquer, including Magus, Ganon, Shadow Master, Sharrakor, the Lone Power, the Shadow Lord, Sephiroth, Memoria, Myotis, and many more. He had fought ninjas, monsters, sub-species, orcs, Sith, soldiers, and much more. Not all of the evil lords were actually defeated, but they were at least stalled until the hero to vanquish them arrived. Salazar enlisted the aid of many of these, and posed as one or two of them more than once.

The sword he had received from Arda was created by the elves and was actually the sword he had used when he fought against Nebazu a wizard who became corrupt by Sauron and his dark powers. He had not defeated Sauron, but he had stopped the second rise for a short while. The sword was actually a re-forged and more powerful Gryffindor's sword. It had been a gift from Merlin after his first conquer of evil. Many more though remained unconquered.

Most wizards and witches in Diagon Alley carried a wand, Harry did as well, but his was actually a staff minified. It was more powerful than any wand could ever possibly be. Despite the clothing Harry wore, his scar was gone, having been removed with help of a healer from a different world, and his eyes were currently golden, hiding his emerald green eyes. His eyes would twinkle when amused.

Harry quickly walked by the many Aurors and slipped into the huge bank that was Gringotts, it was his first stop before reintroducing himself to his home world. He just hoped he did so before Salazar got too many followers.

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