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Casey wearily walked into the precinct with slow steps simply too tired to face the berating that she knew was coming. This was the second time in two days that she was going to have to tell the detectives that they simply didn't have enough evidence for the search warrant they needed. It wasn't her fault. She had done everything she could.. even putting her reputation on the line by calling in every favor she could think of but the detectives just hadn't given her enough. She knew they were frustrated. She knew they were all running on no sleep for the last 36 hours trying to catch the bastard who had molested 8 children. These crimes always took a toll on everyone but the cases involving children were by far the most difficult. Even though Casey knew she had done everything she could she still harbored this feeling of guilt and incompetence. Because she doesn't work directly with the victims every day she sometimes thinks that the detectives don't realize that these cases have an effect on her as well. They don't realize how many sleepless nights she spends lying in bed thinking about those children and how she was failing them and future victims.

Suddenly even more exhausted and overcome with emotion, Casey quickly slipped into the restroom before going into the squad room. Aimlessly walking over to the far stall, Casey stepped inside and faced the wall pressing her forehead against the cool tile while she tried to gain the courage to face the wrath of the detectives.

As she was standing there she heard the restroom door open and sighed praying that whoever had entered wouldn't notice her and would just leave quickly.

She was so caught up in her self deprecating wallow that she didn't even notice the figure now directly behind her until she felt two strong hands on her shoulders quickly spinning her around. It happened so quickly that Casey didn't have time to react to the man standing in front of her.

In a matter of seconds Casey felt the room around her shrink he pressed his body against hers forcing her up against the wall of the stall. Her eyes were darting around wildly looking for a way to escape when he thrust his body up against her again pushing her small frame harder into the wall. Casey tried to push him away but her attempts were futile against his massive body. A panicked scream swelled in her throat but was preemptively silenced by a hand that roughly gripped her neck. Still trashing Casey tried desperately to breath and remain conscious. The lack of oxygen was weakening Casey's ability to fight back. Just when she thought she might pass out he loosened his grip slightly on her throat just enough so she could take shallow breaths. As he did this he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "You're going to want to stay awake for this baby."

His hot breath up against her neck sent shivers throughout her body. Tears burned in her eyes as his hand slipped under the hem of her sweater and roughly groped her breasts. Though he was still gripping her throat with his other hand a small barely audible sob escaped her lips. "You like that don't you baby", he panted into her ear. Casey inhaled sharply as his hand traveled down her bare stomach and she squeezed her eyes shut as he forced her skirt up and undid the buckle on his pants. A few moments later she felt the indescribable pain as he trust himself into her over and over grunting with each push. Casey lost all sense of reality. She didn't know how much time had passed before he finally pulled away and released her throat. Without a word he slipped out of the stall and Casey's trembling body slide to the ground as his footsteps retreated from the room.

In Casey's career she had seen many rape victims. She'd seen women traumatized in court blinking away thousands of images while reliving their rapes. And now there she was. A rape victim. Only she didn't feel anything. She was vaguely aware of the pain from the bruises her attacker left behind but mostly she felt an overwhelming numbness. There were no images passing before her eyes. There was only emptiness.

It was then that she heard the creak of the restroom door open again. Panic rose in her throat and she tried to push herself farther back into the stall as footsteps sounded on the restroom floor.

'please no. not again. please...'


Olivia had an unsettled feeling in her stomach as she walked into the restroom. She couldn't place the feeling exactly but her instincts were telling her that something wasn't right. It was then out of the corner of her eye that she saw a glimpse of red hair poking out of the stall on the far end of the restroom.

"Casey? Is that you?", Olivia called out uncertainly as she made her way further into the restroom.

Concern washed over Olivia when she didn't get a response.

Disregarding the privacy of a woman she didn't know very well, Olivia rushed to the other side of the room and let out an audible gasp at what she saw.

"Ohmygod Casey!", she cried in a rushed whisper.

She quickly dropped to her knees in front of the trembling red head and then realized she had moved too quickly as the woman recoiled in fear.

Moving much more slowly this time Olivia gently reached out her hand.

"Hey...", she whispered soothingly as she placed her hand tenderly on the woman's shoulder.

"Hey Case, it's okay. It's me. Olivia."

The red head still held her chin tucked down tightly to her chest and had yet to acknowledge the other woman's presence.

Olivia slid closer and tilted her head down trying to meet the young woman's gaze.

"Casey, honey, it's Liv. ...it's okay, sweetheart, it's just me. ...i'm not going to hurt you". Slowly Casey began to look up and Olivia saw the uncertain fearful look in her eyes.

"Liv?", she whispered.

Olivia nodded and brushed the hair away from Casey's face with her free hand; looking at her with deep concern.

Comforted by the gentle touch, the ADA's eyes finally met Olivia's for a brief second before her face crumbled and she looked away.

"Oh Casey...". she whispered sadly and instinctively wrapped her arms around the trembling woman.

Protected by Olivia's embrace, Casey sank into the other woman and sobbed uncontrollably.


Olivia was sitting on the floor of the restroom cradling the ADA in her arms, whispering soothing things into her ear. Casey had only barely spoken one word and though Olivia didn't know exactly what had happened she knew she needed to get the attorney medical attention.

"Casey? Sweetheart?", Olivia spoke softly as she rubbed small circles on the ADA's back. "I need to get you out of here okay?"

Olivia wasn't sure but she thought she felt the smaller woman grip her more tightly. She knew she couldn't leave Casey alone and silently cursed herself that she didn't have her cell phone on her. She knew yelling for help was only going to further scare the traumatized young woman in her arms who she knew was barely holding it together.

"Shhh... I'm going to take care of you honey, okay? I'm not going to leave you...", Olivia continued, "Come on, I'm going to help you up".

Reaching up and grabbing the edge of the stall behind her, Olivia grunted as she carefully pulled herself and the young woman to their feet.

"Do you think you can walk?"

Casey didn't respond but slipped an arm over Olivia's shoulders and leaned in against the detective.

Taking her actions as an affirmative, Olivia slipped her arm around the ADA's waist and practically carried the woman out of the restroom.