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"No way! No fucking way!" O'Neill fumed.

"Jack…" Daniel started.

"Do you have ANY idea who you're talking about! She's the smartest woman on this side of the universe! No way in hell!" Despite his outburst the nurse appeared unfazed, then again she probably dealt with this a lot.

"I'm sorry sir, there's nothing we can do, the injuries were just too severe. She is -------"

"Jack…" Daniel took the mans' hand, at which no protest was made. That was so NOT a good sign. "Do you want to go in? Or do you want to wait a while?"

"How can this happen, Daniel? Why her? She'll go crazy…" Jack scrubbed his hand over his face. Daniel didn't know what to do. Jack was right, Sam would go crazy. She was so used to doing something; Problems at the SGC, experiments in her lab, she'd never do it again. All that information floating around her head, and her unable to communicate or do anything about it.

Suddenly, he noticed that Jack was no longer with him. He was about to check if he had gone into Sam's room when the nurse returned along with a trembling Jaffa. Teal'c did NOT tremble, not even in rage. In fact it was IMPOSSIBLE for Teal'c to tremble with any emotion. The world is definitely coming to end. He thought. Then Daniel saw a red puffy-eyed Janet and a solemn General who, Daniel noticed, was only just holding himself together.

"We have deduced that Major Carter can hear and understand us and can communicate through blinking, once for no and twice for yes. However, I'm afraid that's all." The nurse informed them. Everyone was silent for a moment before Teal'c changed the subject to practicality.

"Should not Major Carter be transferred to the Academy Hospital?"

"Y-yes, I'll get right on it." Hammond replied and began to walk away. Daniel looked at Teal'c, who gave a nod of understanding and followed the General.

After a few moments, Janet spoke.

"Daniel, this is so terrible. Why her? What did she do to deserve this?" he pulled her into his embrace as she began to sob.

"She did nothing Janet." Again they were silent.

"I'd better go see her, prep her…" Janet started, heading towards the door, but Daniel stopped her.

"Jack's in there," was all he said.

"Oh god, Jack! I didn't even think! Oh Daniel, he'll…he'll…he'll be just like he was after Charlie. Sam is well…everything to him. You know how he feels about her. If anything happens to her, Jack will just die.

"I know, I know," Daniel whispered, pulling her back to him.

Jack opened the door slowly; afraid that seeing her would make it real, that this wasn't just some awful nightmare. Hesitantly he poked his head around the door and his heart shattered. There she was, propped up by a pillow, eyes blinking slowly, staring into oblivion. After pulling himself together, Jack entered the room. True, Sam looked a good sight better than she had. She'd been in a coma for a week after the accident. God he'd never forget that phone call as long as he lived. Her face had been black, blue and swollen and he'd lost count of the number of machines she'd been hooked up to. Now, her face was healed and she looked as beautiful as ever. Then again, he thought to himself, Sam looked beautiful no matter what.

Gingerly Jack sat down on the bed.

"Hey Carter." She didn't acknowledge him; he didn't expect her too. The silence was uncomfortable. "We're gonna move you to the Academy Hospital and when they decide you're in a good routine maybe, if you want I…I can look after you." No, no! I couldn't stand seeing him everyday knowing now he can never love me, that now I can never tell him how I feel. Sam closed her eyes against the pain and Jack watched as tears began to slip unbidden down her face. "Oh Sam…" Jack moved further onto the bed and put his arms around her. "Shh… things may be different but you're not, you're still my Carter, you're still the Sam I know…" And love, he finished the thought in his head.

Daniel opened the door and instantly there was 3ft between Jack and Sam, which did not go unnoticed by him.

"Hey Sam, it's good to see you aw-"

"Oh, Sam!" Janet had thrown herself at Sam and was now holding her for dear life.


"Easy Doc, let her breathe." Janet was sobbing and Daniel and Jack exchanged worried glances. Sam didn't need this. Please Janet don't cry, you're making it real. This is just a bad dream. But deep down Sam knew it wasn't, this was as real as the crash. She could still see the bright headlights screaming towards her, her car careering down the mountain and right into a tree. Oh no, what are they going to tell Cassie! As if hearing her thoughts Janet replied;

"D-Daniel's coming over tonight to h-help me tell Cassie. Don't worry, she'll understand." Cassie was 16 now, but in SG-1's eyes she was still the small, frightened girl they had rescued all those years ago. "Right," Janet started, finally controlling herself, "do you want me to prep you?" Sam immediately slammed down on the part of her brain that was screaming no and blinked twice. She was going to have to accept sooner or later that this was the real deal.