AN: this is the sequel to two previous story's, you'll probably have to read them to get in to the plot as there is a lot of back story you need to know for it

AN: This is the sequel to two previous story's, you'll probably have to read them to get into the plot as there is a lot of back story you need to know for it.

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The Long and Winding Road

Chapter 1: Boggarts and Beaches

When she had got to the Den that summer Ellouise had been down. Who could blame her? She had every reason to be. Her biological brother had just gone through hell and because he had been pulled out of school and she was unable to be there for him, as she had been in the past. They had never been split up before. She didn't ever want to be again.

Ellouise was a young girl, with red hair and hazel eyes, the spitting image of her fathers, but most happen to think she took after her mother, Lily, in her personality. She was fiery like her, yet Ellouise was more insecure than her mother had been. It was hardly surprising.

She had heard this lot and hoped it was true as she adored her mother. Being like Lily would be a compliment. She was the best mum she had ever had; she had after all had more than one.

It wasn't that she hadn't loved her other mother, her aunt in fact, it was just that she had had a very different relationship with her.

But the relationship with her aunt had changed again since the truth had come out. They actually got on. That was a huge change. They had been at one another throats before.

Life was very different for Ellouise in that summer but in between the unhappiness and all the pain at the Den she had found happiness and joy in it as well. There was a balance.

She loved her home, the Marauders Den. It was what was destining to be the historical home of tithe maraudering lines, or so her father and his friends hoped.

This summer, even after a year of living there she was still always finding new rooms and pranks to pull. The Den it seemed was always changing and had a life of its own.

Another reason she loved the Den was her parents didn't set her and her eldest brother a bed time. They could stay up and get up as they wished as long as they weren't stupid about it. They were being treated like adults.

That was how she found herself on the third level of the house walking around at midnight.

Since she had returned she had given her self a new project, too find out more about her godmother. She had a fantastic relationship with her godfather, Remus Lupin, she wanted to know if she could reach that with someone else as well. She wanted to surround herself with her family's past.

She knew she must have a godmother for two reasons.

One, her brother had one so logical she should too, but then again as far as she was aware the twins didn't have one so going on that, logical she shouldn't either.

Two, when she had asked her godfather about her who ever she was he freaked out, so if she didn't exist why did he react like that? She was sure she was out there.

There had to be a clue either way in the house. Just something…

Choosing a room at random for she had no idea where to start, she went in.

For the size of the rooms she had so far seen at her home this was small. Just like a box room. Turning on the light she found out that was just what it was.

A room full of card board boxes.

Well, this was different, she thought. She hadn't found a room like this before.

Turning on the light she went to one of the boxes she could reach easiest. They were at least thirty.

Opening it she looked in side to see old Hogwarts robes, one set had a head girl badge on it as well as boys set. Looking closer at the label she saw Lily Evans and James Potter written on them. Her parents school stuff…

Deeper into the box was Gryffindor flags pictures of them when they were young and souvenirs from when they were young. Memories of their youth.

Opening the box next to it she realized this had to belong to her godfather, as it was a Gryffindor boys robe with a prefect badge on it still, there was no way Sirius had ever been a prefect. That was obviously Remus's stuff.

Looking further down there was a photo album. Lifting it she was so eager to move on to her parents past she looked straight in to the next box.

Until she saw what was in the box.

There was a bright light and she covered her eyes.

As she re opened them she saw a body. A dead body.

"Remus?" she asked him, he wasn't breathing, why wasn't he breathing? Why was he even there. He had gone to bed he had said. What was wrong with him? Panic rose within her.

Screaming she shook him.

"UNCLE REMUS, MOONY PLEASE GET UP!" she yelled as tears streamed down her face. Was wasn't he getting up.

Foot steps came running and she watched as her brother and father came to her aid. Harry and James had been talking about Quidditch on the floor below when they had heard her scream.

"Ellouise?" he asked bursting into check on her. What had upset her so?

"Dad," she choked out. "Help him."

James on instinct, reacted as any friend would and nearly turned to blind panicked but after closer examination he knew just what to do. It was all going to be ok. It wasn't him.

"Riddikulas," he charmed and his son knew just what had upset his sister so badly. A Boggart. Nothing more.

They were horrid things and Harry had had to fight one in his third year and learn how to defend himself against them. It seemed his sister wasn't quite there yet. she had only just passed out of second year.

Sinking down to his daughters level James took one of the three most important girls in his life in his arms and held her tightly.

"Hush baby I know you were scared but its ok," he soothed her or tried too, but he knew it wasn't working; perhaps the only thing that was going to calm the girl was a visit to her godfather. "It wasn't him. you can go see him if you'd like. The real Remus Lupin is in his room."

She nodded into him.

"Can you take Elle to Remus son," James asked and Harry nodded.

"Its o.k. come on, sis," he heard the boy tell her as they left the room. It was nice he found to be there for someone else. Everyone had been fussing about him and he was sick of them tip toeing about him.

Opening the photo album James saw himself with is wife, his best friend with his own and Remus with what had been the love of his life.

Maybe that had been what the girl had been looking for he thought to himself. He knew his daughter and she had asked him once or twice and tried to get information about her godmother but he didn't want to tell her she had died a long time ago. She had had enough upset over the last few years.

But then, after all never any proof that his sister like friend had died. There was no confirmation.

Something told him not to trust to hope but then again, if his family didn't have that, why where they going to try and fight the up coming war that faced them. They needed hope. All of them. It was so important.

Sighing and leaving the room he followed his two eldest.

When he got to Moony's room he seemed to have calmed the girl down a lot.

A hot chocolate was in her hands and she sat smoothed in the protective embrace of her werewolf godfather. She had shut her eyes as they embraced. James sighed. She feared losing him more than anything. They really had bonded.

Father and son left alone. It was obvious they needed five minutes by themselves. James winked at Harry and the two left for Harry's room.

"You ok son?" said James as he tucked his eldest boy in too bed once they got there.

"Fine dad," he heard Harry say as he sunk in to his pillows. "Night dad," he said as he fell in to dreams quickly.

"Night son," said James and left the room, lit by the half moon. "I love you." he reassured the already sleeping lad.

Checking up on the twin's quickly in the side room off of his own, he went back into the master bed room.

"What was wrong with Ellouise?" asked Lily as she sat up reading in bed having got into bed after settling the twins.

"A nasty encounter with a Boggart," her husband told her.

"Oh god," said Lily getting up preparing to go and comfort her child.

"Lils she is with Remus. Leave them too it, you know what there like." he said. She would be ok with him.

Snuggling down in bed they both felt a little disturbed. A Boggart…

"What was her Boggart?" asked Lily. She hadn't wanted to think about it before, but it was important for a mother to know what her child feared.

"Remus dead." said James quietly, for it was loads one of his fears. "She's was in the room we keep all our old school stuff, I think she was looking up her godmother." he said to his wife.

"I don't want to tell her that Ruby's dead James." said Lily worried.

"Neither do I, but it think we may have too."


Lily and James agreed in the end to do it before the end of the next day, probably at the end of it as Ellouise was out that day.

She had been asked by her aunt and uncle to go to the beach and she had said yes.

Lily would also be going on but a bit later with the twins and Harry, but Elle would go ahead with her aunt and uncle so she could see her old friends for longer..

Arriving the four kids that were already there, Lauren, Piers and Dudley along with Ellouise all went down to the sea in there swim were while the four adults (Vernon, Petunia, David and Ella), Joyce and Marge had stayed behind, got the camp for the day set up.

"Are you ok Ellouise?" Dudley asked his baby sister. She wasn't talking a lot today.

"Fine, just tired." she lied. He wouldn't understand she didn't think.

After splashing around bit however she got into things and no longer did she let the events of the night before stopped worrying her. It was done now.

Sitting down in the camp with the rest of the group, her aunt had got her and her cousin as well as her friends as ice cream.

A chorus of thanks went around before the kids took part in some serious sun bathing.

"A penny for them," said Lauren.

"I don't know, just Neville, I guess." said Ellouise.

"You miss him?" She asked.

"Loads," she admitted to her friend.

"Hey baby," she heard the voice of her mother say to her. Lily had arrived.

"Hey mum," she said to her.

The day was really good in the end.

In the afternoon after they had had there rolls and sandwiches the five kids of the seven kids who were old enough to walk went body boarding in the sea and Lily, along with David, went in to supervise.

Days like these were the ones that meant the most to Lily. The kids were just aloud to have some good old fashion fun. No worries for them.

But she was not looking for ward to that evening. How was she meant tell her daughter that the god mother she had been working so hard to find she was dead?

After explaining what had gone on to her sister Petunia agreed.

"Lily she has to know, she's just going to worry other wise." she had raised the girl and she knew the girl like the back of her hand.

Lily knew she was going to be heartbroken but if there was something her daughter could do, it was get over a little heart ache. She had done it too many times in her young, short life.

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