Intermission# 6:

Intermission# 6: Dude, Is This the Right Mansion?

(Rogan and G drive up to a road leading up to a mansion's front door. Both of the agents step out of the car, eager to rid the mansion, and the world, of the current zombie infestation. G looks around in confusion as Rogan continues to do his "Time Crisis" pose.)

G: Why in the world are you posing?! Put that gun away! We don't want to look suspicious!

Rogan: I know, but I can't help it!to G privatelyI sometimes like to pretend to be James Bond when I'm an ultra-cool mission! Wanna pretend to be my sidekick?

G: Shut up, and listen to me! I don't think we're at the right location. You probably took the wrong map when we left.

Rogan: Nonsense! If I wasn't right, then we would've ended up at an area that didn't have a mansion, so ha! Besides, who could blame us if we did end up at the wrong spot?elbows G Huh, huh?

G: Yes, I suppose you're right. But I still have a horrible feeling about this though…

(Just above the two AMS agents, two Umbrella Corp. helicopters circle around the a mansion alright, but it just so turns out that it's the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil, not the Curien Mansion from The House of the Dead! Oh no!)