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Chapter 14: Life Goes On

My hands were no longer shaking, but hanging casually at my sides. My gaze remained straight forward, the street ahead looking quiet, but not as spooky as it had been only moments ago. I felt like I was in a bit of a daze that I couldn't snap out of. It may sound strange, but I felt as if I was standing there and seeing what was around me in reality, but at the same time imagining other things.

One such thing being Cell; he had only been standing there moments ago…seconds ago…and now he was gone. It seemed that I was reliving the moment I awoke after the Cell Games all those years ago, only this time, I had seem him fade away right before my eyes.

I know I had been shedding tears while it happened, but for whatever reason I was fine with it now. Cell was gone and most likely for good this time, even though I had thought that the first time he died. Maybe it was because this time I had closure—it didn't just all blow up in my face and end, in both the literal and figurative sense.

And then there was what he said to me…it was in some sort of foreign language, I think, but I knew not of what it meant. It was short and simple, but though my heart wanted to think of it as one thing, I figured it was just some sort of snide comment he wanted to leave me with.

I started walking down the street without really knowing it. My arm was in pain, but I pushed that thought aside. If I could just get to a restaurant or something where I could sit down and have something to drink, I think I would have felt ten times better.

As I walked more towards the center of town, I noticed that there was nothing out of the ordinary. No zombies, no samurai, no ancient airplanes…it was just…normal. A few people were cleaning up the streets and others were walking back home or to their cars (I assumed), but none of them looked like they had been or were dead. I knew it wasn't a dream because my arm was very much broken…and besides, I knew better than to think odd things couldn't happen.

I slowed my walking down when a man approached me. He had been standing next to a car and then looked up in time to see me walk by. I saw him look at my arm, but after what had happened that day I was prepared to sock him one if I had to.

"You alright?" he asked in a decent manner.

"I guess," I shrugged.

"Do you need a ride back somewhere? You look like you went through hell."

I wanted to tell him, yeah, you want to hear just how much hell I've gone through? But I just agreed and thanked him. I had no fear anymore of simple things like taking a ride from a stranger…not after what I've gone through twice now.

I sat silently in the passenger seat for a good five minutes as the kind man slowly drove down the streets of the town, trying hard to avoid unusual obstacles in the road. He tried to make simple conversation, but I just nodded and gave simple answers if he asked a question or two. Thankfully he didn't ask what happened to me—he was smart enough, it seemed that he knew that I wasn't in a mood to talk and explain myself.

I was looked out the window, watching people trudging back to wherever they had run off from, when I saw someone oddly familiar. "Stop the car!" I said loudly and he immediately slammed on the breaks.

"What!" He asked in fear that I had seen something terribly wrong and dangerous.

I didn't answer him and bolted out of the car, not even bothering to close the door behind me. "Toshi!" I hollered as I jogged back up the street, waving my good arm at the same time.

I caught his attention rather quickly. He looked a frightful mess, his pants and shirt torn to near shreds and his hair tossed around like he had been in bed for days, but he was very much alive and blood free.

"Layrial!" He called back and started running towards me.

When we met we collided into a tight hug. He picked me up and turned around 180 degrees and paused a moment before setting me down. I didn't let go of him just yet, my mind trying to get it to sink in that he was in fact alive or I was now completely insane.

"Layrial, I'm so glad you're safe," he said. "When I woke up and saw you weren't there I was so damn scared."

"I'm fine," I assured him. "Well, except for this, but I'll live."

"Well, it looks like you were able to take care of it for the most part," he replied. I decided not to tell him Cell did it for me. "Thank God this is over…It was the weirdest thing though. One minute I thought I was being tortured and killed by those…disgusting things and next thing I knew I was sitting up in the middle of the street."

I knew that somehow the same thing happened to him that had happened to me. If there was a way to wish people back to life back when the Cell Games had concluded then I was sure it was possible to do so again, and I was pretty certain that's how Toshi was alive once again.

I simply nodded and looked over his shoulder, my mind playing tricks on me and saying that I might have seen Cell if I looked hard enough. "All of those dead people have gone back to where they came from," I said solemnly.

"Cell too?" He asked, a little fearful of my answer.

"Yes," I replied softly. "Cell too…"


Two weeks have gone by. My arm is three weeks away from getting out of the plaster cast that was put on it later that day when Toshi and I had made it to a hospital once things in the world had calmed down. My class inquired nearly every day as to what happened, but I told them that I'm a huge klutz and couldn't run without tripping over my own two feet. They didn't believe me of course, but they knew that would be the only answer they'd get out of me.

Surprisingly, but thankfully at the same time, none of them asked if I had bumped into Cell. Neither my mother nor father made any hint of wondering that same question, so I never told them. I don't plan on it either. The only person that knows is Toshi, but he didn't know of the ending. He doesn't need to know.

I had actually consented in giving Toshi a chance. We went out for dinner the weekend after the afterworld opened up and released every being to have ever died. I'm glad to say that it went very well. I opened my mind up to letting him try to get me to live again and I'm proud to say that I've never been happier—and that's the truth. I discovered that we had a lot more in common than just being teachers; Toshi saw me for who I really was, not for being 'the girl who had been kidnapped by Cell.'

Speaking of Cell, I discovered what he had said to me that last time I saw him. When the havoc was over and I was safely tucked away in my own house, I logged onto my computer and did a search. I typed in what I hoped to be the spelling of the words he spoke, and although they were wrong by two letters, I found their meaning.

"I love you."

Cell, after eight years and several battles and struggles with me, had finally come out and said what I somehow always knew was true. Though he didn't say it in a language I'd immediately understand, it was good enough for me. It wasn't characteristic for Cell to say something bluntly…he had to make me think until the very end.

It was fitting, though, because he had chosen a language that suited those very words. It was French, the romance language of love. Cell, was very poetic and romantic in his own way, even though he had killed thousands of people at one point during his life. And so I was able to give up the thought of him and move on. He still entered my thoughts every now and then, but I never wondered "what if?"

Cell was in the past…and I still had my whole life ahead of me. I doubted I'd ever see him again, even in the afterlife, but knowing that I had been able to get a mass murderer and an android at that to fall for me, was the greatest feeling in the world; especially, when I had lived long enough to let me see the sunset on another day.








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