Here's my first fan fic. I hope it doesn't stink too bad. I'm a big fan of SSX Tricky and I'm dying to try

and write a Mac/Kao story. Note: This has nothing to do with SSX3 because I don't play it that much. Please tell me if I do something wrong!

Alright the setting is in the SSX League. The entire league was on tour in Tokyo. It's a year later and Kaori's 20 and Mac's 19. They're really good friends. They've had a crush on each other since they met and are too shy to tell each other. Brodi and Elise notice and try to help get them together, without knowing either of them is doing it! This should cause some awkwardness...

Kaori and Mac were holding hands and walking down a winter street. The street lights were on as they headed to the park. They sat down on a bench and watched the stars. They looked directly into each other's eyes. They moved closer... and closer... All of a sudden Mac stopped and made a buzzer sound and said 'Gooooooood morning Tokyo!'

Kaori awoke with a start and looked around. She was in her hotel room sharing a room with Elise. She stared at the alarm clock. "Why'd you wake me up?" (A/N: Kaori had now mastered the English language.)

Elise stretched and looked at Kaori. "I was sound asleep. What are you talking about?"

"Oh sorry, Eli-san. I was talking to my... alarm.. clock. It woke me up when I was having a good dream."

"About Mac?"

Kaori blushed. "N-no. I don't think about him THAT much..." Elise raised her eyebrows. Kaori looked away. Elise shrugged and they both got dressed and waited for the phone call to say when the race was.

Elise turned on the TV and it showed a commercial with Rahzel on it. 'Come on down to Garibaldi, where the drops just keep getting bigger!' The phone rang and Kaori answered it. A monotone voice spoke on the phone. "Elise Riggs and Kaori Nishidake. Race at Snowdream. 10:25 AM. Race consisting of: Zoe Payne, Jean-Paul Arsenault, Luther-Dwayne Grady, and Mac Fraiser." The phone clicked and Kaori hung up smiling. Elise looked at her. "Mac's competing, isn't he?" she said with a smirk. Kaori's smile vanished immediately.

"Well, yes. But I was smiling because um... Psymon isn't there. He's always hurting me." She smiled sheepishly. Elise rolled her eyes.

"Whatever you say."

The two walked down to Snowdream and took the gondola to the top. Kaori saw Mac and raced over to him. Then to her horror, she tripped and landed right in front of his feet. She looked up at Mac and tried to smile. "Konichiwa!" she said cutely. Mac just laughed and he helped her up. "You alright?"

Kaori smiled. "Yes. Thank you." Then Rahzel came on the speaker. "RACERS TO YOUR STARTING POINTS!"

Mac looked at Koari. "Good luck."

"Sumimasen. Good luck to you, too!" said Kaori with a smile.

Rahzel started the clock. 3... 2... 1... "GO!" he screamed. They were off. JP immediately went after Elise. They were tight enemies. Luther started to try and knock over Mac. Kaori zoomed over next to Luther and nodded to Mac, who was on the other side, and they both knocked him backwards. They gave each other a high five and parted. Kaori started to fall behind. She realized she wasn't going to win the race at this rate so she looked around for a short cut. She spotted a red glass, closed her eyes, and smashed through it. She found herself on a rail heading alongside the original track. She went off a jump and was soon in first place as the shortcut headed back to the trail. Mac was in second. Kaori wondered if she should let him win when all of a sudden JP came down out of nowhere and knocked her over. Mac zoomed past her and looked back to check if she was alright. Kaori got up and showed a hand to say she was OK. Mac then went to a jump and knocked JP off his board in mid-air. JP fell down and showed a nasty finger to Mac. Kaori boarded over him and stuck her tongue out.

The race ended and Rahzel came on the microphone. "First place is Mac Fraiser! Followed by Koari and JP. Luther and Elise finish 4th and 5th. And Zoe pulls in close after in last place. Kaori ran up and gave Mac a congratulatory hug. Brodi and Elise watched from afar. They smirked in unison. Both their thoughts were the same. Why don't they just go out?

Mac walked back to his hotel room with Brodi. Brodi was staring at Mac. Mac looked over.


Brodi raised his eyebrows. "You know what. Kaori."

Mac's eyes widened. "W-what are you talkin' about, dude? She's a friend."

Brodi crossed his arms and gave him an "Uh-huh. Riiiiiight" look. "Please. I see you staring at her like she's a buffet after you haven't eaten in days."

"...What kind of metaphor is that?" said Mac with a confused look.

"You like her. I'm prepared to help you get together with you. But first, you must admit it you do like her."

Mac looked unsure at Brodi. He looked down at the floor, the sky, anywhere but Brodi. "Uhh.. Well, maybe a little..."


"OK. I like her." Mac blurted out. "Just.. don't tell anyone."

"I won't."

"Now, waddaya gunna do to help me?" he said fiercely.

"Chill out. I'm going to think about what to do tonight. Don't worry. You... just don't mess anything up with Kaori. You got her right where you want her right now."

Kaori was walking back with Elise not too far behind Brodi and Mac. Kaori stared at them.

"What do you think their talking about?" she questioned.

"Oh... guy stuff."

"What's guy stuff?"

"Strangely, guy stuff is girls. And money, cars, video games... You know."

"Oooh. I want to know what they're saying... You wanna spy?"

"Are you nuts?" Elise whispered. "They'll see us for sure."

"Please, Eli-san. I'm dying to know! We can be extra quiet!" Koari made a puppy dog face.

Elise rolled her eyes. She knew she couldn't resist Kaori's puppy dog dace. "Alright. But only for a minute."

"Yay!" She slowly went to the side of the road while Elise followed. They quickly and quietly moved along next to them and listened anxiously. They could only get parts of the conversation. "..her. Just... don't ..." "...won't." "Now, waddaya gunna do... me?" "Chill out. ... think about what to do... ...worry. ...mess anything up with... ...where you want her right now." Kaori was frustrated. She didn't hear anything really good. The only thing that interested her was the word "her." Elise noticed Brodi looking over and she pulled down Kaori into the bushes and held her hand over Kaori's mouth.


Well, that's it for chapter 1. I hope the formatting doesn't look stupid... I'm not sure with this new Writer thing. I'll improve soon enough. R&R. Flames accepted.